APPLICATION: HOLISTIC ARTS FAIR, SEPT 23 & 24, 2017, @ COMMUNITY OF INFINITE SPIRIT. You may print page one of this application and send with entire fee to Holistic Arts Fair, 3914 Leigh Ave. San Jose CA 95124. Make checks payable to Holistic Arts Fair. Phone:(408)448-6726. E-mail: Web: See floor plan here. Please print floor plan on back of application.

NAME(S)_________________________________TRADE NAME______________________________


PHONE(______)___________________WORK/MESSAGE PHONE (______)________________
RESALE LICENSE # (required for those selling things)_______________________
E-mail__________________________Web site:________________________________


Please be specific, and tell producer of any changes. Your display must be what is stated in advance. Product samples appreciated. NO SUBLETTING or sharing of booths unless EACH exhibitor applies and is accepted! Include all information about all applicants here, or submit another form for each.
Lecturers wanted! If interested, describe on a separate page what you would present. NO fees paid; no % taken. No sales pitch, or religious or political propaganda; topics of general interest only. There may be no more time slots available; please inquire.
ART AND CRAFTS WELCOME! Please send pictures. No imports; US artists only!
QUALIFICATIONS: Please list experience, education and previous or upcoming fairs you exhibit in (List need not be complete):


BOOTH SPACES & FEES: (fees cover 2 days) YOU MUST SIGN UP IN ADVANCE FOR TABLE and other items below, or they won't be provided; check here below:
4 feet deep x 6 feet wideIndoor spaces #15, 21-26, 71-72: $64space for card table-- no table provided (for readers/small vendors)$__________
6 feet deep x 8 feet wideIndoors :$80or outdoors: $80$__________
ACCESSORIES (reserve in advance only!)NOTE: There are NO space dividers or pipe and drape booth bordersNOTE: There are no corner booths
UMBRELLAS for outdoor spacesRecommended for spaces 55-58, 80-86, 91$35$___________
CANOPY (8x8) rental set up by us for outdoor spaces, while supplies lastOR, bring your own 8x8 canopy free, or up to 10x10 size for spaces #49, 60-68, 80, 81,83,88-90,98 only. Note: spaces 81-83 & 98 are 8x6 spaces; you must stay within that space$20 (or free if you bring your own, BUT if larger than 8x8, then only for spaces listed at left ) $___________
TABLE, 6 FOOT Not available for 4x6 spaces. ONLY ONE TABLE PER SPACE. No tables provided unless ordered. FREE, ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. You may also bring your own, or use your own display. Check here for free table________If no free table available, tables cost $12$____________
CHAIRS (UP TO 2 free plastic chairs, while supplies last)ONE CHAIR___________TWO CHAIRS________
ELECTRICITY (supplies limited) $10 for one outlet only (includes cord rental) $__________
MEMBERSHIP in Holistic Arts Fair Assn. (HAFA) $20 for one year Not required, but members get discounts, etc. $_________
DISCOUNTS: MEMBER DISCOUNTIncludes ALL members of HAFA from last year back to 1998Subtract $10-$_________
PAST SUPPORT DISCOUNTDid you buy booth space with us in any past year?If so subtract $5-$_________

TOTAL FEE (Add and subtract lines in the right hand column)............................................................... $________
Note: please reserve accessories above in advance. They will not be available at the Fair.
SIGNATURE: I agree to the policies of the Holistic Arts Fair, and will not hold producer or Holistic Arts Fair Assn. responsible for loss or damages
SIGN HERE (required)

Click here to see and print out the floorplan. Circle your preferred locations and I will pick the best spot available for you. Print out the floorplan on the back of your application and send it with your check to Holistic Arts Fair, 3914 Leigh Ave., San Jose CA 95124. You'll probably need a fast computer to open and print this document. If you prefer, call or write us to send you the application and floorplan by mail; same address.

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