The Three Revolutions:


from Horoscope for the New Millennium (1997)

copyright 1997 Llewellyn Publications and E. Alan Meece


Neptune and Pluto are our guides to the growth and decay of civilizations on planet Earth, but inventive, eccentric Uranus has a crucial part to play too, as we've seen. Besides being the "hour hand" on the cosmic clock of civilization, it helps us understand the great revolutions that happen periodically in our society.

Uranus aligns with Pluto every 110 to 130 years or so (127 on average). This is a loud signal to humanity that an earth-shaking, revolutionary transformation has begun. Uranus was discovered late in the Eighteenth Century during the American, French, and Industrial Revolutions. It has come to signify revolutionary events. Pluto, discovered just as the Great Depression broke, has come to represent deep, explosive social transformations and the power of "the group." Therefore, when these two planets come together, a great revolution begins that not only topples governments, but starts a whole movement, one which shapes the goals of all subsequent revolutions. Whenever Uranus and Pluto join forces, the status quo is seriously threatened. People jump ahead decades or even centuries and boldly experiment with radically different ways of being and living together. Afterward, they are brought "back to reality" to gradually try to make the new ideals work under the existing conditions.

Many of us remember the Uranus-Pluto combination vividly, when these planets last joined together during the turbulent 1960s. As I said previously, I wondered what in heaven could explain the extraordinary social changes and the spontaneous, spiritual awakenings that so many of us experienced simultaneously at this time. After learning the meaning of the three outer planets, I concluded that at least two of them must then be lining up, and when I checked I discovered I was right-that Uranus and Pluto were in conjunction.

People who oppose the great cultural and social movements of the '60s say they were just passing fads at best, and the root of current moral decline at worst, but the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of that era means that these movements are actually just the beginning of a decades-long cycle of revolution that will eventually transform all of society. So in a sense these critics are correct-the old values are being undermined, as they always are under this influence. We should never forget that in our modern times today's "Establishment" is always due to the efforts of yesterday's "revolutionaries."

Uranus-Pluto conjunctions contrast sharply with Uranus-Neptune, as we'll see in the next chapter. Whereas the Uranus-Neptune conjunction often resolves and unifies (or confuses), Uranus-Pluto unleashes new creative impulses. Let's look back in history and see whether it's really true that society is transformed when Uranus and Pluto come together.

In ancient times, Uranus-Pluto conjunctions coincided with such explosive events as the outbreak of the Peloponnesian war, the death of Alexander the Great (after which his empire broke up), the Roman slave revolt of Spartacus, and the founding of Constantinople. Five years after the conjunction of 1090, Pope Urban suddenly and dramatically announced the First Crusade in 1095, opening an inspired, creative age of European expansion. Soon after the conjunction of 1343-44, the Black Death of 1346-49 wiped out half of Europe and eroded the foundations of feudal Catholic society. The following conjunction in Leo in 1455-56 coincided with the invention of printing, which gave all future revolutionary movements their prime weapon. Two years before, in 1453, Constantinople succumbed to the same conjunction under which it had been founded, as the city fell to Turkish invaders. Scholars fleeing west then propelled the Renaissance into high gear. During the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Aries in 1597-98 Baroque art and music were invented, and Galileo opened the scientific revolution. French King Henry IV ended the Wars of Religion in his country by freeing the dissident Huguenots in the Edict of Nantes.


The Uranus-Pluto conjunction at the end of Leo in 1710-11 opened the first of three great revolutions whose impact has dominated modern history. The first revolution began with the first incendiary works of Voltaire around 1711. The authorities were so incensed at him that they locked him up in the infamous Bastille prison, thus turning him into the great hero of liberty. Freemasonry began a few years afterward, spreading revolutionary ideas through secret societies. Some of the greatest minds of the Eighteenth Century joined them, including many of America's "founding fathers." In 1715 Louis XIV died, immediately setting off a reaction against the absolute rule of the Bourbons. Something similar happened in England in 1714, when George I was brought over from Germany to succeed Queen Anne.

It became easier to question authority in this new, more irreverent atmosphere. The Baroque phase of culture passed into the Rococo, typified by the more relaxed, sensuous, elegant style pioneered by the painter Watteau in 1712. Signs of even more disruptive upheavals came when iron smelting and the Newcomen steam pump were invented the very same year. The Industrial Revolution was on the horizon.

The goal of the Enlightenment and the first great revolution that began with the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1711 was individual liberty. The leaders of the movement, such as Voltaire, wanted to overthrow the Kings who claimed power by divine right, and replace them with governments whose rule depended on the consent of the governed. They wanted to protect free speech, free inquiry, and other human rights against the capricious power of Church and State, and to destroy the unfair privileges of the priests and nobility. In fact, most of our modern conceptions of a free, democratic state are based on their works. Representing the rising power of the bourgeoisie and merchant classes, they also protested against institutions, tariffs, and regulations that restricted free enterprise, but the nobility reasserted its power and successfully blocked the efforts of the reformers. A great confrontation seemed inevitable. Many leaders of the movement were born during the conjunction, such as the encyclopedist Diderot (1713), the skeptical philosopher Hume (1711), and above all Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712).

After every conjunction comes the Uranus-Pluto opposition, about halfway through the cycle. Its impact is often as great or greater than the conjunction. In fact, when Uranus stands opposite to Pluto in the heavens, the revolutionary movement reaches its peak. We are at the Full Moon of the movement, and the light of this "Full Uranus" lasts over an entire generation. This pattern took hold most noticeably from the Renaissance onward. For example, right after Uranus opposed Pluto in 1395, Henry Bolingbroke led a rebellion against King Richard II of England. A similar upheaval took place in France. Bolingbroke took power as Henry IV, but when the next conjunction came along in 1455, another rebellion broke out (the Wars of the Roses), leading to the Tudor takeover.

Another great revolutionary full moon came in 1649, the year Charles I met his fate at the hands of Oliver Cromwell and the Great Rebellion. The absolute rule of the English kings was forever overthrown and gradually thereafter replaced by today's parliamentary system. Puritans and other religious dissidents gained their freedom. Simultaneously, the Fronde revolt in France challenged Louis XIV, although this attempt eventually failed. At the same time Descartes was expanding the scientific revolution begun by Gallileo.

This brings us back to the movement that started in 1711. By the 1780s it was moving toward its "Full Moon"-the most awesome one of all. Charles I lost his head in England during the Uranus-Pluto opposition of 1649; Louis XVI lost his head in France during the Uranus-Pluto opposition of 1793. The first great modern cycle of revolution came to its climax in the French Revolution. Aristocratic power was smashed, and bourgeois power took its place. A great charter of liberties was proclaimed, inspired by the American revolution a few years before. The French revolution set into motion that "engine of liberty" which transformed the nations and peoples of the world, making them fiercely loyal not to their king or even their God, but to their revolution and their nation. Its slogan of "liberty, equality and fraternity" not only encapsulated its own aims, but the goals of all three modern revolutionary movements, each in turn.

Just as Oliver Cromwell seized the reins of the Great Rebellion and became a despot, the French Revolution was seized by the "despotism of liberty" and the Reign of Terror. Napoleon took power soon afterward. The opposition is always the climax of the revolutionary movement, but it brings conflict and schism, too. In our modern revolutionary age, old tyrants are often replaced by new ones. The old revolution becomes the new despotism, and new rebels arrive to challenge the revolutionary power of the old rebels.

The first great revolution unleashed the tyranny of Napoleon, but more importantly, it created the tyranny of the bourgeoisie. The commercial and business interests that rose to power in the French and Industrial Revolutions eventually became even more oppressive than the aristocrats they had replaced. The new capitalist industry dehumanized and practically enslaved millions of workers. Soon they were rising up in angry protests, out of which emerged the new movement of socialism to challenge the power of capitalism.

The people moved into action during the next Uranus-Pluto conjunction in 1850, at the cusp of Aries-Taurus. This movement erupted at virtually the same moment as Neptune's discovery in 1846, the planet that came to represent self-surrender and compassion. The second great revolution was launched, and its goal was not liberty, but equality. The movement's leaders wanted to overthrow not only the king, but also the capitalists by taking control of the "means of production." They saw that individual freedom alone just allows the strong to oppress the weak, so they wanted to use the state to break the power of the business class and put it in the hands of the working class. They wanted to protect society from the greed of the individual; they exalted cooperation and collective identity above the competitive spirit. The masses rose up in revolutions throughout the European continent in 1848, and in China in 1850 in the Taiping Rebellion (the most massive uprising in history). Also in 1848, Karl Marx described the aims of the new movement in The Communist Manifesto. Social realists like Engels, Courbet, Millet, and Dickens vividly portrayed the plight of poor workers, and humanitarians demanded proper treatment of the sick and downtrodden for the first time in human history.

The new socialist movement was easily crushed at first, but Marx saw that as industry and capitalism expanded, the proletariat would become stronger. Each succeeding crisis of "boom and bust" would bring the revolution closer. So even as the movement was crushed in 1850, the industrial machine went into high gear. Greed went unchecked, and society became ever more divided along class lines. The second great cycle reached its climax at the opposition at the turn of the Twentieth Century (1901), when labor unions and socialist parties expanded as they never have before or since. A more violent labor movement (syndicalism) exploded at the same time, while the "muckrakers" aimed their pens at the evils of capitalism and launched the progressive movement. European imperialism suffered a black eye around 1901 through the Boer War, the Chinese Boxer Rebellion and elsewhere, and "anti-imperialism" became an integral part of the Communist program.

In 1902-03, Lenin's Bolsheviks split from the other Russian Communists and took over the movement. In 1905, the Russian revolution against the Tsar went into high gear, and exploded in the greatest socialist upheaval yet. In 1917, Lenin founded the Soviet Union, which institutionalized socialism. Once in power, the Communists unleashed their own "reign of terror" that was far longer and deeper than the French one. Instead of the "despotism of liberty," they created the "dictatorship of the proletariat." The turn of the Twentieth Century thus represented another generation of revolutionary change that corresponded to the "full moon" or opposition of Uranus and Pluto in 1901.

Throughout the remainder of the second revolutionary cycle, socialism and communism advanced relentlessly, and half the world came under the "red" sway. Even in "democratic" countries, socialism made gains. The communist and democratic-socialist movements succeeded in making people more equal in wealth and improved living standards, but in so doing, it reduced the individual to an anonymous cog in the industrial machine. As industry advanced, it destroyed the quality of life in many ways. It also threatened all life on Earth for the first time ever. Once again, a new tyrant had replaced the old; this time the tyrant was not only the greedy capitalist, but also the machine itself, and the monolithic, corporate, communist state which had swallowed individual identities. Since 1850, scientists and politicians alike had divided humanity into warring classes, races and nations, and the free spirit of the person was forgotten.

This is the background of the third great revolution, the movement of our own time. The next conjunction arrived in 1966 in the sign Virgo. The American military-industrial complex went haywire, as bureaucratic blindness and inertia caused the U.S. to stumble into the disastrous war in Vietnam. Youth turned on to drugs and the occult and dropped out of industrial society, and authority and conformity were challenged at all levels. The U.S. was rocked by massive protests against the war, and by minority groups asserting their civil rights. Revolutions attempted to overthrow the state in France and Czechoslovakia, and the worldwide student movement shut down universities and blocked military activities everywhere. In China, the Red Guard hit the streets. The long-term result of the "cultural revolution" excesses of the Red Guard in 1966 was to discredit Chairman Mao and his brand of communism. This, coupled with the Czech movement, would eventually inspire radical reforms in China and throughout the Communist world.

What do the revolutionaries of the third movement want? Its political aims can be summed up in three words: peace, ecology, brother/sisterhood. We who believe in this revolution want an end to war. We want to save the planet from destruction. We want all people to join together as brothers and sisters in one common family, a true human "fraternity." We ask you to "imagine," as John Lennon did, a world without rigid borders of race, sex, creed or nationality.

In order to have true peace outside, we must also gain peace inside. Therefore, the third revolution is not only political, but cultural and spiritual, too. We want to discover the life and spirit within us and to explore psychic and spiritual dimensions. We want creative freedom to pursue our own life and career path and to "follow our bliss," as Joseph Campbell said. We want to get off the industrial treadmill and live according to our true values. We declare, as Patrick McGoohan's television character in The Prisoner did in 1966, that "I am not a number, I am a person;" that no dehumanizing system or institution shall entrap and enslave us. Culturally, the '60s opened up new styles which are still developing, such as "visionary," "psychedelic," "New Age," and "World Fusion." Womens' Liberation (Uranus-Pluto in Virgo, the Virgin), is also dramatically transforming our culture (N.O.W. formed in 1966). Just as they and others we call "minorities" empower themselves, so we all are also throwing off outdated social roles and recovering the "feminine," less domineering side of their nature.

The new movement has superseded the old ones, though the goals of the first two revolutions remain. Wherever human rights and liberty are denied, there is the place for the first revolution. Wherever the working class remains in poverty and subjection, there is the place for the second. The vanguard of change now rests with the third revolution, however. Its aims underlie all movements from the 1960s on. The two older movements still dominated political parties in most nations as late as the 1990s, but their ideals are now as much a part of the past as a part of the future-as much a part of the problem as a part of the solution. In the New Millennium, the ideals of the third revolution will increasingly come to dominate our politics, and many of its goals, such as saving the planet, building peace and bringing the creative spirit back into our work and public life, will gradually be achieved.

Marx believed that his movement was the synthesis of previous movements, since he couldn't conceive of another one beyond it. In fact, the third revolution is the new synthesis. The first revolution exalted liberty for the individual (and still does). The second revolution (Marx's) exalted equality and society's rights over the individual (and still does). The third revolution exalts fraternity, or the individual in interdependent, creative relationship to society and the planet. It proposes unity within diversity. It's ultimate symbol is ecology, the union of all life which enhances the quality of life of each individual. The "green revolution" answers the crying needs of our time-survival of the planet, and of our own humanity. Thus, green replaces red as the new radical color.

The dual planet Pluto in its higher phase of renewal is the planet of this cycle (its lower phase of death was fascism, which erupted after its discovery in 1930). The asteroid/planetoid Chiron, discovered in 1977, is the symbol of the "wounded healer." It moves between Saturn and Uranus, and is also linked to the third movement. It represents "keys" to help us access transcendent or invisible realms and integrate them into our lives on Earth. These include such things as holistic and New Age techniques and information technology.

Despite the attempts by reactionaries to stem the tide, time is on our side. The third revolution is only starting; it will have over 100 years to succeed. The opposition may desperately try to reconstruct the walls that have held down the human spirit: fixed roles, racial division, fanatic religion, warring nations, oppressive corporations, a polluted environment, and denial of our own spirit. They may even seem to grow stronger, just as the aristocrats did before they crumbled in the French Revolution. In the end, it's inevitable that the walls will fall, just as the Berlin Wall did-it's "in the stars." Whether they fall easily, or whether we fall into a worse tyranny (i.e. apathetic self-indulgence, or excesses in any of our goals) is up to us.

The climax of the new movement will come in the middle of the next century. It will bring down many of the big institutions that harm the environment and block our creativity, and will further shift our lifestyles toward inclusiveness and mutual respect. After that will come further movements. If 1966 represents a new Renaissance, as did the conjunction of 1456, then the next Uranus-Pluto conjunction in 2103 will bring a new "baroque" phase.

There are so many ways to participate in today's Revolution and Renaissance. Find yourself, and share your new life with those around you. Work for peace on Earth. Find a way off the industrial treadmill. Stand up for your rights, and those of others. Support organizations helping to save the planet. Already, we saw the movement make its mark in Germany in the early 1980s with the Green Party (interestingly, the first socialist parties also gained strength in Germany). Now similar parties are springing up everywhere, as I predicted they would, but their original inspiration all came from the movements here in the U.S. in the 1960s. Those who propose a third party or a new politics in America or elsewhere could do no better than to adopt the name and program of the Green Party. However you participate, now is the time. The new revolution is happening, and you can help to shape it.


Virtually all revolutions in modern history correspond to the aspects between Uranus and Pluto. Below is a list of past events and future predictions, corresponding to these aspects.
Date Aspect Revolutionary Events
1711 Conjunction Freemasonry, rococo reaction, Voltaire's writings
1730 Semi-square No known correlation.
1759-60 Square Seven Years War, which led to "enlightened despotism" in Prussia
1776 Sesqui-square American Revolution (this aspect appears in the U.S. horoscope)
1793 Opposition Height of the French Revolution
1808 Sesqui-square Risings in Germany and Spain against Napoleon
1820 Square Unrest in Britain and revolts in Europe and South America
1830 Sextile Revolutions in France, Belgium, Poland, first British Reform Bill and attendant disturbances (Uranus also in Aquarius)
1834 Semi-square Mass worker uprisings in France and England
1850 Conjunction Revolutions in Europe (1848-51); Taiping Rebellion (China)
1863 Semi-square Great uprising in Poland against Russian rule
1867-68 Sextile Series of government reorganizations in Europe and the U.S.; overthrow of the Shoguns in Japan
1876 Square Massive revolts against Turkish rule in the Balkans
1889 Sesqui-square Strikes and farmer-labor unrest
1901 Opposition Boxer Rebellion, Philippine revolt, Progressivism, Bolshevism
1917 Sesqui-square Russian Revolution creates Soviet Union; Arab revolts against the Turks, etc. (Uranus also in Aquarius)
1933 Square Fascist revolution in Germany; New Deal
1943 Sextile During World War II
1949 Semi-square Communist revolution in China
1966 Conjunction Cultural Revolution, Black Power, peace and ecology movements
1986 Semi-square Philippine "people's revolt" against Marcos
1996-97Sextile European and Asian liberation movements; corporate crisis in America (Uranus in Aquarius)
2012-13 Square Major revolts in the wake of economic/ecological disasters and refugee problems; "crossover" into the New Age (Mayan calendar)
2032 Sesqui-square Turbulent reorganizations and ethnic upheavals shake America, Asia, nations ruled by Cancer (Saturn conjunct Uranus)
2047 Opposition Climax of the third "green" revolution

Revolution Dominant inRuling planetEmphasis Ideal
lst Revolution 1711-1850 Uranus Ideas, innovations Liberty
2nd Revolution 1850-1966 Neptune Productive forces Equality
3rd Revolution 1966-2103 Pluto/Chiron People, spirituality Fraternity
Original form in the 1790sCore valueClassColor(s)
Political Individual Bourgeoisie Red, white, blue
Industrial Collective Proletariat Red
Romantic Creative Outcasts Green
Government Economics Philosophy Religion
Democracy Capitalist Rationalist Deist
Communist Socialist Materialist Atheist
Cooperative Ecological Spiritualist New Age


The years surrounding 1966 brought personal crisis and discovery for many people. What changed in your life in the mid-'60s? What does the Uranus-Pluto conjunction and the third revolution mean for you today?

Every time any two of the outer three planets come together, a radical shift happens in society. It is as if we've entered a whole new world. The conjunction leaves its firm imprint on all of our lives. Wherever the most recent conjunction of its kind falls in your own horoscope shows its meaning in your life. It may also show what role you have to play in the continuing social and cultural trends it represents. Wherever the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1966 happened in your chart shows how you are responding to the challenge of today's revolutionary movement, and how you might contribute to it.

Were you born between the fall of 1962 and the fall of 1969? If so, the revolutionary Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo appears in your own horoscope and may be very significant in your life. You can become an inventive genius, a brilliant scientist, a computer engineer, an inspired poet, a social critic, a charismatic revolutionary leader, or a skilled creative artist. You can set the trends for many decades to come, unless you let your cynical attitudes lead you to apathy and self-destruction.

The conjunction remains in force until 2103, and applies regardless of what year you were born. Reading the paragraph below for your birthday will give you some immediate clues. In general, those born closest to the dates specifically mentioned below will have felt the conjunction strongest. For example, those born on September 9 will have felt the strongest impact. Those born at the beginning of any period (for example, near August 9) will also need to read the next paragraph (e.g., late Cancer, early Leo). Since you're on the "cusp," it may also apply-and very strongly, too!

In the listings below, "early" means before the middle of a sign; "late" means after it. For example, "early Aries" means Aries between 1-16 degrees, or where the Sun is between March 21 and April 6. If you know your rising sign (Ascendant) and degree, you may also want to read the paragraph for that sign and combine what it says with the other paragraph. If you know your birth time, you can consult Appendix B to see approximately how close your Ascendant is to 16 degrees of any sign. If it was close, the conjunction was very significant in your life.

August 9-September 9 (late Leo, early Virgo birthdays): The conjunction of 1966 happened in conjunction with your Sun in a "First House" position. It has stimulated you to express the creative energies of the New Revolution through your forceful, charismatic personality. Because of your passionate desire to serve others, you may be a leader in today's social and cultural movements. You also may have found a successful avenue for your heightened creative abilities. You are called on to burst through all inhibitions and fully share the essence of who you are. You can transform yourself through intense self-awareness, involving not only meditation, but especially more active physical movement trainings such as Feldenkrais, the Alexander technique, martial arts, sports, dance, etc. You should make your voice, body and appearance a vehicle for today's revolutionary styles of expression. You are becoming a pioneer who can show the way for others into the future.

July 9-August 8 (late Cancer, early Leo): The conjunction happened in a "Second House" position in relation to your Sun. You are called on to "declare your independence" from subservience to others and follow your own methods of making a living through developing your original talents. Finances will continue to be unstable for you, but the more creative you are, the better luck you'll have. You'll need to reassess your attitude to money and property and make sure it doesn't become the "bottom line" of your life. You can transform yourself by developing personal resourcefulness and learning to profit from any situation. The arts are an excellent avenue for you to express your response to the revolutionary energies of our times.

June 8-July 8 (late Gemini, early Cancer): The conjunction of 1966 happened in a "Third House" position in relation to your Sun. You are called upon to transform yourself through improving your communication skills. Writing and speaking will be your best avenue to express the ideals of the third revolution and help them (and yourself) to succeed; the more original your thoughts and ideas, the more success you'll have. Your beliefs changed radically in the '60s, and may go on changing-you may even violently disagree with the ideas you held just the year before. If you find that you are too full of thoughts, and that your mind has become radical or unstable, then some type of meditation practice should help you to focus. Your inventive talents could be quite profitable. Seek to meet and learn from many different people as long as possible. The revolution for you is a mental gymnasium and a kaleidoscope of educational wonders.

May 8-June 7 (late Taurus, early Gemini): The conjunction squared your Sun in a "Fourth House" position. You have probably undergone many changes in your home and family life. They may have been disrupted by the turbulent '60s, and you are now struggling with the issue of "family values." You can transform yourself by gaining greater knowledge of your personal roots and deepening your relationship to the land and the Earth. You have undergone profound changes in consciousness. You can learn to tap the growing power of your subconscious mind, which has become linked to the collective unconscious through Uranus and Pluto. Record your dreams, use a journal or hypnosis to access these hidden powers, and your success will multiply. New talents have unfolded, and your life has taken new directions since the '60s. You are used to scurrying after money and/or scattering your energies, but now you increasingly wish to find a quiet place inside yourself and a loving, supportive family or social network to restore your spirits. Express the "new revolution" by getting involved with efforts to protect our fragile planet.

April 7-May 7 (late Aries, early Taurus): The conjunction trined your Sun in a "Fifth House" position. This means that many favorable opportunities will keep coming to you for personal expression. The "revolution" encourages you to stay young and enjoy life as much as possible. Sex and romance are wonderful avenues to transform yourself, and theater or the arts are good outlets to express your response to the creative impulses of the times. Your natural self-reliance will encourage you to design a successful career path which allows you to follow your heart. Working with children through education or recreation is a great way for you to promote the new ideals. Sudden disaster could come through gambling and speculation, so look before you leap into risky ventures.

March 8-April 6 (late Pisces, early Aries): The conjunction happened in a "Sixth House" position in relation to your Sun. You are called upon to help through dedicated service to others. You are keenly aware of all the issues we need to face and are deeply involved in the social movements of our time and with organizations dedicated to helping people. Fitness, diet, and how human nutrition affects other living things may also concern you, since you are probably interested in health and animal rights. You can transform yourself through self-analysis, volunteer efforts at helping others, and submitting to the regimen of a training program or the help of a spiritual teacher. You are finding it increasingly useful to retreat from the world periodically so you can restore yourself and reflect on your ideals. Of course, if you are an Aries, you will be eager to get back into the fray and push hard for the things you believe in.

February 6-March 7 (late Aquarius, early Pisces birthdays): The conjunction of 1966 happened opposite your Sun in a "Seventh House" position. Your marriage or other close relationships may have been disrupted in the '60s, and you continue to meet many creative and strange people who inspire you to move in new directions. You will need to work hard to keep the destabilizing influence of today's revolutionary currents from disrupting your relationships, and it may be good to experiment with unusual parnerships and "open marriage." You have been called to share your creative, imaginative, and visionary talents in a more public way. You may often find yourself involved in controversies or personal clashes over issues related to today's revolutionary movement.

January 7-February 5 (late Capricorn, early Aquarius): The conjunction happened in an "Eighth House" position in relation to your Sun. Your financial arrangements with your spouse or partners may have been disrupted by the turbulent effect of the '60s revolution on your marriage and family life. You may have had continuing challenges involving your mortgage, loans, taxes or inheritance. You can find a route toward transformation through joining communes or forming joint creative business ventures. Intimate communion with others has become more important to you. Your natural ambition to wield power in order to change society may be frustrated, forcing you to alter your approach. Your ability to penetrate occult wisdom and develop magical powers may have been stimulated, and you may have had strong mystical or near-death experiences.

December 9-January 6 (late Sagittarius, early Capricorn): The conjunction trined your Sun in a "Ninth House" position. It may have stimulated you to travel widely and learn from other cultures. You can see how the revolutionary trends and shifting values of our time may affect the future. You also find that you are having to transform your own values to find real success or fulfillment in your career. Transformation can come through higher education or organized religion. Your dreams and visions are very vivid, and your interest in philosophy or higher thought is keen. You identify with all of humanity and its struggles for liberation around the world.

November 9-December 8 (late Scorpio, early Sagittarius): The conjunction squared your Sun in a "Tenth House" position. It has probably stimulated your ambition. It may be your role to directly challenge the powers-that-be as a revolutionary activist, or (if you are a conservative) to champion and wield authority against today's currents of change. Your career may have been disrupted in the '60s and continues to be unstable. However, you could transform your life and gain fame and status through developing your own original ideas, especially if you can get the financial support of others. You could be someone who's working to change the power structure to allow more people to participate in decision making. You definitely need to discover and follow the path that matches your inner drives and desires.

October 10-November 8 (late Libra, early Scorpio): The conjunction happened in an "Eleventh House" position in relation to your Sun. This means you can apply the wealth you are gaining through your profession to benefit your friends and ideals. Personal transformation comes through group activities and associations dedicated to causes aligned with today's revolutionary movement, and through sharing your musical, theatrical, and other creative talents. You meet many exciting people who inspire you to expand your life. You can become a visionary whose utopian fantasies and elaborate plans become models for the society of the future. You can inspire others to keep going because you are so filled with hope and optimism.

September 10-October 9 (late Virgo, early Libra): The conjunction happened in a "Twelfth House" position in relation to your Sun. It has stimulated you to analyze and uncover the hidden, karmic sources of the problems in your life. You are called on to improve your spiritual and physical health, and free yourself from fears due to past social rejection. You can transform your life by becoming a spiritual seeker and developing your psychic or mediumistic powers, and by sharing your heightened sensitivity through your craftsmanship or artistic talents. Psychedelic drugs may appeal to you, but approach them very carefully. Your compassion may lead you into medicine or service work for humanitarian causes, or you may become a reclusive hermit in order to explore the inner dimensions of your being. You may rebel against big bureaucracies that destroy personal identity. You may also get involved in secret conspiracies within giant institutions, but if you skirt the law or your own sanity, you could end up in a big "institution" yourself.


If you know the time you were born, consult Appendix B to find out if the Uranus/Pluto conjunction happened on one of the angles of your horoscope (the Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant, or Nadir). If so, it has had a particularly powerful impact on your life, and may continue to do so. If "16 Virgo" is listed under one of the angles for your birth time (within thirty minutes or so), Uranus-Pluto was on that angle in your chart. The closer it is, the stronger it is! If Uranus or Pluto is located on one of the angles of your own natal horoscope, the Uranus/Pluto conjunction has stimulated the meaning of these planets in your life from 1966 on.

Uranus-Pluto on your Ascendant: Your personality has undergone radical change, and you have experienced a dynamic spiritual awakening of consciousness. You have become more magnetic and expressive. You made important new departures in 1966 and struck out on a new, independent, perhaps reckless course. You are a leader in (or enemy of) the social or cultural movements that began in the sixties. You have become intensely concerned to unfold yourself and your creative abilities and have made great progress. You may have some extraordinary inventions or new ideas to share with the world.

Uranus-Pluto on your Midheaven: Your career has undergone radical change. You probably lost your job or found a new one in 1966, and you may have embarked on a totally new profession. Your career has become a vehicle for advancing the ideals of the '60s or other great causes you believe in. It has become your personal mission to transform the world. Your original ideas can lead to success and fame.

Uranus-Pluto on your Descendant: Your relationships have undergone radical change. You may have divorced in 1966 or shortly thereafter, and may have married and divorced again many times since. You have met so many eccentric and unusual people that your life has become a virtual kaleidoscope of strange experiences. Some of these people are intensely disturbing, but others have inspired you to take creative new directions or awakened your spiritual path. You are a public leader in (or opponent of) the movements begun in the '60s or other causes, but you have encountered staunch opposition. You may have experimented with alternative lifestyles.

Uranus-Pluto on your Nadir: Your home life has undergone radical and continuous change. You may have split from your parents or family, or perhaps declared an independent course of which they disapprove. If you occupied a powerful career position before 1966, you may have lost or transformed it. The conjunction struck the foundations of your soul and awakened your subconscious mind. You gained a new sense of communion with your community or the land and became connected to the "collective unconscious." Intense inner experiences in 1966 brought a major turning point in your life, reorienting your career goals and your life purpose. This earthquake at the core of your being has left you confused, forcing you to reorganize your whole approach to life, drop older interests and unfold new talents.


Are the Sun, Moon, or any of the planets in your horoscope located within five degrees of 16 Virgo? If so, they've been radically stimulated by the revolutionary rays of Uranus-Pluto. To find out where your planets are, you will need to consult an ephemeris for your birthdate or have a natal chart cast by an astrologer or chart service, since it is beyond the scope of this book to list all the dates.

Sun: You suddenly became a forceful, expressive, charismatic leader in spite of your Virgo reserve. You experienced dramatic awakenings of consciousness around 1966. You have embarked on a courageous, ambitious path of self-unfolding. You can be a revolutionary leader. Also read the section above for August 9-September 9 with special attention.

Moon: Your emotions and psychic abilities were awakened. Your home life and relationship with parents were altered. You manifest the revolution through unfolding your sensitivities. Also read the section above for May 8-June 7.

Mercury: Your mind and communication skills have been powerfully awakened. You have developed strikingly original ideas and can unfold magical or occult proclivities. You are keenly interested in the less fortunate. Your mushrooming scholarly and intellectual abilities are your best tools to advance the revolution.

Venus: Your artistic talents were awakened. You have endlessly analyzed your love life as a path toward personal growth. Your relationships keep changing. Contribute to the new renaissance by sharing your exotic, creative craftsmanship.

Mars: Your energies have been super-stimulated. Your keen and critical mind has been honed on all the tough issues of the '60s. You have continually broken through old limits and begun many new enterprises. You may have become a radical, passionate, outspoken champion of the oppressed; an unyielding foe of all authorities. You are intensely interested in health and fitness and have delved deeply into all of life's mysteries. Your intensity may have led you into crime, violence, sexual perversity or nervous breakdowns.

Jupiter: Your generosity and outlook have drastically expanded. Fortunate surprises have come your way. You have traveled extensively and made discoveries about other cultures. You pursue the revolution through your thirst for wisdom.

Saturn: You have been stimulated to challenge old authorities or confront blocks within yourself. Your career path has been radically transformed. Ego defenses or parental fixations may block your goals, but your inner struggle with them has made you more creative. Your special task is to make the revolution an organized, working reality. Your contribution will be long-lasting.
Aug.-Nov. 1920, March-July 1921, Sept. 1949-Sept. 1950, Nov. 1978-Feb. 1979, July-Oct. 1979, April-July 1980, Sept. 2008-August 2009.

Neptune: Your creative imagination was stimulated enormously. You became a revolutionary spiritual seeker and prophet. You can remold the world into your own image through your visionary musical and poetic talents, or by transforming big institutions. Meditation, hypnosis, or psychedelics may be your path, too.
Oct. 1933-Oct. 1940.

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