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An Oft-Used Book, as It Turns Out!, November 20, 2004
Reviewer:       jude cowell "Stars Over Washington" (GA United States)

Horoscope for the New Millenium has an amazing amount of
info which i have found in no other astrology book of any

Its lists of outer planetary cycles are useful beyond
measure, especially considering what is going on in the
world these days. Mr. Meece gives us not only the Modern
Humanity Chart (Neptune conjunct Pluto, 1892), but what
your own natal contacts to that chart can mean for you. The
Revised World Order Chart of 2030--Saturn and Uranus in
Gemini-- is interestingly included for consideration.

This book covers art, economics, politics (the U.S.
chart--using Lynes' version for 4:47 pm--is well-covered
and presented in comparison to the Modern Humanity Chart),
Revolutions and their outcomes, Holy Wars, and so much
more. The historical info/dates alone would be informative
for the non-astrologer!

As in the other reviews here listed, i agree that many of
his predictions are already being born out, this being
2004, while, of course, some predictions are now moot--Gore
ain't the prez, as it quirkily turns out.

One cycle i was especially interested in was the
Uranus/Pluto conjunction of 1966---exactly on my natal Asc.
"Every time two of the three outer planets come together, a
radical shift happens in society. It's as if we've entered
a whole new world. The conjunction leaves its firm imprint
on all of our lives", p.76. This is fascinating stuff!

And having done a good bit of work on charts for the French
Revolution, i was happy to see the Proclamation of the
Republic Chart, Sept 22,1792 among many others of
historical interest--including the chart for The Generation
of Materialism (1881) which is relevant to today's wheelers
and dealers.

Need to know about the Great Cycle? How far along are we
nowadays in that Cycle? It began in 575 B.C., when Uranus,
Neptune, and Pluto were conjunct. 'How's that going?', you
may wonder. This book will help you with such weighty
issues--see Chapter 5.

Eclipse info is, of course, included, and the Time Lines
extend further forward And backward than any i've found
elsewhere, so if you have any interest in mundane charts,
politics, the future, or your own chart's connections to
these larger cycles, i recommend this book most highly.

Breathes new life into astrology, November 29, 2000
Reviewer:       Blaine Checkhouse (Rhode Island)

This book was amazing! For anyone who's interested in
learning what the future will hold . . . even those who
don't believe the idiotic horoscopes that appear in the
daily newspaper. Eric Alan Meece rises above zodiacal
simplification and superstition-based astrology to elevate
astology into a science and an art. He explains, with
remarkable accuracy, the several astrological factors, from
sun sign to moon sign to outer planets, that correspond
with personality traits. Astrology revolves all around
archetypes, and assigning them to celestial bodies and
periods of time. His discussion of the different
generations, each with the expected corresponding
astrological combinations at time of birth, is a must-read,
and his description of different generational waves is so
true it's scary. Meece convincingly shines insight onto
famous paintings in a way that archetypally connects
countries around the world, body parts, and the four
elements. Even skeptics (NOT cynics) will find inspiring
matter in here. A definite recommendation -- should
definitely have a higher sales rank number up there!

Brilliant look at the Astrology of the Big Picture, March 21, 1999
Reviewer: A reader

Astrology was in great need of a book like E. Alan Meece's
Horoscope for a New Millennium. Not many astrologers look
deeply into mundane historical astrology and the evolution
of humanity. This is a in depth look at the major planetary
cycles and how they have affected the unfolding of human
potential. Now that we are in a period of accelerated human
evolution, his book is a very timely addition to our
understanding of our present historical situation and
potential future. It will be a stretch for many who are not
deep in their understanding of Astrology, but is is a
stretch well worth making.

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