Corrections to Horoscope for the New Millennium

by E. Alan Meece

Editor Ken Schubert of Llewellyn Publications made some errors in the book which the publisher did not correct. So if you have my book, Horoscope for the New Millennium, you might want to refer to these, in case you are confused about the meaning of a sentence in the book, or notice historical inaccuracies. The editor actually added a few of these inaccuracies to the book! In a few cases, these corrections will also help you read what I really meant to say in the book.

page iii: add "long" after "We don't have to look"
to read "We don't have to look long" at this map of destiny to find out what we most want to know, is what I meant to say, before the editor deleted the word "long."

page 35: In the chart illustration, the editor deleted the references I wanted to show to the angles of the chart, to help you learn to see them more easily. So on the circle, add The Ascendant at the left, Midheaven at the top, Descendant at the right, and Nadir at the bottom.

page 43: At the end of the first full paragraph, cross out "they" from "now (they) proclaimed that theirs was the one God of all peoples".

page 66: In the diagram, in the blank upper left quadrant, add: Integrating, Stable, Romantic. In the lower left, add: Initiating, Unstable.

page 96: Ninth house, not Ninh.

page 107: In the paragraph about 1516, cross out "and won" from Americans declared their independence.

page 113: In the paragraph about 646-701, replace "Here" with "In Northumbria" for clarity, as I originally wrote.

page 120: In the list of dates, at the bottom, correct 305-1308 to read 1305-1308.

page 121: In the Cycle 7 list, change 254-2561 to read 2542-2561

page 149: The time given for the Horoscope of Modern Humanity is confusing, and the location is not given. The chart was cast for Washington DC at 4:47 PM EST. Interestingly the time given for the Declaration of Independence chart on page 144 is exactly the same. When I rectified it again it appears the time for the Declaration chart is only a few minutes off. The times for the two charts are virtually identical.

page 175: in the middle of page, note that I refer to the fixed earth sign Taurus; it is important to remember that this is also the MONEY sign!

page 184: The editor deleted my reference to the fact that the Jupiter-Saturn opposition of 1831 was the climax and half-way point of the 20-year cycle.

page 190: bottom of page, add Mars before "Jupiter and Venus." The fact that Mars was in this conjunction in Gemini, and opposed Saturn, was the key part of this planetary correlation to the Franco-Prussian War; but the editor deleted "Mars"!

page 192: end of second paragraph, add "into a" before the phrase "disasterous civil war." The sentence refers to the fact that America's attack on Mexico led the Americans themselves into a disasterous civil war.

page 194: top line, replace "the Union" with "freedom." Lincoln became a martyr to freedom, not the Union as my editor thinks.

page 209: bottom paragraph: cross out "recreation and" before "frivolity."

page 209: bottom paragraph, last sentence: cross out "until the advent of" and the "t" before "liberation." This sentence, before computer errors by Mr. Schubert, should read: "a fad takes hold when a "critical mass" is reached and people eagerly get on board and ride the next wave of liberating experience."

page 216: last paragraph, insert "American" before "foreign policy." I meant to point out how Hitler had shaped American foreign policy ever since, but the editor deleted the word "our" from before "foreign policy."

page 218-219, cross out the second duplicate sentence.

page 224: first full paragraph, cross out "and" before "brought Richard Nixon to power." I meant to point out that the loud debate over Vietnam brought Richard Nixon to power. The editor evidently disagreed.

page 225: first paragraph. The editor seriously mangled my description of the beatnicks to water down their significance. Cross out the ludricrous phrase "or argued art" that the editor added, and replace "read" with "created a new". The beatnicks created a new poetry and literature, is what I meant to say.

page 228: put the word "enemies" in quotes. The editor deleted these quotes, but I wanted to say that the Vietnamese were only America's so-called enemies, not real enemies.

page 230: near bottom, cross out the word "collective" to describe Pisces.

page 231: the phrase "socio-cultural" before walls, which the editor added, was not really needed and distorts what I meant.

page 233: 3rd line, cross out the typo "the great civil rights leader"

page 234: first paragraph, cross out "secretly." Nixon didn't "secretly" send troops to Cambodia in 1970; that was quite public. It had been earlier that he did secret bombing. Editor's historical mistake, not mine!

page 236: first paragraph, cross out the words: "and the overthrow of the government of Cyprus, followed by a Turkish invasion and occupation. Saudi King Faisal was assassinated" This is a historical inaccuracy added by the editor. These events DO NOT correspond to the Uranus square to Saturn I was referring to; they happened earlier.

page 241: in the diagrams, the editor mistakenly put the symbol for Sagittarius on both sides of the opposing planets pictured in the diagram. No; Mercury and Venus were in Gemini, not Sagittarius.

page 243, end of second line. The editor completely mangled this sentence and distorted its meaning. Add a comma after "Neptune," and then add the word "and." In the 3rd line, after "mammoth singleton," change the period to a comma. This sentence should read, "Jupiter exactly opposed both Saturn and Neptune, and (Jupiter) stood alone in a mammoth sigleton, as the 1980s reached their climax."
This was a very important and amazing moment astrologically, indicating the great revolutions of 1989, but the editor didn't seem to care enough not to distort my reference to it. I continue to be shocked and dissappointed by this mistake every time I see it.

In the 4th paragraph, it might be helpful to remember that Mars opposite Neptune indicates action by the masses.

page 247: 1st full paragraph on the page, cross out the m after Look, in "Look for Bosnia to explode again..." By the way, I wrote to look for Bosnia to explode again in 1998-1999; I was close indeed; Kosovo is where it happened.
Second full paragraph, change "concerned people" to "to concern people." Such obvious signs of climate change didn't seem to concern people, is what I meant to say. In the same paragraph, note that "November" refers to November 1995.

page 262: 5th line, insert "individualism" after capitalist. Evidently Llewellyn didn't want me to point out the limits of individualism as well as collectivism. But it is clear from the whole thrust of the book and the 3 revolutions, that this is what I meant.

page 262. 2nd to last paragraph, replace "nature" with "chart." "You could find new success by developing the talents which that planet represents in your chart." is what I originally said.

page 267: cross out "in U.S." from my prediction of a severe plague or famine. That was too dire a prediction for the US I think; but plagues and famines are happening in 2003. This was my mistake, not the editor's.

Same paragraph: to clarify, I expected travel mishaps in Sept. or Nov.2003.

page 288: destruction misspelled.

page 302: first full paragraph: add "France" to "Iraq and Iran may be targets."

page 305, top of page: Omit comma before "in Cancer."

page 318: 1/3 down the page, end of paragraph; add "there" to end of sentence. Socialist and Green ideals may be advanced there (in Africa), is what I meant to say.

page 322: first full paragraph. I meant to say Four months later, not four months late!

page 323: middle of page, cross out "as prosperity returns in the 2070s." I don't think I meant to predict this.

page 347: several dates in Appendix C for Uranus in the Signs need to be corrected:
change 578 BC (Uranus in Taurus) to 579, and 571 BC (Gemini) to 572.
change 1691 (Uranus in Gemini) to 1690, and 1698 (Cancer) to 1697.
change 1981 (Uranus in Sagittarius) to 1982, 1988 (Capricorn) to 1989, and 1995 (Aquarius) to 1996. This last change must have been the editor's mistake; these dates are well known and I couldn't have gotten them wrong.

page 358: last line, insert "next" before "closing sextile." Again, the editor deleted this clarifying word.

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