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Get the scoop on the New Millennium. This book, over 20 years in the making, and published in January 1997, explores the vast cycles of history through astrology and what they portend for the future. It reveals the process of human history as a dramatic story of liberation, and shows that we have the chance today to create a great new renaissance or golden age. It demonstrates astrology's workings in human affairs in a vividly powerful way, and is based on the fullest research ever attempted on this topic. Explicit predictions are given which are useful in your own life.

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Here is a listing of all the chapters in Horoscope for the New Millennium

Foreword: At the Edge of a New Millennium
(see below!)

1. Introduction to Astrology: Our Tool for Millennial Prophecy
What astrology is, its history, and why it works.

2. A Transcendental Trinity
What the "Age of Aquarius" means, and why Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are the keys to our destiny.

3. The Prophetic Tool Kit: Basics of Astrology
The meanings of the signs, planets, aspects and houses, and the basics of how to read and understand a horoscope chart.

4. The Fortunes of Civilization: The Neptune-Pluto cycle
How the conjunction (alignment) between Neptune and Pluto every 500 years explains the rise and fall of civilizations, and why our place on the 500-year cycle indicates we have the opportunity to create a golden age today.

5. The Cosmic Clock of Civilization
Seeing each 500-year cycle in the context of a longer 4000-year cycle, and thus understanding the meaning and destiny of our own cycle and our own times.

6. The Three Revolutions: The Uranus-Pluto Cycle
How the conjunction between Uranus and Pluto charts the 3 great revolutionary movements of modern times, and what the current 3rd revolution means for you and our society.

7. Cultural Shifts: The Uranus-Neptune Cycle
How the conjunction between Uranus and Neptune reshapes world order and culture, and what the current conjunction means for you and our culture today.

8. The Planetary Ark and the Phoenix
Neptune and Pluto through the zodiac and their meanings for history and the future.

9. High Times on the Time Lines
This pivotal chapter shows that when the three outer planets are in the "high" signs (Scorpio through Aquarius-- and maybe Pisces) we reach the peaks of culture and civilization, and why we may be in the highest period of all time RIGHT NOW.

10. The Generations, A to Z
How the signs which the outer three planets are in in our own personal horoscopes show the characteristics of our generation and others, and the relationship of these generations to the cycle of generations in America elucidated by the authors Strauss and Howe

11. The Continents and "The Creation of Man"
The shape of the Earth's continents compared to Michaelangelo's painting as a mythological key to human destiny.

12. The Horoscope of Modern Humanity
The chart for our age, and your place in today's world.

13. The Progressed Chart: The Future of Our Age
Using the chart of our age to understand history and foretell the future.

14. The Modern Spirit's Journey: Part One, 1762-1892
The story of our modern drama of liberation from our feudal past, set to the "music of the spheres" of the 20-year rhythm of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions. Crossing the Valley of Transition from the great Revolution to a new age.

15. The Modern Spirit's Journey: Part Two, 1892-2000
Continuing the journey from the germination of the "seeds" of modernity in the 1890s to our emergence into maturity in a global society in the 1990s.

16. The Chart for the New Millennium
Understanding the use and limits of astrological predictions. Using the chart for January 1, 2001 as a window into the next thousand years.

17. Looking Over the Edge: Into the Third Millennium, 2000-2020
We pick up our crystal ball and continue the journey into the first 20 years of the New Millennium. A golden time, followed by an apocalyptic challenge in 2010.

18. Getting Back into High Gear: 2020-2040
How we will recover our confidence, and how America will face its next great crisis.

19. A Greener World: 2040 and Beyond
The challenges of global and ecological reorganization, and the potentials for paradise.

20. What the New Millennium will Mean for YOU
A thumbnail sketch of the future for each sign.

Charts of the meanings of the planets and signs, an abridged table of houses, an ephemeris for the outer planets, phases of the 500-year cycle, the progressed chart of our age in detail, research on astrological correlations to wars, ruling signs for countries, bibliography, index and glossary.

Foreword: At the Edge of a New Millennium

As we reach the magic year 2000 and cross over into the 21st Century, we are hearing strange prophecies. This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius! New continents will soon rise from the sea. The end of the world is due, and Christ is coming again. But what do these prophecies mean? Does anyone know what really might happen in the next Millennium?

One thing is clear; the world is changing fast and people are worried. These kinds of prophecies are almost as old as the hills. But today the "end of the world" is a real possibility. Never before have these apocalyptic prophecies been so justified, nor followed by so many people with such breathless fascination. This is itself a sign of the times!

Among the sources of prophecy today are the psychics whose predictions we read in the gossip tabloids. Some have been startlingly correct. Jean Dixon, for example, foretold President Kennedy's assassination. But by and large these tabloid psychics have a low percentage of correct "hits." Then there are more powerful seers, like Edgar Cayce. In a trance he was able to diagnose and prescribe treatments for people who were ill. For others he revealed their past lives, taking them back to the lost continent of Atlantis. His predictions were better than most. For example, he apparently foresaw the U.S. war with Japan and the racial turmoil in America in the 60s. But he is perhaps most famous for predicting that California would fall into the sea and that new continents would rise at the end of the 20th Century, prophecies which seem too outlandish to be believed.

Then, of course, there's the Bible. Devoted Christians still proclaim, as they have for two millennia, that the world will end soon and that Jesus is coming again. Millions listen to evangelists proclaim the good news that they will be saved from the fire if they believe in Christ; millions more flock to see apocalyptic movies like "The Omen." Ambitious writers such as Hal Lindsay use Bible prophecy to make even more detailed predictions. The return of the Jews to Palestine is the sign that "Armageddon" is approaching, they say. After Jesus defeats the "Anti-Christ," he will resurrect all "born again" Christians in "the rapture." There may be some prophetic insights in the fantastic visionary myths from the Book of Revelation. But the basic purpose of Christian prophecy seems to me to be to take advantage of today's confusion by trying to scare us into becoming Christians. And after 2000 years of waiting, there's virtually no chance that these outlandish supernatural events will actually occur.

But there's another kind of prophet on the scene today. This species comes armed with elaborate lists of facts and figures printed on endless reams of computer paper. They too proclaim the "end of the world," but on the basis of science instead of superstition. In a thousand ways we are destroying ourselves, they say; from overpopulation, toxic waste, depleted resources, global warming and ruined ozone layers. These predictions seem most plausible of all; not only are we destroying our environment, but our society is declining through alienation, crime and moral decay. We are facing the consequences of trying to be masters of the Earth; of having "eaten the fruit of the tree of knowledge," as Christians say.

But there are others who run the same computers and come out with opposite conclusions. Visionaries like Peter Vajk announce that "doomsday has been cancelled!" They believe we can save ourselves by using the very same technology that threatens us. They paint exotic scenes of self-sufficient space colonies which beam abundant solar energy to Earth, where humans live happily with expanded intelligence and extended life spans in a peaceful global society. This view is just as plausible as the other one. After all, we've faced disasters before and overcome them, and today our abilities are greater than ever. We are freer and more knowledgeable than any people on Earth has ever been. Still others believe we are being visited by beings from other worlds, who will soon help us to survive our present difficulties.

Who's to say which view is right? No one knows, and meanwhile we remain as confused as ever. Most of us are totally ignorant of our place in history. Who are we anyway, and where are today's events taking us? Is a New Age dawning, or is the world coming to an end? Will our civilization survive? Are the glowing predictions for the New Millennium right, or are the prophets of doom correct instead? Are we entering Hell or Paradise? How can we find out?

Among the leading trends of our troubled time is the revival of mysticism and the occult. Ancient esoteric secrets, formerly the exclusive property of initiates, are now being made available to all. Spontaneous visionary awakenings have come to many people. And never before have such subjects as ESP, meditation, angels, life after death and reincarnation been so popular. Among the occult practices now being revived is astrology. Older than any other knowledge, it has been used for centuries to understand the past and divine the future. It is also the source of today's well-known prophecy of the "dawning of the Age of Aquarius."

Astrologers have always claimed that human destiny is revealed in "the stars;" but even today we still don't know if it's really true. Yet never before have we so badly needed the kind of guidance astrology can give us. This book represents the first complete picture of human destiny as revealed in "the stars." It gives us some exciting indications for the future, and also reveals the role each of us can play in the momentous events to come.

You have in your hands (and on your screen) a virtual road map of destiny, showing the curves and cycles, the ups and downs, the peaks and valleys, and the rough and smooth spots along Humanity's way. This kind of study lifts us out of normal awareness to an awesome and breath-taking view of the human journey. From it we get a vivid picture of ourselves and the age we live in. We pinpoint our unique place in all of human evolution, and the lessons of history become crystal clear. We discover the remarkable future that lies in store for us, and we learn to face tomorrow without fear. We even discover how to find our own success and fulfillment in the new world to come.

But we don't have to look long at this map of destiny to find out what we most want to know. For the message of "the stars" is unmistakable. We are indeed at the dawn of a New Age. The old system of things must soon pass away, and a new one is rising to take its place; ushered in by a great new renaissance and revival of the human spirit.

To some this too may seem like an outlandish prediction. But it is a middle ground between science and the supernatural. What we astrologers foresee are not fantastic, catastrophic events like the end of the world or the rise of new continents. Instead we predict something that has happened right on schedule many times before; a golden age, and a great leap forward for Humanity. And we have the historical facts and the planetary movements to back up our claim. Therefore let us consult astrology, the oracle of the ages! In it we shall find the answer to the riddle of our times. Today's renaissance in astrology is itself a part of the great renewal that we predict. Thus it may not only be an important contemporary trend, but one of the answers to the question, "where are we going?" For this is indeed, as astrology says, "the dawning of the Age of Aquarius."


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Here I discuss some of the predictions about the future and coming world changes from my book, as well as updates.

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Below is a video of me speaking in the year 2000 about some things to come; my predictions that came true!

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Below is another video from 1998 about what might happen in 2008-2012; more predictions that came true.

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Below is my video of me speaking in 2012 about predictions for 2013 and beyond.

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The real significance of 2012

(and 2012-2025):

is Neptune in Pisces

Neptune has entered the sign of Pisces in 2011-2012

In world affairs, it means the Spring of new revolutions that have broken out, just like they did the previous time Neptune entered Pisces in 1848.

In our own lives, it means we are more sensitive again.

Remember the last time Neptune was in a water sign?
It was the 1960s, and many people experienced a vivid awakening of spirit, and new sensitivity. We have been long without this nourishment, but it's back. Feast on it; open yourself to it. Listen for it. Neptune is the planet of humanity; it represents by whichever sign it's in the zeitgeist or spirit of the times. This is our place in our collective journey.

In Pisces, Neptune is at its peak of power and significance. You can tune in to the vibrations and the messages to your soul more easily now. In humanity's rhythm, Neptune in Pisces is the time for refreshing the spirit and the soul, and connecting to greater awareness of our greater being. It is a springtime of awakening to new freedom, not only in politics, but within ourselves too. This is the real meaning of 2012, a new awakening of spirit facilitated by Neptune now in Pisces, and for the next 13 years. We can be more sensitive to subtle promptings again, awake to the call of nature, and to our connection to our spiritual home right here on earth, and everywhere we go. Life can seem fresher now, more alive. And perhaps you will remember the inner callings of younger days that you might have forgotten amidst all the stresses and strains of ambition. Maybe it has been since the 1960s since you felt these feelings; or maybe it was more recently. Maybe new experiences await you. Wherever you are in your own personal journey, Neptune in Pisces indicates it is now time to remember those callings to connect to what really matters to you. Listen and watch for them. It is 2012, and beyond 2012. We have entered a new dimension of reality; of greater ease in connecting to the subtle levels of our being. Take advantage of this while you can, and keep the spirit alive.

Did I predict the Attack on America on Sept.11, 2001? Read about it

War and Peace

War and occupation in Iraq (written Feb. 2004, updated circa June 2004, with subsequent updates)

There was no question about the astrological indications for war involving the USA in the late Summer of 2001. Even as August 2001 passed, and nothing happened, I held my breath. The attack came a bit later than I thought it would, but it came with a big bang, and with the great thud of collapsing gigantic buildings.

The attack on Iraq BY America seemed to me likely, but it was not inevitable. I wrote here, and in my book (where I mentioned an upsurge of war), that war was likely from February 2003 into March. It came a bit later than I thought, in mid-March. That war was delayed was a testimony to the greatest peace movement the world has ever seen. The Jupiter-Neptune opposition, aligned with the powerful New Moon on Feb.15th, is a frequent aspect associated with mass movements (as for example those of Fall 1989). The worldwide demonstrations of Feb 15th, 2003 were some of the greatest ever seen. Aquarian energy seemed to come alive at this time.

Unfortunately the war went ahead anyway, as the war planners had already decided. Now we are reaping the consequences which the peace movement predicted: a long quagmire of imperialism in Iraq, expensive in money and lives. As of January 2007 over 3000 American troops had died. By February 2008 the total reached 4000.

Since the US has set a precedent for preventive wars, starting one against a nation we thought MIGHT (but didn't) have dangerous weapons, and which MIGHT attack us (but never did), then some other nation like India will feel freer to attack Pakistan because it KNOWS it has weapons which they DO want to use on them. A war without support of allies is a reckless idea too. Wars will be more likely in the future, since the United States wages wars unilaterally to disarm and topple governments it doesn't like. The better course against potential enemies is to use deterrence, just as the US did against the Soviet Union for 40 years, with successful results. Let's hope the US changes course 180 degrees soon.

See my views on the US-Iraq war here.

As Mars turned stationary in late July 2003, and again in September, while conjunct Uranus in Pisces, I predicted here that the war would escalate. This prediction came true. Attacks by Iraqi rebels against the US coalition's occupation escalated severely, including attacks on the UN and Red Cross and on American transport planes, killing dozens each time. Al Queda also carried out deadly attacks in Turkey and elsewhere, killing hundreds. Note there were also major shipping disasters (Pisces). Later in 2003 (July-August) Mars turned stationary (it's strongest position, when wars are most likely to begin or escalate) in the sign of Pisces, where it also joined Uranus. Pisces also rules scandal, and Mars rules war, and these indications of a war scandal are coming true as the lies told by Bush, Blair and their governments that justified the war in Iraq continue to be exposed. It was proved that they had lied about the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq before the war. Their own weapons inspectors turned against the war. David Kay resigned in January 2004.

I told my astrologer friends that any major planet in Pisces (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) is likely to mean that any war will be a quagmire. The War in Iraq was started by Bush as Uranus went into Pisces in 2003. It continues there until 2010 (7 years bad luck = 7 years of Uranus in a sign). The quagmire will likely continue into at least the first year of the new administration. I hope a Democratic president will end America's occupation and preoccupation with Iraq within a year of taking office, if not before. No Republican will do so. If the war continues past 2010, it will become an even worse international catastrophe, though events will move more quickly in the years 2010-12. Continuing US involvement in Iraq after 2010 would lead to other, even deeper involvements in the region, as Jupiter returns to the Gemini area of the zodiac (USA's 7th house of war) in 2012.

If Americans have not learned to keep out of other nations' business, and that war is not the way to resolve problems, it is likely that the year 2012 will present another excellent chance for the United States to get involved in yet another conflict abroad. It would be another huge quagmire, as Neptune enters Pisces in 2012 too. Such a war would only further endanger the survival of the USA itself, and destroy its leadership position in the world as well. Remember the precedent for quagmires under Neptune in Pisces: the Crimean War of 1854. What a mess that was! Religion was a trigger for that war too, as would any quagmire in the Middle East be in 2012.

The economy

In my book (and see the 2006 update below), I predicted serious economic disruption as the years 2009 and 2010 approach. This is happening. On page 274, I mentioned that the planets Saturn, Uranus and Pluto would be making a T-formation in 2010 that is the same as the one during the Great Depression. Although 2010 is the year this formation is the closest and tightest, as I mentioned in my book, as of late 2008 this T-formation is already beginning in the sky. So the "many corporations will go bankrupt" which I predicted, is already happening. It remains to be seen whether, as Jupiter joins Uranus in 2010, "the economic troubles will bring down many governments with dizzying speed."

Jupiter joined Uranus for the last conjunction on Jan 4, 2011, also the date of a solar eclipse, close to the solar degree of Tunisia. The Arab Spring broke out days later, indeed bringing down governments with dizzying speed. Other governments fell in Europe and Africa. Another prediction made here and in my book fulfilled!

Another time to watch in this connection is late 2009 and early 2010. I mentioned in my book that the ferment of this period among the people could lead to "a crusade" or some kind of outburst. Some isolated terrorist attacks, I said, could become a "major international stew." I said there might be fears and demagogues rising in this period, but also compassion and global projects. With a new president in 2009, the USA could help lead the world in a new direction.

I also suggested there could be food shortages in 2003 in my book. The economy is likely to suffer another downturn in the Fall of that year, I predicted.

Update 2006: I may have been wrong here, as the economy is making a tenuous "recovery." However, it is a "jobless" recovery. I wrote in my book that the economy would be bouncing along nicely by 2005, and in 2005-06 this seemed to be happening. It can't last for long though, or be too strong, since serious disruptions are due as we approach the years 2010-2012. We can hope for a quick recovery later in the teen decade as Neptune enters Pisces in 2012 and Uranus enters Taurus in 2017. Historically these positions are good for the economy, despite the disruption that happens as the planets enter these signs.

Update 2008: As I wrote above in 2006, the economic recovery, thin as it was, did not last long. This year it is already declining, fueled by sky-high gas prices (created by Bush's war in Iraq and the resulting shortages, plus increasing demand in China and elsewhere due to Bush's failure to lead the world toward renewable energy). Another trigger is turning out to be the sky-high home prices, whose bubble is finally beginning to burst. Any fool could have predicted that such high prices would have to fall, and that those hoping to gain from them would lose, just as any fool could have predicted the dot com bust in 2000-01 coming after the dot com boom of circa 1997, built on investments in future success based on nothing but hype.

The downturn will continue and get worse, but the recession or depression will only last a few years, as there will be many opportunities resulting from the collapses of the old oil-based economy, as green industries rise from the climate changes and the ice caps melt. I have always predicted that climate change would be the factor bringing on the crisis coming in the early 21st century around 2010, and now global warming is on everyone's lips. There may be an upturn after Neptune enters Pisces in 2012.

Neptune enters Pisces in 2012. For the following 14 years, the following trends will be uppermost:

1. Many refugees and movements of peoples around the world.
2. Global trade will further increase, and globalization will be an even bigger issue.
3. Plagues will result in medical advances.
4. Many floods and storms will engulf the world as a result of climate change, fueling the mass movements of #1 as well as revolutions in many countries, especially in the early and mid 2010s as Uranus squares Pluto.
5. Humanitarian concern will increase, and it will be hip again to fight poverty and end hunger.
6. Religious institutions will change, especially Catholicism. Many new cults will appear, as will communal and utopian movements.
7. These trends will result in tangible awareness among millions of human identity with the Planet Earth. Identification with nations will decrease, and that with the Earth will increase. Many mass psychic experiences will occur, and ET visits will increase and their reality may become mainstream. New Age movements toward spiritual transformation among the people are scheduled to strengthen again.
8. At the same time, divisions are likely to increase within the USA and other nations. It will be a time of dissolving boundaries, but that will also mean disintegration and increasing chaos in many places. As you all may know, once Neptune crosses into Aries in 2025 or 2026, the danger of civil war will increase in America. Changes in the boundaries and government of the USA are likely. I am hoping a parliamentary system will be instituted, taking away the power of the US president to start wars, as well as reducing the overall power of the federal government. I think the 2-party system is outdated, which also means proportional representation is needed. These changes would only bring the USA into line with other democracies around the world, all of which are now more advanced than America's backward system and people.

Election USA

Obama emerged as the Democratic nominee, although I said here that Hillary Clinton had a somewhat better chance of winning. I think overall that Obama has a good "presidential" horoscope, somewhat better than McCain's. Therefore I can predict an Obama victory. Also, Saturn is somewhat higher in Obama's chart now than McCain's. (and so it has happened)

In neither candidate's horoscope, are any key planets receiving a transit from the outer three planets. This means that American presidents are no longer leading the spirit of the times (zeitgeist). From Teddy Rossevelt to Ronald Reagan, the candidate elected always had a transit going on to key positions (Sun, Moon or Ascendant) in his chart from one of these 3 planets. That has not been true since, which shows how America has lost its world leadership due to the retrograde policies of Reagan and his 3 successors. If Obama can bring America back into a leadership position, this astrological pattern may change back to the way it was before. However, even economically, recent policies have led to an American decline. It may be doubtful whether America will ever again lead the world.

McCain's chart does show that Saturn is transiting over several of his planets. These transits show clearly that if McCain is elected, the quagmire of war will continue, much the way it did under Bush and Lyndon Johnson. Only if the American people want continued war for at least another 4 years, will (or should) they vote for McCain. One of these transits (Saturn in Virgo over his Mars) also appears in Obama's chart, which shows the difficulty he too will have in getting out of this quagmire not of his making.

In my book, my reading of the periodic political "pendulum" in the USA was thrown off by Bush's "theft" of the presidency from Gore in 2000, since I predicted Gore would win (which in some sense he did). I did predict that 2008 would see the pendulum shift, and now it appears it will shift in the opposite direction from what I said in my book. That is fine with me. The Republicans don't really deserve, in my opinion, another presidency ever again; as long as they are dominated, as they are today, by the far right and their three admitted and announced priorities: war (America as #1 and no surrender), greed (unfettered free-market economics), and religious fundamentalism (cultural conservatism). I call it the combination of bleed, greed and creed; to which among some of their number can be added breed (meaning the latent racism which will cause some people, especially in the South, to vote against Obama).

There is still some chance that Bush will not finish his term. Not only was he elected during the 20-year pattern (Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions every 20 years: 1841, 1861, 1881, 1901, 1921, 1941, 1961), but he faced his own Saturn return in 2004, which few presidents have survived. As of Oct.2008 there is not much time left for this pattern to be fulfilled!

The three presidents before Bush who were re-elected during a Saturn Return, had their presidencies destroyed in some way. Wilson had a stroke, FDR died, and Nixon was forced to resign. All three were war-time presidents, and all had Saturn in the 9th and 10th house during the re-election year. The 9th house rules foreign affairs, and the 10th house indicates victory. Bush is also a war-time president, but his Saturn is in the 12th house, indicating secret dealings, self-undoing and deception.

Saturn Returns are difficult for candidates and presidents to deal with.

For example, Carter faced an oncoming Saturn return in 1982, and lost his bid for reelection in 1980. Johnson resigned just as Saturn returned exactly to Saturn's place in his chart, joined by a solar eclipse that very day! Nixon faced a Saturn return in 1972; he won reelection, but his misconduct during the election caused the nation to force him to resign in disgrace in 1974. Ford, interestingly, was born the same year as Nixon, and later went down with him in 1976 because of the pardon he gave him. Franklin Roosevelt endured a Saturn return soon after being reelected in 1940, but did not survive in office. Coolidge declined to run as he faced an oncoming Saturn return after 1928, and Hoover (being just two years younger) suffered the fate of not being reelected in 1932, as Saturn returned to its place in his chart in 1933. Harding faced the Saturn return in 1923 and died in office that year. Wilson faced the Saturn return in 1915 and 1916 as his reelection bid loomed. He squeaked through in 1916, but suffered a stroke during his term in 1919. Taft faced the return in 1916 and was decisively defeated for reelection in 1912. Teddy Roosevelt, who faced a return in 1916, was also defeated in his 1912 bid for the office on the Progressive Party ticket. McKinley was assassinated during his Saturn return in 1901. Benjamin Harrison was defeated during his Saturn return in 1892. Grover Cleveland was able to defeat Harrison and win the election of 1892, despite an upcoming Saturn return in 1896. He was dumped by his own Party, however, in 1896. Chester Arthur, who became president in 1881, was also dumped by his Party in 1884 for re-nomination, as he faced a Saturn return in 1887-88. He died in 1886, so perhaps would have died in office had he been renominated. Andrew Johnson faced the Saturn return in 1868, after inheriting the presidency in 1865. He was impeached in 1868 and did not run again. Lincoln faced a Saturn return due in 1868, and was assassinated in 1865. (and so on)

Rutherford B. Hayes was "selected" president in 1876 in exchange for a deal to end reconstruction, after fraudulent returns in Florida and two other southern states. His Saturn Return came 4 years later in 1880, when he lost his bid for re-election. Bush was "selected" president in 2000 by the Supreme Court after fraudulent returns in Florida. His Saturn Return comes 4 years later in 2004, on election day.

Candidates facing Saturn returns during an election or the next presidential term, almost always lose. (McKinley in 1901 is the only exception I have found, and he was assassinated shortly afterward.) Adlai Stevenson faced the Saturn return in 1958, and was not elected in 1956. I note, however, that Nixon did not face an upcoming return in 1960 (but neither did Kennedy), Dewey never faced one, and McGovern did not face an upcoming Saturn return in 1972. However, Humphrey faced his in 1970 (he lost in 1968), and Goldwater had a return coming in 1967 (he lost in 1964). When Bush ran against Reagan, he faced his Saturn return in 1982 and lost. Mondale faced a Saturn return in 1986-87 and lost in 1984. Dukakis faced an upcoming return in 1992 and lost in 1988. Neither Bush the First, nor Bill Clinton, faced Saturn returns before or during their terms. (sometimes candidates can lose or die in office, even if no Saturn return is looming).

None of the three leading candidates as of Feb. 2008 face a Saturn return. John Edwards faces an upcoming Saturn return in 2010-11, and so I correctly predicted he could not be elected in 2008.

Election fiasco in 2000

I must admit I didn't predict the bungled election on November 7th, 2000. One astrologer, Jean Mozier in Welcome to Planet Earth magazine, predicted "a close election where the totals shift back and forth and may ultimately be decided by hidden forces and manipulated votes." (page 6, Nov.Dec.2000 issue) That was right on the mark, and was based on her observation that Mercury was stationary on the cusp of Libra and Scorpio on election day. I thought Gore would win and our progressive era under Uranus in Aquarius might continue. But that is not to be. Bush has won, so our progressive era is over.

It turns out the election disaster was directly related to the great eclipse of August 11, 1999.

I noticed that the great cross of Sun/Moon, Mars, Uranus and Saturn from this eclipse was exactly on the angles in Havana Cuba, and therefore predicted trouble for Castro. The Elian Gonzales caper seemed to be the corresponding event.

But since Havana is directly south of Florida, that means the grand cross was ALSO exactly on the angles in Florida.

What's more, since the Election was held on November 7th, 2000, the Sun was in the exact degree Mars stood in during the eclipse, and was squaring Uranus. We already knew that this 1999 eclipse fell exactly on Mars in Gore's horoscope; now we know what that meant. The significance of eclipses can last for several years, and in any case the election campaign began around that time in August 1999.
Far more than the earthquakes and floods that coincided with this grand cross eclipse, this election was a real disaster, and showed the stubborn stalemate (grand cross in fixed signs) that followed the election, and which will likely result from the evenly divided Congress. For the first time ever, the Senate is divided 50-50, while the House is also divided almost evenly. The popular vote margin was 337,000, and the electoral vote margin was 5. The Supreme Court which selected the president is divided 5-4. We are truly a house divided, between the red states and the blue, and we are now headed on a course that will take us directly to the possible break-up of our union during the upcoming "great crisis" when Uranus returns to Gemini in the 2020s. Remember, Uranus was in Gemini during the Revolution, the Civil War, and World War Two. But the coming split need not be violent; personally I think it may be better if we go our separate ways peacefully, and create some kind of hemispheric or continental confederation.

"Mountaintop moment"

In my book, on pages 254-55, I wrote:
"As the New Millennium dawns in the year 2000, people will suddenly realise what great opportunities await us. If Martin Luther King were alive, he would say that we have now climbed the mountain and reached the promised land, but that our job now is to begin building our lives in Canaan. To do this, he would say, we need to live as the One People of Planet Earth we have now become.... Now we are reaching the Mountain Top, looking over to the Promised Land of a great new spiritual civilization..."

Is this a coincidence???

President Clinton in his state of the union address, and Al Gore after his win on Super Tuesday March 7, 2000, spoke of this as a "mountaintop moment."

"We stand at a mountaintop moment in our history, the longest period of economic growth this nation has ever known." said Gore. "I want to reach out to all who believe that this is a time for great progress, for great reform, for an America of tolerance and high ideals."

The point of this quote is not whether I support Al Gore. It is that no less an authority than he and President Clinton have spoken of the year 2000 as "a mountaintop moment", just as I predicted it would be called in my book.

This to me represents an incredible fulfillment of my prediction in Horoscope for the New Millennium. The heart of my book is a description of modern times in "time-geographical terms" as a journey between two mountain tops, from the days of the American Revolution, and the following French Revolution in 1792-93-- when the Progressives who called themselves "The Mountain" launched us on a 200-plus year journey to a world of greater freedom, justice and adventure, just as the outer planets reached the heights of the zodiac in the "higher" or later signs. From there we travelled through the "valley" of racism and the great world wars that this racism produced, as the outer planets languished in the lower signs. When Martin Luther King said "I have a dream", and then on the eve of his death in 1968 said "I've been to the mountain top" and "seen the promised land," he announced our ascent back up toward the looming peak at the other side of the valley in the year 2000, just as the planets returned to the signs they were in during the great Revolutions. Now, more than 200 years into our journey, Clinton and Gore have declared that indeed, as I predicted, we have reached that "mountaintop moment," which gives us the chance now to create a new world-- if we can only seize the opportunity. So far we have not done so, and fallen into the Bushes.

World Trade Organization protests

Predictions of rebellions in the period after the eclipse are coming true, as 100,000 people protest corporate domination of the world economy at the WTO meeting in Seattle, Nov.29-30.
Mass protests and uprisings like this, as I've pointed out here before, tend to occur under Mars-Neptune oppositions or other major aspects, especially when Jupiter is also involved. This time, Mars is conjunct Neptune in activist sign Aquarius, while both are squaring Jupiter. The archetype of this planetary combination is the "Marseillaise" uprising (French Revolution) in August 1792 when these three planets were all aligned together.


Well it certainly seems like the August 11 eclipse made its mark, although so far some areas have gotten off rather easy-- thanks perhaps to peoples' prayers. I mentioned that shocking events could happen to the earth and the weather, and the 3 major earthquakes that have happened plus Hurricane Floyd (which I call "Hurricane Flood") certainly fulfilled that prediction. Six days after the eclipse, on August 17, a 7.4 earthquake hit near Istanbul Turkey, striking right on the shadow path of the eclipse. It was one of the deadliest of the century, killing 13,000. Days later, another huge, death-dealing quake hit nearby Greece. The events prompted these two ancient enemy nations to help each other in crisis. Then on Sept.21 another monster 7.7 quake hit central Taiwan, killing perhaps 2000 people and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless. Local talk show hosts and others were moved to wonder, "what's going on here?" We astrologers knew. Eclipses always mean sudden shocks, but when configured with Saturn square Uranus in fixed signs, (still ongoing in Sept.-Oct), earthquakes are all but inevitable. That particular square has a long history of association with earthquakes. It was on the "angles" in these places at eclipse time.

POLITICAL AND FINANCIAL EARTHQUAKES after the great eclipse of August 1999

Meanwhile, some political earthquakes have begun rumbling in some of the areas I predicted. In Russia, the week of the eclipse, Yeltsin fired his Prime Minister again, and a civil war broke out at the same time in Muslim Dagestan against Russian rule, which may figure in upcoming troubles. Rebels from this area are being blamed for a series of terrorist bombings which killed hundreds in Moscow and left the city and the nation in a state of siege in August-September 1999. Russian troops replied by escalating the attacks on Dagestan and Chechnya. For now, the new president Putin has put a lid on this kettle of troubles.

In Mexico in 2000, a truly revolutionary election occured in which the ruling party was thrown out for the first time since the 1920s. Meanwhile wars and rumors of wars are happening in India/Pakistan, Africa and China/Taiwan too. Demonstrations are increasing in Serbia; if not now, then in a few months, I think Milosevic will be ousted (NOTE: this happened Oct.5, 2000).

Note that I also predicted a stock market downturn after the eclipse, and this has materialized. I said it would not be a good time to invest. Tony McGettigan and I predicted that the 2000 conjunction in Taurus would bring the economic good times to an end, and we would face reevaluation of our materialistic aims in the USA. So far good times have not returned, and I would invest nothing until after the Fall of 2003.

I think the stock market will improve after then, but no great boom is likely, and beware of a likely crash in or shortly after October 2008. Worldwide depression looms around 2010 and 2012. If changes are made in our economy and new earth-friendly technologies appear, they will make great investments in the later 2010s, and the economy will rebound then. Note my correct prediction made here (above) of a crash in Oct.2008. The world was still in depression in 2010.

UPDATE, August 5, 1999:

Watch for more unexpected events in the areas of the world I mentioned, both in the articles and the Top 10 list below!

Al Gore also has Mars in the eclipse degree, conjunct Pluto. As I hoped and predicted that it would, this has energized his campaign. Unfortunately, eclipses also mean unexpected turns of fate and disruptions, and this is apparently what happened in November-December 2000.

Antero Alli has pointed out that this great grand cross, with the eclipse opposing Uranus and squaring Mars and Saturn in the middle of the fixed signs, is like a crucifixion of planet earth. The election and its outcome represents nothing so much as the start of a trial by fire and a hanging out to dry for the US and the world. The connection of the eclipse to Sept.11 is another sign of this.

Nostradamus and myself have both pointed out its similarity with cosmic events near the time of Jesus' death and resurrection. Being in fixed signs, this is a time when great spiritual power can be focused from beyond the visible worlds onto the earth. It is a time for shocks, spiritual and ET discoveries, awakenings and initiations. Also, the weather is making news again, with drought in the eastern US and Texas. More weather shocks can be anticipated as we reach the crisis at the end of this 00 decade. And with Bush in power, expect fuel to be put on the fire of the coming earth troubles, as we exacerbate the dangers of global warming and pollution and the climate changes they are causing.


The chances for a negotiated settlement to this Kosovo Crisis improve dramatically as the powerful retrograde Mars, which turned stationary (maximum significance) on March 18 (the day Serbia refused to go along with the Rambouillet peace agreement, triggering NATO bombing on March 24), moves back from turbulent Scorpio into diplomatic Libra tommorrow! The best chance will come around June 4, when Mars turns stationary direct in Libra.

Note that this prediction was exactly correct. The Kosovo air war ended in early June.

I made another major correct prediction about war and peace in 1998.

In January 1998 I wrote in this space: "On February 5th, Venus turns stationary-direct in 19 degrees of the sign Capricorn. This is the precise degree where Uranus and Neptune joined in their epochal conjunction in 1993, when the first Isreali-Palentinian agreement was made. My research shows that Venus stationary increases the chances for successful diplomacy and peace moves. Thus, early February 1998 may see some movement towards peace in the Middle East. A military strike against Iraq would also appear unlikely at this time, though it could happen soon. The years 1999 and 2001 will see even more dangerous confrontations, including probably with Iraq."

As I predicted, the bombing strike against Iraq did not happen in February. I did predict in the book that President Clinton would make some aggressive moves in Spring 1998, for which he would be criticized, but I did NOT predict a war! This also came to pass. So did the prediction that the bombing could happen at another time.

I made another correct prediction in 1998.

I wrote here: "Look for danger of another aggressive move by the U.S. in August 1998" (this prediction was fulfilled by the attacks on Sudan and Afghanistan in response to the bombing of African Embassies attributed to Bin Laden).

Note that I am now predicting clear danger of war in August 1999-- and most of all July and August of 2001. After the August 11, 1999 eclipse, another tangle with Iraq is likely, along with possible Balkan, Middle Eastern, Mexican and/or Russian upheavals. U.S. intervention is most likely in Summer 2001.

Of course, this prediction was fulfilled on Sept.11, 2001.

In my book, I wrote: (p.253)
Foreign affairs will continue to demand attention. In 1998-99 Uranus and Neptune will be in places that correspond to those of 1914. It also will be six years after their conjunction in 1993. So if the Balkan conflicts are not resolved by now, they could still explode into a major, multi-national engagement; probably in August 1999. The chart for Fall 1998 suggests major diplomatic efforts by the U.S. to deal with revolutionary upheavals, not only in Eastern Europe but in Southeast Asia too. These peace efforts will have to bear fruit if we are to avoid major catastrophe in the following three years.

Regarding Clinton and the scandal, I wrote on this site in early 1998:

At this time I see no clear astrological basis for saying Bill Clinton will have to leave office before his term is up.....There is also an eclipse in August 1998, along with a planetary T-square. This could be a challenging moment for the Clintons. (This prediction was fulfilled; this was when he was forced to admit his affair, including to his wife, and testify before the grand jury, for which he was later impeached. But as I predicted, he did not leave office).

TOP 10 Predictions, Past and Future

General comments:

Unlike tabloid psychics who make fantastic, very specific predictions that don't come true, astrological predictions such as mine are a bit less specific; but a good percentage come true, at least in part. Astrologers remember that humanity has free will, so we aren't forecasting exact, pre-destined events. But we can give useful indications of the most likely possibilities ahead. Quite often our predictions are astoundingly accurate, far beyond those by other forecasters. Astrologers today are still refining their techniques, and we can expect that our rate of correct precitions will increase as today's renaissance in astrology proceeds.

1. Top 10 Predictions already fulfilled

(these are events that unfolded exactly or more-or-less substantially as I foretold. See also above for other recent correct predictions, including the bombings of August 1998, and the Clintons' troubles and survival in office)(Note that I also predicted that the USA would go to war in the late Summer of 2001, and that there would be major "mid-east troubles" involving the USA starting in Feb.2003)

1. In my book, I wrote: "In 1998-99.....if the Balkan conflicts are not resolved, they could explode into a major, multi-national engagement...." On this web site, and in an article published in Welcome to Planet Earth magazine, I predicted that the war in Kosovo would explode soon after the Mars station on March 18, 1999, and reach its peak in April. I also predicted (see above) that peace would come around June 4. The war actually broke out on March 24, after Milosevic pulled out of the Rambouillet agreement on March 18, and he agreed to NATO terms on June 3-8, exactly when I predicted.

2. I wrote that early October and late December 1997 "look like more promising times for diplomacy" (Horoscope for the New Millennium, p.251). The peace talks began again in both the Middle East and Northern Ireland in early October.

3. In January 1998 I wrote on my web site that the U.S. would not bomb Iraq in February 1998, but might do it "soon." I wrote in my book of "aggressive moves by the U.S." in early 1998. The UN Secretary General flew to Baghdad in February 1998 and headed off the US bombing, but it happened later at the end of the year.

4. Speaking about the astrology charts of early 1997, I wrote about health concerns being prominent and asked "will a cure for AIDS be announced?" ( Horoscope for the New Millennium, p.251) Early 1997 saw more advances in health and medicine than I can remember during any other such brief period; in AIDS, Altzheimer's, Parkinson's, and (among other advances) in cloning-- which indeed prompted "concerns."

5. In Horoscope for the New Millennium, p.249, I wrote that "exaltation combined with an impatience for action mark the extraordinary planetary configurations of January and February 1997....they may be as powerfully catalytic as (the alignment...) in 1989... it's another celebration of liberty and a demand for more." Dan Rather on the CBS Evening News stated in January 1997 that "1997 is beginning to look a lot like 1989," as he described the revolution in the streets of Serbia demanding the ouster of their dictator, and the spread of this ferment to Bulgaria, Turkey and Albania in the same month.

6. In the January (Aquarius) 1995 edition of Welcome to Planet Earth magazine, I wrote that, despite the Democratic losses in the election of Nov. 1994, Bill Clinton would be re-elected. This was at a time when most forecasters were writing him off.

7. In an earlier version of my book, called The Horoscope of Humanity, I wrote "The massacre of Chios (in the Greek Civil War of 1821-22) was the worst bloodletting between Napoleon and World War One; could it be a sign of things soon to come under the next Uranus-Neptune conjunction of 1993?" Indeed it was; Bosnia is just north of Greece on the bloody Balkan Peninsula, where similar massacres and bloodletting occured in 1992-1993.

I also wrote about a pattern of Balkan-area conflicts involving great powers that is triggered 6 years after major Uranus-Neptune aspects: 1827 (great power intervention to support Greek independence), 1875 (Balkan revolts leading to the Russo-Turk War), and 1914 (World War I). That pattern may be due to be fulfilled again in 1998-99, 6 years after the last conjunction triggered the Bosnian War. That's why I predicted in my book that Bosnia would come apart again in 1998. But there's no reason to restrict that prediction to Bosnia alone; the whole Balkan area is indicated. Thus the troubles in Kosovo (Bosnia's close neighbor; both having come under attack by Serbia) fulfilled this prediction.

8. In the September (Libra) 1990 issue of Welcome to Planet Earth, in an article called "Mars and the Middle East" written in August, I wrote about the crisis with Iraq and predicted that in January 1991 "George Bush, Saddam or another Mid-East power may make another move." That was the month Bush launched the Gulf War against Iraq's Saddam Hussein, who responded with missile attacks; which in turn almost led Isreal to enter the fray as well.

9. I also predicted earlier that the period of 1988-1990 would see a major U.S. military intervention or war, because of Jupiter's periodic return to its position in the U.S. horoscope. In August 1987 in Welcome to Planet Earth I wrote that the odds of the U.S. going to war were great "in the next three years." More specifically, in September (Libra) 1989 I wrote that the U.S. could intervene in Panama or the Middle East in the next three months. In December the U.S. invaded Panama on the very day that Jupiter returned to its exact degree in the U.S. horoscope. In January, after reporting on this correct prediction in Welcome to Planet Earth, I said "this cycle isn't quite over yet. Where to next?" 7 months later the U.S. sent troops to Saudi Arabia to respond to Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait.

10. In September 1989 in Welcome to Planet Earth magazine, I wrote that in the next three months that "the nationalism within the Soviet Empire could explode" and that the planetary signs were more propitious for revolutionary change in the Fall of 1989 than at any time since the mid-1960s. Back in 1973, I had written in the first version of The Horoscope of Humanity that 1989 would be a major revolutionary year. Almost no-one except myself correctly foresaw what a major world change would happen in the Fall of 1989, which saw the countries of Eastern Europe quickly overthrow their dominance by Soviet-installed dictatorships, leading to the end of the Cold War.

Top 10 Predictions to come

Note, these predictions were made in 1998, soon after the book's publication in 1997; some already have been fulfilled as of 2008.

1. I wrote in Horoscope for the New Millennium (p.253) that "1998-99 could see unusually severe weather." (actually written back in 1993) Already in the Fall of 1997 we have seen El Nino gathering strength, and its effects are being felt in 1998. Forecasters are worried about severe storms for 1998 and 1999. NOTE THAT THIS PREDICTION WAS FULFILLED, with 1998 being the worst year for severe storms and weather disasters in history.

2. Look for a major recession and commodity shortages in the year 2003, especially in the early and mid Autumn months. There may be some severe famines in the world at that time. Update: (More famine developed in Africa in 2003. The USA recession continued in 2003, but a shakey recovery may be underway since late in the year, despite little or no job growth)

3. I have predicted that upheaval in China could break out in the year 2000. Late in the year a power struggle was reported, and that could break out into more open troubles in 2001.This didn't happen. But change is likely in the 2035 period)

4. I have written that the years 1997 to 2008 could witness a major flowering in the arts and culture, a new golden age or renaissance. The year 2005 could see it reach full flower (NOTE: only if Bush is defeated!). I wrote in Horoscope for the New Millennium, p.250, that 1997 would be the launch time for this renaissance. Already in February 1997 the world-wide "gaiamind" meditation ritual was heralded in the media as "the dawning of the Age of Aquarius," while in August the "Burning Man" festival in Nevada was reported on ABC's Nightline as being a "fantastic cultural success." A number of architectural triumphs were reported in 1997, including in northern Spain.

We have more tools to be creative now than at any time in history, in spite of Bush; it is up to all of us now to fulfill this prediction as best we can. Even after 2008 the signs will still be good for this. Budding artists and musicians, let's make it happen!

5. In July-August 2001 the danger of major U.S. intervention in the Bosnia/Balkan area, the Middle East and/or Latin America is acute. See Horoscope for the New Millennium, p.266. This prediction has been fulfilled, as America has gone to war against terrorists following the "act of war" committed by Mid-East terrorists against the USA not long after July 2001 (Sept.11). Read more about it here

6. I predict that George W. Bush will not be re-elected, and that if he is, he will not survive his next term. Prospects for Gore in 2004 do not look bright either. Even if he wins, re-election is unlikely. (Gore bowed out of the 2004 race. In my article on election 2004, written in Nov.2003, I predicted John Kerry had the best chance to be nominated and beat Bush. He staged a surprise caucus victory in Iowa and was nominated, but lost narrowly to Bush in November)

7. Another intervention by the USA might happen in 2012, and if so, it will be another quagmire. We need to get out of Iraq soon to help forstall this danger, I wrote. What happened is greater involvement in Syria in 2013 and the fight against the Islamic State there and in Iraq in 2014-16. These situations may be resolved in 2017.

8. In the Summer of 2010 the increasing wave of global ecological disasters that begin in 2008 could reach the point where it leads to major financial, economic and governmental collapses around the world. This in turn will lead to waves of refugees, dangers of plague and famine, and revolutionary movements in the period 2010-2015. High gas prices and the collapse of the housing bubble brought on the predicted financial and economic collapses by 2008-09. Stay tuned regarding the other predictions of #8, I wrote here in 2010. They have come true. The drought led to a revolution and civil war in Syria in 2011 that has resulted in waves of refugees flooding Europe in 2014-15. Other refugees are fleeing changes in Burma. Many other revolutions and protests spread from their beginning in Tunisia at the beginning of 2011, including the "Arab Spring" and "Occupy." Famines and plagues have broken out in Africa.

9.These events in turn could trigger a greatly-enhanced experience of humanity's oneness, the "gaiamind" or "transcendental object at the end of time" in 2012. Later that decade, advances in "planet-friendly" and new age technologies will trigger an economic revival and a "post-industrial revolution." This will certainly be well under way by 2017, and perhaps earlier. The new green economy and technologies are already on the way as of 2008. See pp.274-76 of Horoscope for the New Millennium. See the link below on 2012 and the Cosmic Cross for an interesting take on 2012.

10. In 2025 or thereabouts a challenge to the continued existence of the United States will occur. States could seceed, triggering terrorist attacks or civil war. The breakup may also be peacefully managed, and successful challenges to the corporate "new world order" could be mounted. The power of the presidency may be curbed, and a looser coalition of states and regions created. See pp.285-292 of Horoscope for the New Millennium for more on this coming Great American Crisis. See comments above too.

Read Chapters 15, 17 and 18 in my book for more predictions for these exciting upcoming years.
--E. Alan Meece

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