Horoscope for the New Age: Beyond 2012, my latest book.

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author, Horoscope for the New Millennium by E. Alan Meece. Get the latest scoop on predictions, prophecies and earth changes. Some people say my correct predictions make me seem like a new Nostradamus!
The Philosopher's Wheel by E. Alan Meece (in process!) Click on the link or scroll down to see my articles and essays.
Holistic Arts Fair, and current CEO of Holistic Arts Fair Assoc.

The HOLISTIC ARTS FAIR presents OPPORTUNITIES to discover the creative possibilities today in holistic health, human potential, the visionary arts, spiritual and psychic awareness, ecology and alternative technology.

Former producer, New Age Renaissance Fair: click here for information, history, etc.
Member, practitioner and volunteer organist at Community of Infinite Spirit
Organ music composer, with sheet music available of my compositions. You can buy my MP3 recording(s) at Soundclick.
Broadcasting currently on the internet station stillstream
Listen to my live show Mystic Music on Monday evenings.
I enjoy keeping fit and have run marathons, and have been an assistant coach with the San Jose Fit marathon training program.

Some very interesting links to the holistic, new age and visionary realms in cyberspace

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My YOU TUBE channel: see videos I posted, and check out my favorites
My lists of favorite music, some with links to You Tube so you can hear the pieces
my videos on vimeo (another video/audio viewing site, with better quality)
My blog on world affairs, politics and what we can do

Articles related to my forthcoming book The Philosopher's Wheel

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some personal pages

Thanks and my compliments to Deborah Sanford DiSalvo for setting up and getting me started on this web site!

Some very interesting links to the holistic, new age and visionary realms in cyberspace:

New Age, holistic and spiritual networking

  • My Bach, Chakras, Tarot LINKS page has lots of metaphysical as well as musical links
  • Holistic Arts Fair and Holistic Arts Fair Assoc.
  • Guests interviewed on Mystic Musings, 1988-2010
  • New Dimensions Radio
  • BodyMindSpirit Directory
  • OmPlace: The 'Conscious Living' Directory and Alternative NewsRoom
  • Sivasakti Spiritual Directory carries a wealth of information on yoga, tantra and meditation.
  • Some other spiritual and metaphysical sites

  • Community of Infinite Spirit, formerly Divine Science Community Center, a church and school for spiritual growth and celebration, in Willow Glen, San Jose.
  • New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose. Ideas and events to accelerate today's process of Awakening.
  • Abbott's Inn School of Magick. Classes in Tarot, Mythology, Magick, etc. Readings and counseling with Stephen Abbott, based on his voluminous occult and historical knowledge. Sacramento.
  • Spiritual Training, Alchemy and Kaballah
  • Astrology

  • Free Astrology and Horoscopes from Astrodienst
  • International Academy of Astrology
  • San Francisco Astrological Society
  • San Francisco Chapter, National Council for Geocosmic Research
  • The Gaiamind Project: exploring the evolution of consciousness, and info on global meditations. It also features astrological essays (including mine and Richard Tarnas') on how the planets indicate the course of cultural transformation.
  • The Age of Aquarius, and why it starts now.
  • AstroStar Astrology Astrology and New Age resources, including horoscopes, discount books, crystals, New Age music, conferences, oracles, free stuff, and more.
  • Visionary Art Renaissance

  • Chapel of Sacred Mirrors features the work of Alex Grey
  • Global Visionary Arts Pavilion
  • Visionary artists' gallery put together by Iasos, New Age Music pioneer.
  • Garret Moore, Dreaming Lizard Studios
  • Awaken Visions, the art of Daniel B. Holeman
  • Amoraea Dreamseed, visionary artist, musician, healer.
  • Douglas Volz, Lightspread Arts
  • Silk Art Creations
  • Imaja, a multimedia software company offering the blissful, meditative, psychedelic artwork of Greg Jalbert.
  • IntulliVision by F. C. Tull
  • Fantastic Realism by Robert Venosa
  • Philip Noyed's contemporary paintings are original, visual musical themes infused with Ch'i energy.
  • Zenon Michalak, Aurora Light Glass Co. Sacred art and myth in stained glass.
  • Bridging Heaven and Earth Art Project
  • Lynn Rogers, visionary portraits and metaphysical novels.
  • Kamran Kharavani, abstract romanticism
  • Pyracantha studios: graphics, science-fiction, abstract, fantasy, architecture, etc.
  • Douglas Taylor: visionary, UFO, Nature and wood
  • The art of Nan Sea Love
  • Poet Ron Lampi shares his visions for the New Age
  • Peace Art graphic images
  • The New Politics

  • The Green Party A very complete site on national and international Green Parties, plus California and Santa Clara County Green Parties, with articles, etc.
  • Global Exchange, with the latest info on the new politics on a global level, and alternatives to the corporate world economy.
  • Project Light, the Light Party's articles on alternative power sources.
  • The Network of Spiritual Progressives
  • The Pachamama Alliance and the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium
  • Humanity Healing Network
  • Designing Healthy Communities TV
  • New Age and Visionary Music

  • Stillstream commercial-free internet ambient radio
  • my live show on stillstream, Mystic Music (this page includes many links)
  • SomaFM commercial-free internet radio
  • Visionary Sound Arts Interface, with DARV Krizton
  • Latest reviews by Darv
  • Electronic Music Encyclopedia
  • Amazing Sounds, a broad New Age/electronic e-magazine.
  • Sky FM internet radio
  • Eric Meece's list of All-time 50 favorite New Age music selections!
  • Louis Vierne (1870-1937), extraordinary organist and composer.
  • Robert Carty, brilliant electronic mystic and romantic spacemusic composer.
  • Info on The Millennium, pioneering, esoteric group of the late 1960s and today, featuring the late Lee Mallory, the late Curt Boettcher, Michael Fennelly and others, who created the first "new age rock opera" The Millennium Begin, which might also be described as a sort-of soft-rock Sgt. Pepper. Information here on how to get their "Magic Time" compilation. Lee Mallory's own album That's the Way It's Gonna Be featuring the great 1966 single and 19 other tracks is available from Rev Ola records, and also from amazon.com; just search for Lee Mallory. His CD Many Are the Times includes 2 more-recent tracks, and is also available from CD Baby.
  • My essay Me, Lee and "That's the Way It's Gonna Be" with more links.

    Horoscope for the New Millennium
    some articles by E. Alan Meece