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*visionary artists *handicraftspeople *holistic healers *counselors/psychics*
*growth centers *music *metaphysical groups *spiritual paths*
*health products *peace & ecology activists *lecturers *New Age potentials*

Produced by non-profit organization! With our low rent and labor costs, most of your fee goes for promotion! A portion of your booth fees will be donated to appropriate charities, as decided by our Board of Directors.

Booth Spaces: sizes and prices
Updates below on which spaces are actually available now.
Accessories: tables, chairs, electricity, canopies, umbrellas
Contacting us
Lecture time available
Procedures and additional info for potential exhibitors

Exhibitors are wanted for 2017 (Sept.23-24) for our 19th annual Holistic Arts Fair. Applications are available here which you can print out. Also see and print out the floorplan here.

Exhibitors who have their own canopies wanted! See Accessories and Updates below.

Fair location/venue: Community of Infinite Spirit (formerly known as Divine Science Community Center), 1540 Hicks Ave, San Jose CA 95125

Booth Spaces

Indoor spaces in sanctuary or bookstore 4x6 (4 feet deep x 6 feet wide) cost $64, recommended for readers, or others using only card-table space (must bring own table). Corner space #15's 6-foot wide frontage is on the side aisle along the stage.

Indoor spaces in sanctuary or bookstore 6x8 (6 feet deep by 8 feet wide) for $80. (note: space #5 is next to the piano)

Outdoor spaces on middle or back patio 6x8 (6 feet deep by 8 feet wide) for $80.

Outdoor spaces on grass 10x10 (requires your own canopy) for $80.

Note: Lectures are now held in the fireside room (house/classroom), located between the courtyard sidewalk (aka middle patio) and the back patio. See below for info on lecturing at the Fair.

Note: if you have rented a double space from us before, especially in the house/classroom, please consider a single 6x8 space this year.


Check Updates below to see the latest info on which spaces are available.

Notes on prices

Note that all prices cover both days. Please send check payable to Holistic Arts Fair with signed application, and the full fee, to Holistic Arts Fair, 3914 Leigh Ave., San Jose CA 95124. You can also pay using paypal, using producer's email (see top of application). Please add $2 ($3 for $80 or more) to cover pay pal costs. You must still send the signed and completed application by mail, or scan and send it by email.

Exhibitors will be asked if they wish to contribute an item(s) or services to the Silent Auction for the benefit of Community of Infinite Spirit. This is optional, but may help to promote your exhibit.

No sub-leasing of exhibit spaces; each exhibitor must apply, and be known and approved by the producer.

We prefer to offer spaces for both days, rather than having to seek another exhibitor for a particular space for one specific day. Therefore, we do not reserve specific locations for one day. One day assignments will be made on a last-minute, space-available basis.


Accessories (tables, chairs, canopies, umbrellas, electricity) must be reserved in advance by indicating on the application that you want them, and pay for them if necessary in advance.

Free, undraped 6 foot tables are available while supplies last. We have no more free tables available. You can rent a table from us for $12 extra. Note that our last 2 available free tables are only 5 feet wide instead of 6 feet wide.

Plastic chairs will be available free; limited to 2 per space.

Electricity is available for many spaces for $10. Check with producer if electricity is available for the space you want.

Some outdoor spaces (especially those numbered in the 50s and 80s) will need shade, and you can rent an umbrella from us for $35 if you don't have covering for an 8x6 space, or bring your own. Umbrellas are recommended for spaces 55-58, and 80-86. I may also purchase 8x8 canopies for those spaces, which you can rent for $20. Let me know if you want one!

Note: umbrellas and tables must be paid for by Wednesday Sept.20, 2017, 5 PM. Also, no cancellations of umbrella or table orders after that time can be accepted.

Canopies: spaces (10x10) on the front and back yard lawns require that the exhibitor bring and set up a canopy. (Or possibly rent an 8x8 canopy from us; see below)

I purchased some 8x8 canopies for this year. You can rent them for $20. They would be useful shade for spaces 49, 55-58, 60-68, 80-86, and 88, 89, 90. Please let me know if you are interested! I may be able to buy only a few this year.

If you already have a canopy, many canopies are 10x10, which is too large for most of our spaces, so if you have a 10x10 canopy you are encouraged to choose 10x10 spaces on the grass (where it says "grass" on the floorplan) at no extra charge. These are spaces numbered 60-68, 80 (back patio), 88, 89, 90, and space #49 on concrete behind the sanctuary/lecture hall, next to the parking lot (beyond spaces #47 & 48)..

If you rent or bring a canopy for an 8x6 space, your exhibit must stay within that space. Many outdoor spaces have room in back in the flowerbeds to place the poles for the extra feet.

If you use a 10x10 canopy in an 8x6 space (81, 83, 98), you can only use the 8x6 space for your exhibit. This is to allow room enough for aisles and visibility for all near-by exhibitors and their customers. Consult with the producer about where to put the canopy poles. No extra charge applies.

Contacting us
You can contact the producer by email for an application HERE. Leave your "snail" mailing address for an application by mail.

OR, If you want to print out or scan an application to send in, CLICK HERE.

Also see and print out the floorplan here to pick out a space and see the layout of the event. Circle several locations, and I will get the best space still available for you. Send it in with your application; you can print the floorplan on the back of your application. Spaces are assigned in the best interests of the Fair and all exhibitors. Any location at this Fair is a good location, so don't worry too much about exactly which space you get. If you can't accept a second choice of location, don't apply. Although I make reservations for a few days, space in the Fair is not officially reserved until payment is received, and particular space #s are not officially assigned until the map and receipt is sent (see Procedures below).
Note: the floorplan may come up slowly if you have a slow computer connection.

I have had some requests to visit the venue in person before renting a booth space for the Fair. I am not located at the venue site, and I don't have an office there. You need to arrange with the minister or her assistant at Community of Infinite Spirit to tour the venue site. The floorplan should probably be sufficient, however, to plan your exhibit and see the location of the spaces available as listed below.

On Sept.22-24, you can reach me on those days only in person at Community of Infinite Spirit (see "contact us"), or leave a message at my office number listed on your application or brochure.


Available spaces as of Sept.9 (watch for updates)

Sanctuary 8x6: closed

Sanctuary 6x4: closed

Walkway/courtyard: open: 55. Canopy or umbrella recommended.

Back patio: open: 80, 81, 82, 84, 85, 86, 96. Note that space 80 is open, and is no longer necessarily a space for a food booth. Umbrella or canopy recommended for spaces 80-86.

In front along Hicks Ave: closed

book store: closed

If it says "tent." or "tentative" for a space #, I'm not sure we can promise that space at this time. A waiting list may be made. Remember, your final booth space location is made at the discretion of the producer, and there are no guarantees for particular spaces, although we do make reservations. Generally it is first come first serve, but long-time exhibitors may get a preference too. If you cannot accept a second choice of location, don't apply.

Note: we have no more space for psychic and tarot readers.

Umbrellas: you can rent one from us for $35, or bring your own. Umbrellas are recommended for spaces 55-58, and 80-86.

Canopies: 8x8 canopies are avialble, while supplies last, for outdoor spaces, for $20 extra. You can also bring your own canopy for the spaces indicated above. If you use or rent a canopy for an 8x6 space, such as spaces 81-82, your exhibit must stay within the 8x6 space.


Lecture time available for exhibitors

If interested, describe on a separate page or in your email what you would present. No fees are paid; but no percentage is taken from any sales you make. No sales pitch, or religious or political propaganda is allowed; topics of general interest only. Time slots are 50 minutes, or sometimes 25 minutes. As of now, no lecture time slots are available for 2017.

Time scheduling is up to the discretion of the producer. See the latest schedule on the main website (if it says "tba" then those timeslots may be available).

Note that our lecture space will be smaller than before 2012; in the house/classroom, but still large enough to accomodate the attendance we expect. The entire room will be dedicated to lectures/performers. We will have a small speaker system and microphone, to be used at moderate volume. We do not have a screen or projector available.

Procedures and additional info for potential exhibitors:


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