Guests on Mystic Musings

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This page lists all the guests I (host Eric Meece/Eric Mystic) can remember who were interviewed on Mystic Musings or Mystic Music between March 28, 1986 and March 5, 2010. Email me for more info about Mystic Musings.

in alphabetical order

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Abbott, Stephen (1986-1993): Magick, Celtic mythology, bewitched genre programs
Abraham, Ralph (Jan 27, 1995): mystical mathematics, the world wide web
Alarcon, Paco Kahan (June 5, 2009): the spiritual meaning of the 2012 milestone and how to prepare by increasing our inner power and freedom
Alexander, Madalyn (Nov.2, 2007) of South Bay Circles;
guest (with Bill Baldwin) on the Bewitched Genre special.
Alix, Wilbert (Oct.24, 2003, Feb.21, 2003): soul retrieval through trancedance
Alli, Antero (1990): transformational arts, philosophy, etc
Amir, Sara (Oct.23, 1998): Green Party candidate for Lt. Governor of CA in 1998.
Ancient Future (Feb 6, 2004, etc.): See Montfort, Matthew
Andrews, Joel (March 3, 1995, & earlier): angels and channeled music
Andrews, Shirley (April 17, 1998): Atlantis, Insights from a Lost Civilization
Andries, Kathyrn (April 2, 2004): Soul Choices: 6 paths to discover your purpose
Apel, Scott (several times: June 27, 1997, April 8, 1994, etc.): The Prisoner, "Killer-B" movies
Aragon, Tom (Oct 20, 1995): live electronic music
Archer, Gail (June 15, 2001): Baroque organ music and organs
Armentrout, Dave (Jan 16, 1998): hypnosis, Three Aspect Therapy
Athans, Catherine (August 7, 2009): Make Your Dreams Come True Now, and Who Do You Think You Are Anyway
Austin, Stephanie (c.1992): transpersonal psychology
Baldwin, Bill & Amy (Nov.2, 2007 and (Bill), c.1989): bewitched genre program; South Bay Circles pagan group.
Balistreri, Juliana (Dec 27, 1996): Global meditation ritual
Ballo, Richard (April 1, 2005): Life Without Lisa; contact experiences with his deceased wife
Barth, Sam "the Flute Man" (April 30, 2004, May 7, 1999): Didgeridoo Connection
Bartlett, Scout (c.1991): psychic readings, energy therapy
Barzakov, Ivan (c.1989): optimal learning techniques
Bay Area Pagan Assemblies; Michael and Claire (Oct.31, 2003, Nov.1, 2002): witchcraft (Bewitched Genre program)
Benjamin, Medea (August 4, 2000): Green Party candidate for US Senate;
Activist and Global Exchange organizer
Bennett, Hal Zina (c.1989): human potential
Berg, Mary (July 30, 1999): KPFA and Pacifica
Bernard, Patrick (July 23, 2004): Music as Yoga; the healing power of sound and mantras
Bhaerman, Steve, a.k.a. Swami Beyondananda (May 8, 2005, August 3, 2001, 1993)
Black, Peggy (Sept. 7, 2007): sacred sound healing; channeled wisdom from the We Are Here Team.
Block, Jonathon aka Synthetic Block (Jan. 2, 2004): Visionary Music Marathon
Bloomberg, Warner (Aug 2, 2002): Green Party State Assembly candidate
Bogart, Greg (Nov 15, 1996): astrology and the spiritual journey
Booker, Maruga-- see Maruga
Boots, Gypsy (several times in Nov., early 1990s): long life, diet, exercise, etc.
Borax, Mark (c. April 1990): astrological prophecy
Brill, Terrie (c.1991): psychic astrology
Brother Vincent: see Cole
Brown, Robert (May 30,2003): medium and author of We Are Eternal
Budapest, Z. (c.1989): witchcraft and feminist spirituality
Buhlman, William (Dec 11, 1998), author of Adventures Beyond the Body.
Bult, Mark (April 18, 1997): Bay Area Action, Headwaters Forest
Burke,Keith (July 1, 2005): cross of the elements, astrology and Jungian symbolism
Burks, Paul (February 23, 1996, April 22, 1994): Earthlight magazine; spiritual ecology
Butterfly Woman: see Lewis, Kelley
Campbell, Susan (c.1988): psychologist, relationships, Beyond the Power Struggle
Camejo, Peter (Oct.25, 2002): Green Party candidate for Governor of CA
Canmetzer, David (April 2, c. 1992): metaphysics, meditation, transformation
Cannon, Dolores (Sept. 3, 2004): past lives, Nostradamus, etc. See Ozark Mountain Publishing
Carpenter, Phil (Jan.3, 2003): Fungus Federation; health and culinary uses of local fungi
Carr-Gomm, Philip (Oct.16, 1998): The Druid Way, Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids
Carter, Lance (May 21, 1999): When does the Aquarian Age Begin?
Carty, Robert (March 31, 2006, Visionary Marathon Dec.30, 2003, Mar 31, 1998, etc.): electronic space music composer
Casey, Caroline (July 10, 1998): Making the Gods Work for You: The astrological language of the psyche
Christian, Janet (several times, 1992-93)
bewitched genre shows, the meaning of Halloween; Bay Area Pagan Assemblies
Ciani, Suzanne (April 2002): Pianissimo and her other new age neo-classical music
Clarke, Denni (January 11, 2002): Crop Circle Wisdom
Clarke, John (May 7, 1999): Didgeridoo Connection
Cobb, David (Nov.1, 2004, on Contemplation Connection program): Green Party presidential candidate
Cole, Jim (Dec.31, 2004): overtone singing
Cole, Brother Vincent (June 29, 2001): The Next Step in Evolution
Comfort, Buddy (c.1990): new age vocalist
Conti, Joe (c.1988): meditation
Cook, Mark (Oct.27, 2000): Druidism
Courtney, William A. (1992): What works: 5 steps to personal power
Crane, Joseph (Dec 20, 1996): angelic encounters
Crawford, John (c.1990): dream therapy and transpersonal astrology
Cuddeback, Marge (June 7, 2002): psychic medium and author of Vanishing Veil
Dale, Stan (Jan 9, 1998, March 27, 1998, Feb 24, 1995, Dec.16, 1994, etc.)
Human awareness, what is sex, citizen diplomacy, fantasies can set you free, psychology talk shows, old radio, etc.
Deardorff, Glenn (Dec.4, 1998, May 1, 1998)
He discussed his inspiration for his new recording called "Primordial Mariner"
DeBry, Angela (April 16, 1999, Mar 11, 1994): Solar Cross, ritual, spiritual healing, ancient spirituality
Degler, Teri (March 5, 2010): The Divine Feminine Fire; Shakti, Sophia and Shekinah is the rising Kundalini that awakens our creativity
Deisher, Joe (Aug 25, 1995): inner energy healing arts
Demby, Constance (Oct 17, 2003, Fall 1997): musical composition workshop
De Quincey, Christian (June 21, 2002): consciouness within nature
Dilts, Michael (Oct.27, 2006, Oct.29, 2004, Oct.31, 2003, Nov.1, 2002):
witchcraft expert on our annual Bewitched Genre program
DiNardo, Tom (c.1993): metaphysical healing
DiSalvo, Deborah Sanford (Halloween 1986, 1994-6, 1998-9): bewitched genre, ghost stories
Don the Gnostic (c.1994): spiritual vehicles and prophecies
Dornik, Pat (Sept.7, and Sept.21, 2001): clairvoyant healer
Dossey, Larry (May 15, 2009): The Power of Premonitions
Dreher, Diane (Sept.18, 1998): The Tao of Womanhood: 10 Lessons for Power and Peace
Doucet, Suzanne (April 30, 2004, June 28, 2002):
Tribute to her associate Tajalli, her "Resonance" CD with Miraz; New Age Music scene
Downey, Jim (Jan.12, 2001, c.1997, 1993): psychic therapy and psychological blocks
Duffy, Nancy (c.1989): Queen of the Universe, anti-aging techniques, rebirthing
Dunphy, Timothy (Feb.1, 2002, June 16, 2000): energy medicine, healing with invisible forces
Durst, Steve (May 21, 1999): The Age of Aquarius
Egan, Michael (1989): cultural commentary
Eggen, John (Sept.16, 1994): intentional communities
Eisner, Bruce (Oct 25, 1996): psychedelics and mind media
Eldar, Bo (aka Stephano Tagliatti) (Eldar Productions) (Jan.1, 2005, April 30, 2004): producer of Buffalo Hearts,
featuring Tajalli as medicine man; see also Tajalli
Elvin, Kenny (April 30, 2004, March 22, 2002, May 7, 1999): Didgeridoo Connection
See also 3D & Tajalli; Barth, Sam
Emmerling, Christine (June 19, 1998): New Thought and Divine Science Center
English, John (Feb 13, 2004): Shift, An Awakening; dreaming our life destiny into being.
Epp, Marta (c.1989): applied metapsychology
Carolyn Evers (Feb 20, 2004): Conversations with Caesar
Faloon, William (Feb.18, 2000), from Life Extension Fdn.
Fastwolf (January 12, 1996): Native American spirituality and history
Ferguson, Marilyn (Sept.1991): Brain-Mind research, The Aquarian Conspiracy
Finkelstein, Adrian (Jan 31, 1997)
Your past lives and your healing process, a psychologist's search for God
Finley, Guy (June 1, 2001): Design Your Destiny
Fiore, Edith (1997): past lives and regression, alien abduction experiences
Fishman, Michael (May 22, 1998): The Art of Living Foundation; gurus, breath and meditation
Fournier, Jim (Dec 27, 1996): Global meditation ritual, astrological cycles
Fournier, Lou (May 17, 2002): Power Vs. Force and the levels of consciousness
Fox, John (March 28, 1997): poetry
Francis, John (Oct.9, 1998): The Mystic Way of Radiant Love; Jesus, parables, etc.
See also: Furino
Freedom, Reality (c.1990): psychic readings
Friedman, Sidney (Jan 19, 2001):
Your Mind Knows More; using your subconscious mind; predictions
Frissell, Bob (Feb 27, 1998): ETs, sacred geometry, new age myths, etc.
author of Nothing in this book is true, but it's exactly how things are, and Something in This Book is True
Fudold, Lynda (several times c.1990): Neuro-linguistic programming
Furino, John (Oct 14, 1994): Mutual UFO Network, Ascending from the Center
Galland, China (June 10, 2005): Longing for Darkness; the dark mother image
Gardner-Gordon, Joy (1993): crystals, voice and color healing
Gardner, Maria (May 31, 1996): spiritual light work
Gautier, Daniel (c.1993): visionary art; see also Garret Moore
Gendron, Melanie (c.1993): visionary art; see also Garret Moore
Gibson, David (May 4, 2007): sound healing.
Gibson, Marilyn (July 26, 2002): violinist, author of Hanging by a String; near-death healing experiences.
Gips, Elizabeth (Aug 5, 1994): poetry, Haight-Ashbury days, etc.
Goldberg, Bruce (August 15, 1997, Sept. 26, 1998):
Look younger-live longer, new age hypnosis, protected by the light, protection from psychic vampires, ET abductions, beings from the future. (1-800-KARMA4U)
Graboi, Nina (1996): The Dr. Ruth of psychedelics
Gray, Gil (Sept 16, 1994, Nov 18, 1994): healing stones, intentional communities, etc.
Griffin, Kevin (June 11, 2004):
One Breath at a Time; showing how the 12 Steps can be conceived in Buddhist terms.
Grimassi, Raven (Oct.31, 1997): Ancient Wiccan mysteries; Italian witchcraft
Gyaneshwari Devi (June 9, 2000): Hinduism, International Society of Divine Love
Habib Pandit Khan (Feb 6, 2004): live performance on sitar with guitarist Matthew Montfort
Hagelin, John (1996): Natural Law Party presidential candidate
Bernard Haisch, author of The God Theory (Sept.1, 2006):
Bay Area physicist on science and spirituality
Hamburg, Dan (Oct.23, 1998): Green Party candidate for Governor of California in 1998.
Hanson, Warren (July 21,2000): author of The Next Place
Haramein, Nassim (May 4, 2001): hyperdimensional physics and the geometry of space
Harman, Willis (c.1993): human potential movement, consciousness research, 60s culture
Harter, Tian (Jan 31, 2003): "Little Speech" on mending your fuelish ways.
Harris, Blase (April 4, 2003): awakening, self healing, Gurdieff, and psychology; with Meir Schneider
Harvey, Andrew (July 23, 1999): Son of Man: The Mystical Path to Christ
Hawkins, Charles (Oct.22, 1999): Native American shamanic vision quests
Hedland, Chris (c.1994): Captain Universe, astrology, Uranus-Neptune cycles
Hein, Simeon (Nov.23, 2007, March 5, 2004, repeated April 13, 2004): Opening Minds, UFO cover-ups, crop circles,
and the new science of resonance and sacred geometry
Heinz, Susan (March 7, 1997): astrology and prophecy
Helmberger, Zachrey (February 11, 2000): urban villages, sustainability, life patterns
Herbert, Nick (July 14, 1995): quantum tantra, Elemental Mind (physics and consciousness)
Hitchcox, Lee (April 12, 1996): Live longer now, pesticides
Holt, Cathy (Nov.3, 2000): The Circle of Healing: connecting with self,others,nature.
Houghey, Karen (c.1993): visionary artist; see also Garret Moore
Huttner, Hilary (Feb.12, 1999): Mystical Delights: the mystical poetry and prose of famous writers.
Iasos (late 1980s, March 31, 1998): new age music
Ingram, Catharine (April 18, 2003): Passionate Presence: 7 qualities of awakened awareness
Jacklin, Phil (c.1992): peace activism
Jaire (Jan.4, 2004, Jan.1, 2003): live crystal bowls performance
Janis, Sharon (June 5, 1998)
Never to Return: a Modern Quest for Eternal Truth (Blue Dove Press)
Jerot, Lisa (c.1994): In Defense of Animals
Johnson, Drew (Nov.23, 2007): spiritual politics panel
Johnson, James (Jan.4, 2004): visionary music marathon
Johnson, Philip (c.1993): Darwin on Trial
Johnson, Trebbe (March 17, 2006): vision quest leader; author of "The World is a Waiting Lover"
Jones, Graeme (Nov.30, 2007, Nov.23, 2007): spiritual politics panel;
combining socialism with Jungian depth psychology to understand the American Spirit, alienation and transcending the ego in society.
Judge, Patricia Q. (c.2004, 1993): transpersonal psychology, shamanism, astrology
Judith, Anodea (c.1990): chakras
Kalechstein, Scott (July 15, 2005): songwriter
Kaplan, Connie (August 20, 1999): The Book of Women's Dreams
(Also June 14, 2002): Dreams are Letters from the Soul
Kautz, Bill (c.1988): Center for Applied Intuition
Kelleher, James (c.1993): Vedic astrology
Kelly, Jon (Oct 5, 2001): backward speech
Kenyon, Robert (c.1993): network chiropractic, nutrition, etc.
Kimmel, Mark (May 9, 2003): author of Trillion, an account of meetings with ETs
Kivel, Paul (c.1992): Oakland Men's Project; healing violence
Korff, Kal (Sept 22, 1995): The Billy Meier story
Krapf, Philip (Nov 30, 2001): UFOs; The Contact Has Begun with The Verdants
Kresse, Joe (c.1992): Foundation for Global Community
Krippner, Stanley (1994): shamanism, psychic research
Kruse, Neal (August 7, 1999): spiritual principles and new paradigms of community
Kutenai, Kachinas (c.1990): Apache medicine woman
Kyryluk, Gregory (Dec.30, 2002): Alpha Wave Movement; electronic music on visionary marathon
Ladner, Lorne (August 5, 2005):
The Lost Art of Compassion: the practice of happiness in the meeting of positive psychology and Tibetan Buddhism
LaGrande, Louis (August 8, 1997): After Death Communication: Final Farewells
Laland, Stephanie (Feb.5, 1999): Animal Angels: Amazing Acts of Love and Compassion
Lampi, Ron (March 7, 2003, Talk Marathon April 20, 2002, July 11, 1997, May 12, 1995)
New age visionary poetry, ETs, the Age of Aquarius, philosophy, regional poetry, etc.
Lanham, Nahu (Dec.14, 2007): UFOs: God from Inner Space; Dream Catching counseling.
Lawson, Lee (Feb.16, 2001): Visitations from the Afterlife.
Leahy, Jordan (Oct.19, 2007): translater for Tulku Orgyen Zangpo Rinpoche of Compassion Fellowship
Lee, Riley (June 23, 2000): shakuhachi flute master.
Leidecker, Fred (c.1992): Key Hypnotherapy Center
Leonard, George (January 5, 1996): Human potential, The Life We are Given
Lerner, Michael (Feb. 3, 2006): Rabbi of Tikkun and co-founder of Network of Spiritual Progressives;
author of "The Left Hand of God"
Levitt, Susan (Oct 21, 1994): neo-paganism, lunar cycles, tarot
Lewis, Kelley (Butterfly Woman)(March 3, 2000)
healing through releasing ancestral and family patterns.
Lewis, Rick (January 26, 2001): reflections on spiritual practice, tantra.
Lumbard, Rayna (Sept.17,1999): therapy, intuition, creativity, etc.
Lysne, Robin Lopez (Dec.2, 2005): mediumship, "Star Woman" feminine goddess, angels, etc.
Mac, Billy (Aug 27, 1999): Reading from the Source, from Sedona Journal
Madhu Kalki-Dasa (Aug 28, 1998): Foundation for World Awakening, mysticism, etc.
Mallory, Lee (Jan 7, 2000): singer-songwriter, The Millennium, LA sixties music scene.
See also Sonic Past, Many Are the Times
Mandell, Bill (May 26, 1995): The McCarthy and HUAC hearings, KPFA, etc.
Maruga Booker (Feb.9, 1996): Rainforest music performance
Mars, Daniel (March 10, 2000): What is Love? Energy, emotion, reaction, spirit
Marsh, Eric (c.1992): Bay Area Pagan Assemblies
Maxson, Marianne of Lompico Creek Conservancy(Dec.7, 2001): Threats to CA forests and neighborhoods by lumber mill owners
McGettigan, Anthony (May 8, 2005, Nov.2, 2001, August 21, 1998, Spring 1997 Talk marathon):
Journey to Deep Freedom, A Voyage in Consciousness; also April 30, 2004: tribute to Tajalli.
McGibney, Bob (c.1993): Eckankar
Meece, Edward W. (July 25, 1997): history of KPFA
Mellentin, Bill (c.1991): Alchemical therapy
Mercurio, Julie (Sept.20, 2002): holistic healer
Michael and Claire (Bewitched programs, 2002,2003): See Bay Area Pagan Assemblies
Michael, Allen (1997): One World Family Commune; inter-galactic channel
Michael, David (c.1990): Celtic harp performance
Michels, Patrick (June 26, 1998): Life transformation, Fortizymo The Time Has Come
Miraz, Gary (July 16, 2004): electronic musician; see also Turturici (Paradise)
Mistycah, Laura Lee (Feb.2, 2001): Kryahgenetics, the Simple Secrets of Human Alchemy.
Humor packages, knights training, etc.
Moffett, Karma (April 14, 1995): Tibetan bells performance
Montfort, Matthew (Feb 6, 2004, March 22, 2002): Ancient Future world fusion music, live performance
Montgomery, Darleen (Sept.28, 2001):
dream interpretation as a path to fulfill your life themes and your soul
Moody, Melissa (April 7, 2006, Sept.17, 2004): Center for Self Healing
Moore, Father Charlie (May 8, 2005, June 17, 2005)
The Catholic Church as a failing empire. Alchemy and the solar cross. Original blessing; gnosticism; etc.
Moore, Garret (several times, July 28, 1995, c.1993, etc.)
visionary art, philosophical commentary
Moore, Thomas (April 25, 2003): Jesus sutras and care of the soul
Morgana (May 13, 1994): psychic readings
Mountainwater, Shekinah (May 8, 1998): feminist spirituality and mythology; her live music
Nagasiva, Tyagi (c.1991): Myth, magic and mysticism
Norberg, Sheldon (July 28, 2000): Confessions of a Dope Dealer; psychic housecleaning
O'Brien, Ellen Grace (Mar 10, 1995): Center for Spiritual Enlightenment
Olliffe, Al (Jan 16, 1998): crystal singing bowls
One World Family Commune members (early 1997)
Orloff, Judith (May 29, 2009): Emotional Freedom - Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life
Palmer, Helen (March 20, 1998): The Enneagram
Paradiso; Paradise, Eric: see Turturici
Pardini, Christopher (Sept.15, 2000): organist at Crystal Cathedral, on his San Jose concert
Payne, Burl (c.1991): cosmo-biology
Penn, Neil (Nov.23, 2007): spiritual politics panel.
POWR (People Against Welfare Rollbacks)(August 22, 1997)
Perala, Robert (Dec.7, 2007, Sept.10, 2004, 1997, Sept 23, 1994):
The Divine Blueprint, experiences in Egypt, ET encounters, etc.
Pierce, Joyce-Anne (May 28, 2000): Spiritual journeys to Shambala
Pinkson, Tom (May 29, 1998)
author of The Flowers of Wiricuta. Visionary experiences with the Huichol tribe on their shamanic journeys, and incorporating it into his psychological practice
Pitstick, Mark (July 16, 1999): proofs of the afterlife
Place, Robert M. (June 19, 2009, Nov.23, 2007, Nov.11, 2005, April 29, 2005): tarot deck creator, and author of
The Tarot: History, Symbolism and Divination; a mystical allegory
Pomerantz, Lauren (Sept 9, 1994): Wings of Time; Sephardic Jewish music and culture
Putnoi, Johanna (Aug 25, 2000):
Senses Wide Open: The Art and Practice of Living in Your Body
Rachele, Sal (c.1988): Living Awareness Productions music; author, Life on the Cutting Edge
Ramanadas (c.1989): relationships
Ramer, Andrew (May 1997): How to be in the millennium; angelic prophecies and guidance
Rasmussen, Steve (many times, Aug 12, 1994, July 4, 1989, etc.); now of Oldenwilde coven NC
astrology and historical cycles, social commentary
Ribner, Malinda (Sept.8, 2000): New Age Judaism
Rich, Robert (Jan.2, 2005, January 21, 2000, March 31, 1998, October 1989-1995):
electronic space music, glurp, etc.
Richards, Mary (c.1990): hypnosis tapes
Richmond, Lewis (April 16, 2004): our whole life's work; living passionately and creatively.
Buddhist approaches to work and life
Roach, Steve (March 31, 1998): electronic space music
Roads, Michael (July 7, 2000): Getting There, enlightenment, Oneness with Nature, etc.
Rogers, Lynn (May 11, 2007, Nov.8, 2002, c.1995): Edgar Cayce, 60s culture, numerology, Alviso, etc.
Romer, Brian (late 1999): Klaus Schulze special.
Ronner, John (May 24, 1996): Do you have a guardian angel?
Rothschild, Helene (Sept.15, 2006): author of "All You Need Is HART;" basic principles of HART, releasing fear, etc.
Rose, Margareht (May 10, 1996): Earth Mother-Father foundation, spiritual dimensions, etc.
Ross, Shesta (first interview, April 9, 1988): The Medicine Wheel, mandalas, ritual earth magic
Rothschild, Helene (Sept.15, 2006, June 14, 1996): transformational psychology; All You Need is HART (Holistic and Rapid Transformation).
Russell, Peter (June 2, 1995): Global Brain
Sanchez, Steve (Aug 19, 1994): parenting, psychic reading
Sanon (c.1993): Emergence
Sara Elena (c.1992): spirituality
Sarris, Arian (July 18, 1997): Healing the Past
Schlain, Leonard (Feb 2, 1996): parallel histories of 20th century art and physics
Barbara Schneider (Nov.18, 2005): Feng Sui to help restore the flow of life
Schneider, Meir
(Sept.14, 2007, Aug.18, 2006, Jan.13, 2006, Sept.16, 2005, Sept.7, 2003, April 4, 2003, Sept.6, 2002, Sept.14, 2001, Sept. 1, 2000, Nov.13, 1998, March 14, 1997): vision therapy and self-healing
Schutz, Robert (February 16, 1996)
The $30,000 Solution: guaranteed income; Earthlight magazine
Segel, Richard (twice in 1992-93): spiritual archeology; bewitched genre program
Segunda, Brant (Nov.6, 1999): Huichol shamanism
Semkiw, Walter (Talk Marathon, May 8, 2005): physical evidence of reincarnation
Sheehan, Paul (early 1991): anti Gulf War activist; Cuba embargo
Sheridan, Kim (Talk Marathon, April 13, 2004): Animals and the afterlife
Silbey, Uma (c.1989): crystal healing
Simone, Carol (May 11, 2001): Quan Yin, goddess of compassion.
Sirius, R.U. (1993): Mondo 2000, fringe science, cyberpunk arts, etc. Host of a radio podcast and editor of H + magazine
Sitchin, Zacharia (Nov.6, 1998): Ancient Sumerian history; myth or fact?
Smith, Barry (Sept.21, 2001, Sept 7, 2001, Sept.24, 1999): Dowsing
Smith, Christine (April 27, 2001): A Mountain in the Wind, the spirituality of John Denver
Soloman, Norman (c.1990): Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting: right-wing media bias
Sophia (c.1995): new age vocalist
South Bay Mobilization Against the War (March 21, 2003), with Vida and Darlene
Spillane, Jim (1980s): singles life, shyness, personal growth
Spitzer, Cameron (Sept 6, 1996): Green Party
Stanton, Tom (1991): UFO research, the Roswell case
Stathis, Georgia (c.1992): astrology and cycles
Stauffer, Jim (Sept 6, 1996): Green Party
Stearns, Michael (Dec.30, 2002): electronic spacemusic pioneer
Sterling, Fred (October 7, 2005, July 3, 1998):
Kirael, The Great Shift; channeled wisdom and positive prophecies
Stevenson, Jody Miller (Sept 13, 1996): Soul Purpose
Stillman, Lavona (April 12, 1996): Universal Church of the Master, hypnosis, etc.
Stokes, Saul (Dec.30, 2002): visionary marathon interview
Strauss, William (1997): The Fourth Turning; generational cycles in history
Strupp, Phyllis (Dec.10, 2004): The Richest of Fare; seeking spiritual security in the desert.
Sun, Patricia (Dec 2, 1994): human transformation
Sun, Richard (1991): UFOs, Native American spirituality
Sunday, David (Dec 8, 1995): Center for Spiritual Enlightenment
Surya Das, Lama (May 14, 1999):
Awakening to the Sacred; Tibetan Buddhist-inspired thoughts for everyone on creating a spiritual life from scratch
Swami Beyondananda-- see Bhaerman
Swimme, Brian (1993): The Universe Story
Tajalli, aka Billiam or William Wichman, or Tajalli Talisman
(Jan.1, 2004, Oct.17, 2003, Jan.1, 2003, June 28, 2002, March 15, 2002, Feb.1, 2002, May 12, 2000, plus earlier brief visits and marathons):
healing and trance rhythms, and performance with 3D, New Years bells collage, etc.
Tallarico, Leo (c.1990): transpersonal astrology and spiritual therapy
Tarnas, Richard on Cosmos and Psyche (Nov.23, 2007, Sept.29, 2006):
Cycles of the planets, their archetypal meaning, and corresponding patterns in history and parallels across time; implications for our worldview.
Tat (Harrison Roy Hesketh) (May 2, 1997, April 21, 1995, Jan 20, 1995, Nov 4, 1994, July 29, 1994, etc.)
psychic readings, Church of Revelation, spiritual mysticism, the next age, astral travel, etc.
Taylor, Richard (Dec.1, 2006): how "The All," or God as you know Him, can work miracles in all of our lives if we invite him in.
Thompson, Angela (June 9, 1995): angelic art
Thompson, Jeffrey S. (Feb 22, 2002): healing sounds and music, brainwave entrainment, resonance, sound ecology, etc.
3D and Tajalli
(June 28, 2002, March 15, 2002, Feb.1, 2002, Dec.31,2001 marathon): Eric Turturici, Robert Evans, Kenny Elvin, & Tajalli, with New Age didjeridoo music
See also Tajalli
Tieszen, Rick (May 25, 2001): existentialism's antedote to high tech mindsets
Tobia, Ross (June 16, 2006): Grand Unified Theory pf physics and philosophy
Toms, Michael (March 4, 2005): host of New Dimensions Radio and guest host via CD on Mystic Musings.
Click here for a list of people interviewed.
Turturici, Eric, aka Paradiso (July 16, 2004, April 30, 2004, Jan.1, 2005/04/03, June 28, 2002):
5th Element Music; electronic and didjeridoo music and healing. See also 3D and Tajalli
Tutko, Tom (c.1989): psychology and love
Umi (Nov.9, 2001): zen enlightenment, Umi Retreat Center
Upton, Charles (May 24, 2002): Superiority of traditional religions over post-modern eclecticism as sources of mystical truth and prophecy.
Uttama (Dec.3, 2004): Golden Age Foundation and enlightenment
Uriarte, Ruben (Dec.14, 2001): MUFON and recent UFO reports. Also try Northern CA MUFON
Van Handel, Stephen (Jan.3, 2004) Visionary Music Marathon
Vas (Greg Ellis and Azam Ali, February 6, 1998)
Ancient sounds; voice and percussion as evocative instruments
Vidich, Andrew (June 15, 2001), from Science of Spirituality: eastern mysticism and divine love.
Vissell, Joyce and Barry (Fall 1995): Shared Heart Fdn., loving relationships
Von Ward, Paul (October 3, 1998): Solarian Legacy: Metascience and a New Renaissance.
Walker, Dael (c. late 1980s): crystals
Watts, Anne (c.1993): Alan Watts, Stan Dale & human awareness
Weiss, Rabbi Abner (Jan.6, 2006):
The Kaballah as model of divine emanation and human psychology
Wheeler, Constance Morris (Sept 28, c.1991):
For Independent Thinkers Only: Over 5000 Years of Authoritarian Religion
Whitaker, Kay Cordell (Aug.4, 2006):
Sacred Link; exploring Peruvian shamanism and igniting the senses
White, C.J.(Sept.8, 2006): expert on chakras and life coaching
Wichman, Caroline and Sunshine (April 30, 2004): Tribute to Tajalli (William Wichman)
Wichman, William/Billiam: see Tajalli
Wilcox, Gloria (1988): Inner Growth Seminar, emotional release, psychic development
Windwalker, Tyger (May 8, 2005): Nature walks, shamanism
Willi, Edythe (c.1989): Radiant Life Academy
Williams, Paul (c.1989): Das energi
Willis, Carol Bowman (Dec.29, 2000): transformational astrology, predictions
Wilson, Robert Anton (several times, April 3, 1998, Oct.11, 1996, Mar 17, 1995, etc.)
Reality is what you can get away with, chaos theory, androphobia, conspiracy theory, futurism, social commentary, etc.
Winters, Randolph (July 12, 1996): UFO research
Young, Marjorie (Jan.3, 2003): Fungus Federation and the uses of fungi in cooking
Youngheart, Julie-- see Mercurio
Zangpo, Orgyen (Tulku Orgyen Zangpo Rinpoche) of Compassion Fellowship (Oct.19, 2007):
Buddhism and its founder's three lectures; how enlightenment leads to compassion; etc. Translated by Jordan Leahy.
Zerah, Aaron (June 20, 1997): global interfaith ministry
Zingali, Joe (c.1991): karma and reincarnation, metaphysics

List of past New Dimensions Radio interviews on Mystic Musings

Feb.26, 2010: Ervin Laszlo on Surviving 2012; meeting the challenge of global warming with new ways of thinking, living and acting personally and in our institutions. Program #3323
Nov.29, 2009 (Talk Marathon): Kim Rosen is a lover of poetry. the words, the rhythm, the music of it, and especially the way it touches us in the deepest places. She lends her voice to its magic in a way that will remind you how moved you were the first time you met your favorite poem. Program #3317
Oct.23, 2009: Dr. Larry Dossey has examined thousands of anecdotes about premonitions. Along with the growing mountain of research, he brings amazing stories, compelling data, and fascinating theories about what it all means. Program #3313
August 28, 2009: Raphael Cushnir on finding emotional freedom through learning to experience directly the message which emotions have for us, instead of resisting them unconsciously for years afterward. Program #3303
July 24, 2009: Jonathon Ellerbe on the many paths of spiritual practice as ways to health, success and liberation. Program #3299
June 26, 2009: Charlie Hess on seeing the clues in front of you. How "inferential focus" offers knowledge about unrecognized world trends to decision makers in business, government, etc. Program #3296
May 22, 2009: Matthew Fox on reawakening the spirituality of men, and how that would change the way men live and contribute to our endangered planet. Program #3283
April 24, 2009: Gail Straub on empowering the conscious feminine, women as the center of family life, choosing whether to have children, etc. Program #3290
March 27, 2009: Judith Orloff on reclaiming our emotional freedom through enlightenment. 4 emotional types were covered: empath, intellectual, gusher, rock. Program #3281
Feb.27, 2009: Ernest Chu, investment advisor and spiritual teacher, on how to find fulfillment in these economic times through soul currency. #3282
Jan.23, 2009: Guy Finley on living in the light of consciousness and beyond fear, and how we interact with life. Program #3275
Dec.26, 2008: Marabai Starr on the religious wisdom traditions and saints of the world, and how they illumine our own quest. Program #3268
Oct.24, 2008: Brent Kessel on a spiritual relationship with money, and the 8 archetypes of how people relate to it. During the broadcast I added a correlation to Enneagram types: 1&6=Guardian, 2=Caretaker, 3=Star, 4&5=Idealist, 6=Saver, 7=Pleasure Seeker, 8=Empire Builder, 9=Innocent. See his website under Tools for full description of the types.
Sept.26, 2008: Michael Dowd on his missionary program combining evolution and new spirituality. Program #3252
August 22, 2008: Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul and A Life at Work, on discovering what you were born to do. Principles of Alchemy and "the great work" are discussed, as well as the dangers of status. Program #3246
August 1, 2008: David Wann, co-author of Aflluenza, discussed sustainable lifestyles and ways of reducing consumption in prosperous and fulfilling ways, such as co-housing. Program #3239
July 25, 2008: Parker Palmer on answering the call of the heart to be more authentic in our work and find integrity in dealing with institutions. Teaching is one important example. Program #3241
June 27, 2008: Michael Meade on the importance of storytelling in understanding our times of endings and beginnings. Program #3243
May 23, 2008: Mike Feenstra on how we can make sustained change in our lives, illumined by his vitalistic philosophy applied to helping individuals create meaningful organizations. Program #3236
April 25, 2008: Ruth Gendler described the quality of beauty, interviewed by Justine Willis Toms. Program #3232
March 28, 2008: Michael J. Gelb explained Edison's principles of genius we can all use. Program #3234
Feb.22, 2008: Steve McIntosh on his new book on Integral Philosophy. Program #3227
Jan. 25, 2008: Leonard Schlain on the brain of the only man who could have won a Nobel Prize in both art and science, Leonardo DaVinci. Program #3221
Dec.28, 2007: Allan Combs on Integral Consciousness. Teacher of Consciousness studies, Combs describes the "integral" perspective which reveals the unity beneath all of our diverse domains of understanding. Program #3216
Nov.23, 2007: Andrew Cohen on What is consciousness, How do you reach enlightenment, What is the evolutionary impulse, How your spirituality is influenced by the culture. Program #3212
Oct.26, 2007; repeated on Talk Marathon Nov.23, 2007: Michael Meade on recovering our sense of the eternal within time, the deeper level of myth, how our dark times signify a coming rebirth, etc. Program #3211
Sept.28, 2007: Barbara Marx Hubbard on how science and spirituality are combining for a possible emergence of a good direction in human evolution. Program #3206
August 31, 2007: Ken Wilber on integrative philosophy, part 2. Program #3198
August 24, 2007: Ken Wilber on integrative philosophy. Interviewed by Craig Hamilton. Program #3197
July 23, 2007: Leonard Schlain outlined his provocative theory about the role of women in evolution. Program #3018
June 22, 2007: John F. Demartini described his journey from being a hippie surfer in Hawaii, through failing and then succeeding in school, to becoming a wealthy practitioner of relationships therapy and healing, and a teacher of universal love principles. Program #3192
May 25, 2007: Nicki Scully on spiritual adventures in Egypt, and its traditions of mythology, alchemical healing, etc. Host: Justine Toms. Program #3185
April 27, 2007: Gregg Braden, author of The God Code and The Divine Matrix, on applying quantum principles to our daily lives. Program #3186
March 30, 2007: Sera Beak, author of The Red Book: Igniting Your Divine Spark, on dancing with divine intuition, journaling, travel, etc. Program #3174
Feb.23, 2007: Carter Phipps, editor of What Is Enlightenment Magazine, on the evidence for life after death, reincarnation, and the "time in between." Program #3164
January 26, 2007: Will Tuttle on Eating for Peace: A Vegan Perspective. How our violence toward animals affects us. Will Tuttle is a musician and author of The World Peace Diet: Eating for Spiritual Health and Social Harmony. Program #3163
Dec.22, 2006: A Time for Choices, with Rebecca Solnit, Mark Barasch, Arjuna Ardagh, and Jean Houston. How the emerging new paradigm will transform ourselves and our civilization. Program #3173
Nov.24, 2006: Anodea Judith, author of Wheels of Life and Waking the Global Heart, on our passage from power to love as our culture evolves to embody the heart chakra. Program #3157
Nov.10, 2006: Robert Fuller, author of Somebodies and Nobodies, on dignity for all and rankism; how we can learn not to pull rank on people, and arrive at the right balance between liberty, dignity and respect for rank. Program #3152
Nov.3, 2006: Robin Meyers gave us a rousing manifesto, just in time for the following Tuesday's national election. Robin is the author of Why the Christian Right is Wrong, and gave a speech on morality in politics that spread like wildfire after the Nov.2004 election. He discussed why Jesus was a radical, how close we in the USA today are to fascism, what is moral, and how all faith traditions say life is precious. Program #3160
Sept.22, 2006: David Korten, author The Great Turning, on the current political climate of empire, and the leaders who exemplify the emerging Earth Community. Program #3145
August 25, 2006: Larry Dossey, author of The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things. Program #3139
July 28, 2006: Marshall Rosenberg, author of Non-Violent Communication, on how we can speak to each other in more gentle ways that express our needs and the life in use, and thereby create more peace in our lives and world. Program #3141
June 23, 2006: Steve Bhaerman, alterego of Swami Beyondananda on waking up from our collective brainwashing so we can take back our country and heal "electile dysfunction." Program #3146
May 26, 2006: Christian de Quincey of JFK University on understanding consciousness through relationship. Program #3136
April 28, 2006: Tulku Thondup on the wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism on the process of dying and the afterlife, and bringing peace to your life today. Program #3129
March 24, 2006: Michael Ray gave us insights and tools to stay creative. Program #3114
Feb.24, 2006: Patricia Aburdeen on Conscious Capitalism and Megatrends 2010: how companies with higher values than greed make more money, and how leaders who practice spirituality are more effective. Program #3109
Feb.3, 2006 (special 1 PM edition previewing our live interview): Rabbi Michael Lerner, author of The Left Hand of God: Taking Back Our Country from the Religious Right. Program #3124
Jan.27, 2006: James and Salle Redfield on the making of The Celestine Prochecy movie, how they followed the threads of synchonicity and how you can too. Program # 3119
Dec.23, 2005: Craig Hamilton, editor of What is Enlightenment Magazine, on integrating spiritual and rational-scientific worldviews. Program # 3107
Nov.25, 2005: Arjuna Ardagh on the transparent revolution and enlightenment as a beginning toward embodied spiritual living. Program #3103
Nov.4, 2005: John Shelby Spong on seeing the Bible in context, rescuing it from fundamentalism and its vision for spiritual life today. Program #3098
September 23, 2005: Ginger Lapid-Bodga on the Enneagram as a guide to relationships and career. Program #3094
August 26, 2005: Cathy Hawk on bringing purpose, passion, energy and joy into your life, and getting out of those "eddies" and "woosh" into a flow toward your vision. Program #3090
July 22, 2005: John O'Donohue on embracing beauty. Program #3084
June 24, 2005: Jai Uttal, visionary world music composer and singer, on finding a way to live in love. Program #3083
May 27, 2005: Richard Heinberg on alternatives to the collapse of oil-based civilization. Program #3079
April 22, 2005: Temple Grandin on animals as autistic savants. Program #3075
April 9, 2005 (Talk Marathon):Marianne Williamson (3073), Thomas Moore (3049), Guy Finley (3065)
April 8, 2005 (Talk Marathon): Diedre Combs on Evolution through Conflict and elemental wisdom, with host Justine Willis Toms. Program #3051
March 25, 2005: Martinez Hewlett on Merging Science and Spirituality. Program #3054.
Feb.25, 2005: Natalie Goldberg on Finding Success in Failure. Program #3067
Feb.18, 2005: Thom Hartmann on We the People: Jefferson Lives. Program # 3061.
Jan. 21, 2005: Jesse Wolf Hardin, author of Gaia Eros. Program #3053.
Dec.17, 2004: Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now. Program # 3066.

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