Holistic Arts Fair Program Saturday Sept.24, 2016

10 AM: Quli Zhou, professor of Chinese medicine and practitioner at Eternal Health and Wellness, speaks on the "Natural Solution for Pain, Stress and Allergies." Come learn simple, but practical and effective ways to relieve stress and pain, strengthen immune function and improve overall health and wellbeing.

10:30 AM: Darwin Keith Rector of Spiritual Unfoldment Network provides information about healing, meditation, subtle energies and spiritual advancement. There are powerful spiritual systems that can help you reach your goals more effectively and efficiently.

11 AM: Pat Duran speaks on "There's more to Gratitude than Keeping a Journal." We've all heard that gratitude is a virtue. But it's so much more than that! Come hear about the way gratitude can benefit your emotions, personality, health, social life and even career. And learn how to be grateful for more than just the good stuff.

12 Noon to 2 PM: Meir Schneider presents one of his popular Yoga for Your Eyes workshops. The full title this year is "Overcoming Vision Problems and Degenerative Eye Diseases." Meir is director of the Center for Self-Healing. 2 hours.

2 PM: Sondra Sneed, Godscribe, presents "A Source Talk: I Don't Know Who I Am." When you are unsure of what you are, the Self is phantasm. When you do know, the Self is the most powerful aspect of your nature. The question "What Am I" is delivered to Source in a way that identifies the Self. Find clues on how to assemble your identity and understand once and for all why it's so darn important to know, "What Am I?" Source communicator and soul reader, Sondra Sneed travels extensively to bring purpose to the minds and hearts of people everywhere. She delivers direct information from the being we call God/Universe/Source.

3 PM: Cynthia Starborn on "Touched by Grace." Join Cynthia Starborn, co-author of "365 Moments of Grace," for inspirational stories and a guided meditation to help you bring more ease and grace into your life..

4 PM: Liza Miron speaks on "Family Constellations: healing the past for a better future." When our ancestors leave issues unfinished in their lives, someone else in the Family System will carry those issues, unconsciously. How do we know we aren't carrying hidden and limiting issues from our ancestors, such as illness, depression, or personal, relationship or professional failure? Come and learn how to start this healing process in order to live with more joy, abundance, health, love and success.

5 PM: Renita Zies of Health fx will talk about electro-dermal testing, homeopathy, and wellness, by identifying causes for disease.

6 PM: Ed Simon, Crystal Bowls Meditation. Soothe and awaken your soul and tune into higher consciousness with resonant sounds, correlated to your own inner frequencies.

7 PM: Christine Owen on "When the Going Gets Rough: Being Prepared for Disasters." Current wildfires and potential earthquakes are a wake up call to lightworkers to be prepared. Christine will demonstrate a soul-healing modality that offers a strong foundation and a way to serve when the going gets rough.

Sunday Sept.25, 2016

10 AM: Paul Barbaro, massage therapist and metaphysical philosopher. Heart to Heart Healing

11 AM: Rev. Christine of Community of Infinite Spirit provides an illuminating and liberating chakra meditation.

12 Noon: Shirani Pathak presents a talk entitled "From Self-love to True-Love: Creating Deeply Fulfilling Relationships." Do you know the most important ingredient to health relationships? It's YOU! Every single relationship you have always starts with you. Women especially, but others too, often fall into the trap of thinking we need to take care of others first, so much so that we have little left for ourselves. This leaves us depleted, and if we engage in this habit repeatedly, we are at a severe risk of burnout. At this event you will learn about the 4 essential ingredients to healthy relationships: self-love, self-care, authenticity and communication. We will also touch on soul agreements, and on how we can move from a victim state into a more empowered space in our relationships.

1 PM: Scout Bartlett on "Aligning Energy with your True Life Path." Ever felt pulled in opposite directions inside, or recognized parts of you were on your side while other parts held you back or sabotaged those intentions? All of us have a core flow of life-force energy, and between trauma, drama, and karma, that core beam becomes bent and constricted into patterns that play out in our lives. Experience your energy flow coming back into alignment with your true path. Scout Bartlett, a natural-born clairsentient, is the founder of Life Insights, which offers trainings of "Higher Learning." Both the clarity and wit with which Scout presents his life insights have benefited thousands of individuals.

2 PM: Bernd Friedlander speaks on "Life Extension." Aging is simply the wear and tear of our cells, and the lack of cell communication to repair and regenerate. Dr. Friedlander provides information on promoting quality of life, extending life span, and controlling diseases through diet and exercise. Through providing yourself with the right kinds of proteins, and reducing polyunsaturated fats, we can reduce inflammation, oxidative damage, DNA protein damage and more. We can also improve our mitochondrial function, which provides the energy for our cells to function, repair themselves, support our immune system, increase our metabolism, and avoid aging diseases. Learn how to "hack" into your system to make our cells work better by turning on the right genes and turning off the bad ones.

3 PM: Lynn Rogers, prolific writer, artist and intuitive, speaks on "Ageless Creativity for the New Age." ("New Age Aging"). Lifespans are increasing, so we need to transform our attitudes about aging. We are pioneers in life extension not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. Lynn will discuss the ideas and research from her new book on how we can remain vital and creative in later years as never before.

4 PM: E. Alan Meece reviews information from the cosmic cycles on what has happened and what will happen in the future, with special attention on the presidential election this year and future years. "Eric" (E. Alan Meece) is writing a new book called Horoscope for the New Age. Eric published Horoscope for the New Millennium in 1997.

5 PM to 7 PM: UFO Panel with Ruben Uriarte, Northern California MUFON ( Mutual UFO Network) State Director, Nancy Felipe, MUFON State Section Director & Field Investigator, and Lester Velez, Vice President for OPUS (Organization for Paranormal and Understanding and Support) will be discussing sighting and abduction cases that demonstrate that We Are Not Alone and that we are being visited by extraterrestrials.

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