Holistic Arts Fair Program

Saturday Sept.28, 2013

10 AM: Vickie Gay, psychic medium, helps you "Develop and Sharpen Your Psychic Abilities"

10:30 AM: Jennifer Kreitzer lectures on "Emotional Freedom Technique." Also known as "tapping," EFT is increasingly used by hospitals and psychologists because it cuts treatment time for emotional disorders in half. Hear about the history of EFT, what it is effective for, and get a demonstration on how to tap.

11 AM: Bill Duran presents an exciting lecture on shamanism and juice fasting.

12 Noon: Quli Zhou of Eternal Health Acupuncture Center speaks about "A Natural Way for Stress Reduction and Pain Relief Using Acupressure and Food/Diet." Increase energy, balance hormones, reduce weight, and feel better! Empower your own health.

1 PM: Hidy Hiraoka on "How to Stay Healthy: Energy and Healing Session." Dr. Hiraoka has developed Cosmo Power over many years, including nutritional and "micro-current" Chi Gong energy techniques that can stop aging and heal the problems of getting older, such as stress and addiction. His healings can happen in seconds or minutes. He has taught at UC Berkeley, given workshops in Tokyo, London and Moscow, and is an accomplished martial artist.

2 PM: Mellen-Thomas Benedict will speak on "The Death and After Life of Mellen-Thomas." In 1982 Mellen-Thomas died of terminal brain disease and lived to tell about it. His miraculous return to life is one of the most well known and loved Near Death Experience stories on the world-wide-web. Since his NDE he has been a researcher/inventor in the field of Quantum Biology, Biophotonics and Cellular Communication for over 25 years. Deepak Chopra has called Mellen's experience, the "Encyclopedia of the After Life" in his bestselling book "Life After Death."

3 PM: Cynthia Starborn on "Follow the GPS of Your Soul." Wondering how to move forward during these momentous times? Come learn how to let your soul lead the way. As a Soul Mastery practitioner and intuitive Akashic Records reader, Cynthia will share inspirational stories, messages, and tools for getting in touch with your "inner GPS."

4 PM: Meghan Dowling DC speaks on "How to Combat Inflammation." Dr. Dowling will explain how inflammation affects your health, and how to improve it with nutrition and lifestyle changes.

5 PM: Joanne Klemstein Stoll, Blue Star Woman, explains the Etheric Body, and how knowing your past life trauma and soul stories can help you today.
(note: Belinda Farrell lecture cancelled)

6 PM: Lynn Rogers presents an "Edgar Cayce update." A graduate of Edgar Cayce's Atlantic University in Virginia Beach, Lynn shares new insights from her recent visit there with his grandson Thomas. She reveals the human side of Cayce; his insights on our spiritual path, and his influence on such figures as Woodrow Wilson and Nicola Tesla. Lynn Rogers is the author of Edgar Cayce: The Divine Feminine and Shadow Over the Beach, which will be available for purchase and book signing.

7 PM: Ed Simon, Crystal Bowls Meditation. Soothe and awaken your soul and tune into higher consciousness with resonant sounds, correlated to your own inner frequencies.

Sunday Sept.29, 2013

10 AM: Therapist Ron Fitch offers a short seminar and demonstration on past lives. Have we lived before? Is it important to know? Are past lives real? Come discover some answers. Explore the amazing principles of Memory Recall Improvement and Biofeedback. Learn how it can benefit so many facets of life. Find out the major reasons we seem to have poor memory, what can be done about it and how present-time issues are often permanently handled by looking at the past, beyond what we thought we could see. A live Biofeedback demonstration will be given. Come early so you don't miss this one!

11 AM: Rev. Christine, and other ministers and practitioners of Community of Infinite Spirit, will discuss and demonstrate "Divine Science Healing."

12 Noon: Astrologer and philosopher E. Alan Meece (Eric Meece, MA) speaks on what's in store for the years beyond 2012. He is the author of Horoscope for the New Millennium (Llewellyn, 1997) and has a great record of correct, published predictions over many years. He is working on a new book called Horoscope for the New Age: Beyond 2012. Eric also has invented The Philosophers Wheel.

1 PM: Robert Perala, author of The Divine Blueprint, and singer-songwriter, presents "The Divine Intelligence: Meet the Extraterrestrials." The Divine Intelligence is all around you. It combines all things together. Robert Perala invites you to join in on the conversation as Earth is being visited and birthed into a slightly larger expression, and people are feeling the vast sweeping changes in consciousness all around the world. In addition to his meetings with ETs, Robert might share some of his knowledge of Behavioral Science, Personal Growth, Bridging the Worlds of New Science & Ancient Wisdom, Extraterrestrial Science, Life Before Birth/Life After Death, Where The Human Blueprint Comes From, and where we are headed as we reach into the Golden Age of Enlightenment.

2 PM to 4 PM: Meir Schneider presents one of his popular Yoga for Your Eyes workshops. The full title this year is "Overcoming Vision Problems; Steps to Improve Your Vision Naturally." Meir is director of the Center for Self-Healing. 2 hours.

4 PM: Heather Lauren of San Jose Psychic Institute speaks on "Opening Up Your Third Eye." Learn how to turn on your psychic powers and use them in your everyday life.

5 PM to 7 PM: UFO Panel with Ruben Uriarte and Robert Perala. Lots of new info, with a powerpoint presentation.

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