Heart's Delight Arts Festival

The Heart's Delight Arts Festival is planned for Downtown San Jose

Imagine Downtown San Jose filled with people moving from place to place, enjoying a whole plethora of exciting events. Imagine poets, musicians, artists and speakers all sharing their experiences with the people. Imagine all the halls, churches and auditoriums open and accessible to all the people, so they can just walk in during this special weekend to discover, perhaps for the first time, all the possibilities of the arts they might never have heard before. This is what the Heart's Delight Arts Festival will be, if we can garner the support of the artists, groups and associations downtown and throughout the valley to make it happen. Then we will begin to transform this valley into being not only Silicon Valley, but a place that will be known once again as "the valley of the heart's delight!"

If you can help, call Eric at (408)448-6726 or email me here

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