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Activism: my blog on politics, world affairs and what we can do

Web blog about the Downing Street Memo and what to do

powerful Bill Moyers June 2005 speech on our sordid economic situation and grim future if Bush and Co. get their way, and what we can do

My Spin on the latest election disaster, 2004, by E. Alan Meece

With Trembling Fingers, by Hal Crowther

Bush Resume, by Vote Matters from Working Assets

It's Tough Nowadays Being a Republican (22 basic self-contradictions)

Preemptive Deceptions, by Anthony Wade, showing how Bush is distorting his record on the Iraq War.

Iraq Attack, by E. Alan Meece

War Issues

Environmental and other Domestic Issues

Let the Golden Rule Overule the Rule of Gold, by Swami Beyondananda

Holistic Politics of Peace, by Marianne Williamson of Global Renaissance/Peace Alliance

Bringing God Into It, by Rabbi Michael Lerner

Some pithy quotes

Election results from CNN

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