Chapter 17

Looking Over the Edge: INTO THE THIRD MILLENNIUM, 2000-2020

From atop the "Mountain" of our peak experience at the turn of the Millennium, we are now ready to peer "over the edge" into the New World of the future that stretches before us. What wonders and terrors are there to behold! Living in the New Millennium may not always be for the faint of heart, but those who have a positive, idealistic vision for tomorrow will definitely feel at home there.

The charts for the New Millennium show bold new leadership in Washington. Since radical Uranus will be supercharged in its own sign of Aquarius, the people will be ready to support more action by the government than in the previous period. Efforts by the Clinton administration to streamline the government may have restored a measure of confidence in it. An especially promising sign is that the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction appears on the Midheaven in Washington (see the conjunctionll finally be time to re-regulate such areas as health, safety and transportation. It is difficult to conceive of a Republican administration assuming this activist role, so the U.S. president elected in 2000 will probably be either a Democrat or the standard bearer of a new progressive party.

Much will be done in the next decade to reform the financial system in many nations, but especially in the U.S. and Russia. The government will be further streamlined to better meet the needs of the people. Electronic superhighways and other planet-friendly technologies will receive government support, and a restructured mass media will be used to help democracy. Newly accepted ideas for changing the economy and society will be widely touted by government and media networks. It will be an exciting time; a great chance to make long-overdue changes. There's a great optimistic surge at the Millennium's start as we embrace New Age ideals. The first two years will see the best opportunities for political changes, because people will be more skeptical and less supportive of reforms once Uranus leaves the ground-breaking sign of Aquarius.

There may be grounds for doubt about some of the reforms proposed at this time. Such a revitalized government may be dangerous in ways that will only be apparent later. Just as the Federal Reserve Board, the I.R.S., and other institutions founded during the last passage of Uranus in this sign became oppressive later, so it may be with some of the new agencies founded in 2000-03. These could include new bureaucracies to "help" high technology, universal health care programs, or an all-powerful mass media "tsar." There may be intrusive economic controls too. The new federal financial system will work better than the old, but, like all institutions, it could eventually become too cumbersome and restrictive. The courts may also hand down some very historic decisions on these subjects in 2001.

Other indications from the 2000 chart suggest hidden influences by powerful interests. The activities of these clandestine "string-pullers" may come to light later on, causing scandals. Another trend of this twenty-year cycle will be the rise of powerful new religious movements, and some religious groups may continue to flex their power in the political arena.

The most important concern is safety of the new U.S. president. Since the 2000 conjunction again falls in an earth sign, the pattern of deaths in office every twenty years may return. Many other signs confirm the danger, including Mars at 20 Gemini in the Twelfth House in the chart of the New Moon following the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of 2000. The eclipses of November 23, 2003, April 8, 2005, October 3, 2005 and March 29, 2006 bear watching, particularly if the new president's birthday is close to these dates (or in early to mid June). If a presidential death happens, it will occur in 2001, 2003, or 2005 after re-election, if past patterns hold. Obviously, the vice- presidential candidates in 2000 must be chosen with great care-a Dan Quayle will not do! Another Aquarian, Dick Gephardt, could get the nod, however-if he doesn't win the top job himself. Al Gore, an Aries, may win it, but since the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction actually precedes the election in the year 2000, candidates are also in danger before the election.

Though the first decade of the Third Millennium won't be entirely stable, it will be full of delights and opportunities. People will participate in many utopian social and political movements. Creative ferment will be higher at the beginning of the Twenty-First Century than any other time in our era; artists and inventors of all kinds should seize this golden moment and not wait for promises in the future that may never come. In these times, we will be encouraged to share all of who we are. If we as a people make this a priority, then this can be one of the most inspired periods ever for the human spirit.


Whoever is elected in 2000 will also face foreign challenges immediately, since it looks like Uncle Sam will be gearing up for war in the fall of 2000. What a way to start a Millennium! Conflicts that exploded in 1999, such as those in Russia, Iran, Mexico, or the Balkans will probably come to a head in 2001. Continuing ethnic strife in Europe seems likely. Intensive diplomatic efforts and minor interventions will try to head off trouble, especially in mid-September or early October 2000-but then comes the combative Saturn-Pluto opposition in the summer of 2001, joined by a stationary Mars in July. These planets will oppose each other across the Ascendant and Descendant of the U.S. chart. Uncle Sam will be feeling righteous again in a big way, eager to show other nations the truth. Religious issues and trade embargoes will be involved, and the U.S. may try to impose its will on its Latin neighbors. A nuclear accident can't be ruled out either during this period. It might sound strange, but it's not impossible that ETs may be contacted or involved somehow in the events of these years! We may also see the first use of "star wars" technology, or else electronic communications may be used in historic new ways to defuse the conflict.

Turning points in the confrontations come near November 2 and December 22, 2001. After the December date, the U.S. could suffer losses in a serious naval engagement. An eclipse aligned with Saturn and Pluto in May and June 2002 indicates another decisive moment. Danger to the president is shown, too. After October, 2002, the outlook for peace starts to improve. If we are even more lucky, we will escape further conflict until the decade ends. If we are even more lucky, we will enter "the millennium of peace." Many agreements (especially in the Mid-East or Balkans) may come in December. On the other hand, if there is no agreement, then late February 2003 could see another flare-up, as Mars joins Pluto and opposes Saturn.

Whether we go to war or not (and I hope we don't), the years 2001-2002 will probably live up to their mythic significance. Great breakthroughs in space travel will be made, especially in satellite technology. Progress toward a manned expedition to Mars may happen. Conflicts over who has the right to launch and orbit in space will have to be dealt with. From late 2002 through the spring of 2003, many significant, innovative health and welfare programs could be approved. Electronic media will be used to give everyone access to work and education. It will also be an excellent time to streamline the bureaucracy (Saturn trine Uranus) so that these programs will be workable for years to come and help safeguard the security of the people. Either now (2001-2003) or later (the 2020s), this could include a plan for a guaranteed annual income. This currently "unaccepted idea" could be made possible if unearned investment income were distributed more fairly.

Part of the war's aftermath in defeated nations may be new constitutions-a Saturn- Uranus trine in air signs indicates that this a great time to create them. Since one cycle of Uranus will now have passed since the First World War, these constitutional changes may come to nations established (or re-established) at that time; such as Russia, Poland and Lithuania. Iran and Vietnam may also see their first real advances toward democracy. There may be yet another clash in the Mid-East in the year 2003, which will cause more economic anxiety for the U.S. and intense diplomatic efforts in the summer.

As we said before, some disaffection with change could come when Uranus enters Pisces in 2003. A war in 2001-02 should not be allowed to distract the U.S. administration from domestic reforms, or the best chance may be lost. Swelling enthusiasm among the people for reforms in late 2002 and early 2003 (Jupiter opposite Neptune) could lead to dangerous demonstrations and government repression in February 2003. Conservatives might then cry for "law and order." But since Neptune will remain in Aquarius, this retreat from reform will be brief. The reformers may have to scale back their expectations, though. In September 2003 another great social or foreign aid program will be proposed.


While foreign affairs may be easier after 2002, domestic affairs will be harder. Expect a season of discontent in the fall of 2003. The war, the Mid-East troubles, or the resulting financial controls could help trigger a recession. With depressing Saturn in 13 Cancer in the spotlight; it may be a reprise of 1974, with gas lines or other shortages in the U.S. What's worse, in the fall of 2003, Mars turns stationary at 0 Pisces and conjoins with Uranus. This means a health crisis may hit the U.S., and strikes or protests over post-war shortages may erupt. Active efforts will be made to improve the public health. More trouble is due around November 23, 2003. The planets will be in critical degrees that could briefly stimulate political and social passions. Expect protests and purges to shake up the White House and Congress. Travel mishaps and naval battles may occur In September or November 2003. Late that year and early 2004, the president may seem "lost at sea" and unable to handle all the troubles, especially if there's an assassination attempt.

The year 2004 begins with Mars in Al Gore's solar degree-a danger signal to him if he is president. People will be demanding measures for economic recovery, and unrest is possible in Los Angeles or elsewhere in early 2004. The eclipse of April of that year could also signify renewed struggles over religious issues like abortion. In September and October 2004, members of religious or ethnic minorities will be demanding their rights (Mars-Jupiter in Virgo), and important social measures could be taken. Military altercations could occur in Asia or the Middle East in the spring or fall. After more severe economic shortages in the winter of 2004-05, new financial policies and social programs will gradually bring relief.

A Democratic (or progressive) president may well be re-elected on a close vote in 2004, despite doubts over his or her handling of the economy. Whoever wins, the planets show economic restructuring and financial reform during the next presidential term. Better ways to live on the land may receive much attention in the spring of 2005, stirring debate about the true nature of "progress" and how to improve the quality of life. We will need to remember that our high-tech society can't yet exist by itself in "cyberspace;" it still depends on our access to our dwindling basic resources on Earth and how we manage them. The American president may take strong actions to secure these resources and to open trade in 2005. The spring of that year could see breakthroughs in economic diplomacy, probably involving Europe.

In July 2005, Saturn enters Leo for a two-and-a-half year stay. This could mean serious government-supported efforts directed toward creative projects, bringing the artistic "golden age" to a climax. Education could be greatly improved after pessimistic reports. Saturn in Leo could also stand for youth acting out their cynicism, and may signify deaths of major entertainment figures. Saturn's influence in this sign will be strongest from October 2006 to May 2007. By then, the government will be focused on creative investment and long-term growth. The economy should be bouncing along again by then. It should be a stimulating and exciting time.

Mars turns stationary-retrograde in Taurus at the beginning of October 2005, with a powerful eclipse two days later. This is obviously a sign of economic restructuring. The U.S. could quarrel with other countries over land and fuel in late 2005, especially with Middle Eastern and/or Balkan nations. With Pluto transiting Sagittarius and opposing the U.S. Mars, religious fundamentalists may wage war on the U.S. in 2004-05. The U.S. will respond to this crisis by declaring its "economic independence," while intense diplomatic efforts will successfully resolve the foreign disputes. The Turks could be perturbed by economic and ethnic turmoil, and East Indian ethnic problems may explode too.

The year 2005 will be a great time for the U.S. to revamp its economic and financial system in significant ways. The president, energized by the messianic zeal of Pluto in Sagittarius, may inspire the country to "reach the unreachable star." France and other European nations will be making some exciting changes too. Let's hope, however, that we avoid dictatorial controls or crippling regulations in 2005-2006 that could come back to haunt us. Sensational crime stories involving entertainment figures in this period could distract the people from more important matters.

On March 29, 2006, a total solar eclipse occurs in 9 Aries that could make Al Gore a marked man (his Sun is at 11 Aries). Perhaps he would be wise not to run for reelection in 2004 (should he then occupy the White House), and let his vice president run instead. Even if he survives past 2006, he would fail to realize many of his exaggerated hopes during the rest of his term. The fact that Saturn in Leo will return to its own place in Gore's chart in 2006 confirms this advice. Late June 2006 also looks like a dangerous time for him, with many afflictions to his chart. If he bows out in 2004, or follows our advice very carefully, perhaps he can be the first president saved by astrological warnings. We have every right and duty to use astrology to try to avoid disasters; nowhere is it written that we can't improve upon our "destiny." As the "Aquarian Age" dawns, let's make sure the public is increasingly aware of astrology so that it can have a constructive impact on policy.

Pluto on the Midheaven in the 2006 eclipse chart may mean America is becoming the center of the spiritual, New Age Renaissance. It could also mean a strong reform movement in the Church, and a "purge" or financial scandal in the Courts or the State Department. Powerful new proposals will be made to transform our legal system, as concern for social justice and human rights in America and elsewhere continues to accelerate. The president will probably put himself at the head of this drive. As Neptune in 2005-06 reaches 17 Aquarius, the critical 1962 eclipse degree, Americans may be reminded of the unfulfilled social dreams (Neptune) of the Kennedy era. Let's hope the idealistic president elected in 2000 doesn't suffer the same fate as Kennedy did.


The aspects of late 2006 and early 2007 show increasing public concern in America over the effect of economic controls or jobs abroad on the economy. With Saturn opposing Neptune, xenophobia could begin to grow over the world trade issue, or over similar problems like immigration. The president could tap this mood to rally resurgent paranoia against Iran or other foreign enemies. In September 2007 he may have to respond to violent incidents there against Americans. The U.S. could strike out at Iran late in the year or early in 2008, when Mars turns stationary in Gemini. Also, since 2007 is the climax of the Saturn-Neptune cycle that began with their conjunction in 1989, all nations liberated that year could make major changes in their governments (especially in March 2007), powered by enormous mass movements for human rights. This may include China, where the Tienanmen Square massacre could finally be avenged.

For the U.S., partial eclipse on March 19, 2007 puts this Saturn-Neptune opposition in the spotlight. Saturn in Leo stands alone exactly on the Midheaven, and Mars opposes it in the critical degree of 17 Aquarius. This could mean our president must face an "unmasking" of his motives in a major scandal, possibly involving his actions against Iran, or the controls imposed on the economy. The recent assassination (or attempt at it) could also lead to the uncovering of a right-wing or government conspiracy with links to the JFK assassination.

Uranus in 2007 also reaches a critical degree-the "pile-up" degree of 17 Pisces. This indicates that key issues from the 1960s may resurface in a big way in the later 2000s. Environmental accidents could bring the oil and ecology issue to the fore again. The president may take bold decisive action on this issue, but any steps that seem too arrogant or tyrannical will rebound. The peace movement will loudly and successfully oppose any foolish, aggressive military moves by the U.S. (or other powerful countries). Like liberty, the price of peace in the New Millennium will be constant vigilance. The "goddess of peace" may become so important to the world by then that new statues will be erected to her, just as they once were to the "goddess of liberty."

Jupiter's powerful conjunction with Pluto in late Sagittarius in December 2007 may mean a realignment of foreign policy, especially concerning "fundamentalist" nations like Iran. It may also see the climax of legal or court reforms mentioned above. With Saturn in Virgo again, resurgent fear of foreigners may intensify in December 2007, and in the following spring. Mars stationary in Cancer in November 2007 indicates increasing anxiety over national "defense." The total eclipse on August 1, 2008 (during which Mars in 18 Virgo opposes Uranus) may also signify shady U.S. dealings abroad in 2008, and a resurgent counter-culture at home (Venus exactly opposite Neptune). There could be unrest among the poor. This plus the other possible scandals may make it difficult for any incumbent liberal administration to hang on in the 2008 elections, despite their many accomplishments. The Republicans will probably win the election, either this year or in 2012. Indications are that 2008 will be a tight race; and since Saturn will oppose Uranus exactly on election day, the campaign will be bitter. A new demagogue may be on the rise, fomenting a fear of foreigners, deviants and bureaucrats. The old issues of science vs. religion and drugs vs. prohibition will also be center stage in 2008-2009, as "reformers" battle "libertines." It may seem like the roaring '20s revisited.

Six days after the inauguration a startling solar eclipse happens, which puts Saturn in Virgo all alone at the Midheaven. This confirms a conservative presidency that plays on people's anxiety. It may represent a wholesale attack on the liberal programs and counter-cultural experiments of the last decade, or a determined effort to make them more efficient, probably by decentralizing them. Our technological and engineering skills will be applied to our social and financial problems.


The year 2009 marks the start of an important and painful period. Pluto enters Capricorn on November 26, 2008, just before the new American president takes office. The chart for the moment Pluto enters Capricorn shows the polarizing Saturn-Uranus opposition (pitting the status quo against revolution), plus a stellium in religious sign Sagittarius. All this means another religious reformation. The previous two entries of Pluto into Capricorn set off powerful changes-the Protestant Reformation in 1517, and the Age of Democratic Revolt following the Seven Years Wars in 1762. This "reformation" will be no different, complete with the Twenty-First Century counterpart of Luther nailing his ninety-five theses to the Wittenberg Church door. Pluto in Capricorn also means that "enlightened despots" (or powerful visionary leaders) will appear in the following years who will seek to reform society. The Catholic Church is targeted for more radical change, as loud spiritual and moral debates continue to be heard. This could be the time when the well-known prophecy of the end of the Papacy could come true. A period could open in 2009 when science and religion will be forced to jettison all that is not relevant to our age of global ecological peril. There will also be passionate debates over immigrants and refugees caused by famine and revolution in many parts of the world-problems that will get much worse over the next several years. Unfortunately the peoples' fears will not help.

Fear will be somewhat superseded by philanthropy in the year 2009, as benevolent Jupiter begins a conjunction to Neptune in May. Indications are that it will be a very powerful conjunction, so idealism will reach a peak. Since Chiron will also be conjoined to it, this compassion will be directed toward healing humanity during the crisis ahead. Considering the problems, this will be welcome indeed. The challenges of these years will generate high religious enthusiasm lasting through the 2010s, giving life to the new "reformation" movement. We can expect New Age religions to offer both spiritual and practical help to an endangered world, but high expectations for political reform may be disappointed. There may also be some major disasters at sea in early April or late May. Europe will see spiritual and humanitarian movements in 2009, leading to increased conflict between those who want to help the starving millions and those who fear them as the year goes on. Around July 6 and/or August 19, 2009, the people's unhappiness may break out into open conflict or civil unrest. More "unmaskings" of presidential misdeeds or terrorist actions could explode in October (Jupiter stationary in 17 Aquarius), along with more trouble with Iran; this only heightens the feelings of alienation and discontent in the land.

The ferment will rise to fever pitch in the Fall of 2009 and seriously threaten the peace among some nations. Until 2010 any conflict will probably be limited to isolated riots or terrorist bombings, and revolution will be directed toward churches and ideas; but by January it may become a major international stew. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius in December 2009 will be opposed by stationary Mars in Leo (near the 1999 eclipse degree), and at the same time Saturn will square Pluto. Remember that Mars-Jupiter-Neptune is the "Marseillaise" combination from the French Revolution. So it looks as if the religious reformation will rapidly turn into a crusade. America, Iran, Central Asia, France, Israel or India might be involved. California could be a center of idealistic ferment. The solar eclipse on January 15, 2010 may signal another "deadline day," like the similar one on the same date in 1991. But since peaceful Venus is joined to the eclipse, peace may have a better chance this time and the deadlock may be overcome. There will certainly be sanctions or other economic clashes, though.


When Jupiter and Uranus enter Aries in the spring of 2010, people will be much less restrained in expressing their frustration. "Peasants" and other poor people will rise up worldwide (Mars in Virgo opposite Neptune in June), and governments will be besieged with demands for change. This will make the year 2010 the climax of this twenty-year period, as Jupiter (with Uranus) opposes Saturn. What makes this year so critical is that Pluto also moves into a tense T-square with all three planets as they enter cardinal signs. 2010 looks like a year of sudden, cataclysmic changes and drastic, forced new beginnings.

This titanic, historic T-square involves the same four planets as the T-square which coincided with the Great Depression. The solar eclipse in July could trigger a major, worldwide financial collapse. Pluto in Capricorn suggests not only that many corporations will go bankrupt, but that the economic troubles will bring down many governments with dizzying speed as revolutions sweep the globe. But as we mentioned in Chapter 13, in 2010 the lunar cycles in the progressed Horoscope of Modern Humanity indicate that the common people may be in retreat. This could mean people will be easy prey to xenophobia and fear of "radicals," as in the 1920s, '50s, and '80s. This was just how Hitler eventually rose to power during the previous Great Depression. On the other hand, altruistic compassion will still permeate the period as Neptune in Aquarius helps moderate the fears among the people, and may indicate that "enlightened" authorities will make constructive, revolutionary changes on behalf of the people and the planet.

The crisis of 2010 will result from the various religious conflicts around the world, magnified by serious shortages and famines; and above all, I believe, by ecological disasters. Global warming and climate change will begin to seriously affect agriculture in many places. By 2011-2012, when Neptune crosses into the chaotic waters of Pisces, all these catastrophes will begin producing huge folk movements, revolutions, and an unprecedented stream of refugees (as Neptune in Pisces has usually indicated in the past). It is interesting that James Burke (who doesn't believe in astrology) predicted in his prophetic TV program "After the Warming" that the year 2010 would see massive waves of refugees across the borders between the First and Third Worlds, leading to many massacres. This refugee crisis will be a great moral challenge to our lingering racism.

There is no doubt in my mind that the years 2010 and 2011 will be the most difficult of any we face in the next half-century. If we survive them in reasonably good shape we will have dodged the worst bullet in our future. This prediction is a far cry from the rosy visions put forward by those who expect a New Age at the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012. It is a bit more like the "apocalypse" forecast by psychedelic futurist Terrence McKenna, although his "transcendental object at the end of history" (due the same year) may be less lustrous than he hopes. It's another reminder that we don't have time to dawdle if we wish our golden age to unfold-the opportunities after 2010 may not be as good as those of today. Unless we learn to live harmoniously with the Earth and its diverse peoples, our standard of living may sharply decline from 2010 on, forcing us to focus on more practical matters. As Neptune enters Pisces in 2011, thus leaving the higher signs and moving into lower ones, our focus could narrow toward "worldly matters" as it did in 1520 or 1848.

Although the crisis of 2010 may retard the creative spirit of today's golden age, it won't extinguish it. The "counterculture" will certainly expand in the 2010s, as people again seek alternatives to conformity, despair and destruction. Like the "cyberpunks" of the 1990s, the new rebels will be inspired by high technology. They will also be altruistic, spiritual, and utopian like their flower child parents, though they will be more disciplined and more fully committed to realizing their spiritual visions.

A major war may break out in August 2010. If this happens, the refugee problems will be even worse. Central Asia is the most likely battle scene, but America's involvement there would be only economic. The worst war clouds will pass as the T-square dissolves.

In early 2011, there could be further scandalous breakdowns of financial institutions, and some governments which collapsed during the peak of the crisis may be forcefully reimposed. If so, mass panic could cause still more refugees and cast a pall of disillusion over the next few years. Escapist spiritual movements and conservative politicians would benefit from this turn of events.


In the fall of 2010, the charts continue to show Jupiter and Uranus together, setting off huge cosmic fireworks of change. Late 2010 and 2011 will be a great opportunity for reform movements to mobilize action. Swift progress could be made, motivated by the continuing economic crisis. The powerful, depressing Saturn singleton in Libra continues from November 2010 to August 2011, putting a damper on the chances for recovery. It could also mean, however, that the 2010s will be an opportune time to change the constitution in many countries, as leaders try to make the world's economic and political system more just and effective. Since the crisis in 2010 will be so acute, right-wing conservatives may not be able to hijack the thirty-year cyclic return of Saturn to Libra and turn it into another celebration of greed, though they'll try. The need of the people for help from their government will be too great, and while the outer planets are still in humanitarian signs Aquarius and Pisces, many people will still be idealistic. The usual "dispersion of power" under Saturn in Virgo/Libra will probably take a more compassionate and enlightened form this time, because the people will have no doubt by 2011 that humanity is locked together in a common destiny on Spaceship Earth.

A great chance to resolve some of the wars or disputes of these times will come on November 18, 2010, as both diplomatic planets Venus and Jupiter turn stationary in their own signs on the same day. But by 2011 (especially around April 23 or August 25), the American people could be calling to "Make the New World Order safe for democracy," leading to U.S. intervention by 2012. Justice and recovery at home will be linked to justice and recovery abroad in the U.S. mind. The global depression will require diplomatic solutions. As the world economy increasingly and rapidly becomes a concrete political fact, our relationship with the increasing power of the UN will be a growing issue as well. Will a new American constitution have to be integrated with a new world constitution? Will other nations bow to U.S. demands for world democracy and "global free markets?" Will "dispersion of power" mean sharing it with other developing countries? Will this mean rich nations finally agree to help poorer ones find alternative ways to develop themselves, without causing pollution and famine? Will poorer nations be asked to abide by the same regulations and standards as the rich ones do? How should the new spirituality be integrated into our institutions? These are questions that will dominate the 2010s and beyond, and which our "enlightened despots" will have to decide.

September and October 2011 may see some swift and decisive revolutionary or military actions. Right afterward, Mars begins a long stay in Virgo, inciting dissension by humble groups in society and/or action by America's or Russia's defense establishment. Indications point to U.S. intervention in Central Europe and the Middle East. During the next solar eclipse in May 2012, Mars in Virgo will be on the Midheaven in Washington. Expect military action by the U.S., as America feels again it must defend its ideals by throwing its weight around. By then, Jupiter begins its return to Gemini, and will be exactly on the Descendant in the May eclipse chart. The U.S. will fulfill its role as guardian and peace keeper of the New World Order again, perhaps acting to keep a dangerous Middle East power from using nuclear weapons, though not without loud protests.

Uranus makes a square to Pluto on June 2. A revolution will be happening somewhere. The U.S. will thus probably either be supporting or opposing this revolution, perhaps in the Far East. Let's hope America is not deluded again about which side is wearing the white hat. This is a strong warning to the U.S.A. to be clear about its policy in the spring of 2012! We don't want another Vietnam, do we???

All in all, 2012 will be a very interesting year; partly because we now expect it to be. In the spring that year, there may be some powerful artistic and ecological projects in the works. If we have truly entered a golden age by 2012, we will understand that economics, ecology and art are all tied together. Also that spring, Mars in Virgo opposes Neptune, the planetary Ark of Humanity, as it embarks onto the vast seas of Pisces. Since the world will now be inundated with refugees from the various catastrophes during the last few years, we can expect them and their friends to demand fair treatment. As xenophobia declines, perhaps they'll get it. By the spring of 2013, we can expect a revolutionary wave similar to those of the Nineteenth Century to crash through Europe, the Middle East, and parts of the Far East, lasting throughout the year. March and July 2013 are key months.


In the year 2009, when the "New Reformation" begins, Neptune will return to the spot where it was discovered in 1846. In February 2012, it will enter its own sign Pisces for only the second time since then. During its first visit "home" in 1848, Neptune unleashed the power of the sleeping masses who discovered their political power and national identity. In 2012, we could see the birth of one human Great Mind related to one Planet Earth, as the masses discover their global identity. We saw the beginnings of this in the spontaneous love-ins and spiritual experiences of the 1960s, but now the ecological crisis and the flood of refugees will bring home as nothing else can how all of us are linked together. Mass communication will be powerful enough by then to solidify our experience of global unity. In 2012-2013, we can expect some kind of mass revelation, prompting people by the millions to join in communal ecstasy to experience the One Consciousness within all of us. Leaders from completely unexpected directions, perhaps even ET gurus or angels (which may have appeared in 2001), will step forward to lead humanity toward its brilliant future, as the New Reformation becomes a political and spiritual revolution among the common people. Chiron's conjunction to Neptune in this period emphasizes how the new spirituality will heal humanity and become a "bridge" to higher consciousness in our daily lives. In these ways, the year 2012 will justify predictions of "the transcendental object at the end of history."

The potential for deception is also great, and many of the new cults of the time, both traditional and New Age, will mislead and take advantage of a hopeful but desperate public. The huge spiritual movements will be convenient escapes for masses of people disappointed with politics. Such disillusion would help Republicans win back the White House in November 2012. It could also lead to more mistakes in foreign policy. If the U.S. is still engaged abroad that month, many U.S. soldiers could die. During the next total eclipse in November 2013, Mars in Virgo will be on the Midheaven again in Washington, opposing Neptune. This means still more troubles for any U.S. troops abroad, causing more protests at home-the same problems that occurred during the previous eclipse in May 2012 that also put Mars in Virgo on the U.S. Midheaven.

On the other hand, lucky Jupiter will be more prominent in 2013-2014. This, together with Neptune in its own sign, indicates a reviving economy as massive new world-wide connections ease the era's chaotic conditions. International commerce will burst through the same barriers first breached by millions of refugees, and the new sense of world unity will speed this process. In July 2013, Saturn and Jupiter (with Mars) form a magnificent grand trine with Neptune. These same planets were also in grand trine when the U.S. constitution was created. People will be calling for constitutional changes in this period too, and this could be the time they happen. Many countries may agree to share scarce resources on an international basis and protect the environment. New global rules for sea, space, and electronic travel will be made. With Saturn transiting Scorpio (in powerful mutual reception to Pluto in Capricorn), the new mass mind will be firmly grounded in worldwide economic cooperation. The most enlightened leaders will be those who are most attuned to this new Great Mind of Humanity-and to the need to act together and save the planet we all share. July 2013 may see many people make communal experiments in their own lives, as they seek to live these ideals.


Despite all the positive responses to the crisis that began in 2010, indications are that things will remain unstable through most of the decade. Stationary Jupiter at 10 Cancer, T-squaring Uranus and Pluto, could bring discontent to a crescendo in Europe early in 2014 in ways reminiscent of the fall of 1989 (when Jupiter was also stationary at 10 Cancer). Mars will also make this T-square into a Grand Cross and turn stationary in May. It certainly looks as if the revolutionary tidal wave could wash up quickly on American shores this time. Since the U.S. will still be the world's top cop and its primary immigration service as well, problems in other countries will cause problems in America. The 2014 uprisings could give further impetus to constitutional changes being debated during the decade in many nations. National reunifications (of Korea, for example) might occur as well.

Jupiter will be so prominent in late 2014 and early 2015 that it will be a signal to all of humanity to cheer up and be confident again. Its trine to Saturn in Sagittarius could indicate a breakthrough voyage in space, which might help our morale. It could be the time for a new Magellan-one civilization cycle (500 years) after the original. The rebounding economy will be strong enough for social experimentation, too. Alive with a new sense of communion, we will be breaking barriers and loosening inhibitions in ways that remind us of the psychedelic '60s. Many Mercury-Neptune conjunctions in the charts of the mid-2010s suggest mind-expanding techniques (including psychedelic drugs) will be back in vogue.

There could be more trouble in the Middle East in the spring of 2015, but U.S. intervention there would be a deadly mistake. Peace agreements made in August or early September may be short-lived. By 2015, we can expect global religious reformation to cause tremendous turmoil in that explosive Middle East region, as religious reformers (Neptune in Pisces) clash with fundamentalist authorities (square Saturn in Sagittarius). Israel will be a scene of religious strife or a target of terrorist attacks. By 2016, these religious conflicts could disrupt world diplomacy again.

A furious conflict may erupt over religion and health policies, two things of vital importance to people in this period. We could see uprisings among the poor (Mars in Virgo opposing Neptune in October 2015, and square Neptune in April 2016-- see below), probably directed against church and/or health authorities. Figures reminiscent of Mother Teresa and Florence Nightingale may emerge as powerful leaders of the poor and the sick. Many moral crusaders (perhaps elder leaders from the baby boom generation) may emerge in 2015-2016 and rouse the people to tackle the issues of racism, sexism, global interdependence, ecology, and the need for creative spirituality in our society.

The government would be wise to prepare for attacks and kidnappings by religious terrorists in late September or October 2015, and again in mid-April 2016. Mars turns stationary in religious Sagittarius in April and makes dangerous aspects (conjunct Saturn, square Neptune, etc.). Authorities should heed the lessons of Waco and similar events, or needless deaths could occur.1 The paradoxes of religious fascism and murder in God's name would seem ridiculous if they weren't so dangerous. Spain, scene of such attitudes in the past, may be subject to religious and/or separatist battles in April 2016 that threaten to tear the nation apart. Such religious upheavals could affect the U.S. economy in 2016, and the questionable finances of cults and churches in America will make headlines. These clashes will continue in the fall of 2016, and new ones may occur in Central Asia and in Latin American nations such as Brazil.

The continuing global weather crisis may cause millions more dollars worth of damage in this period (as well as in 2010-11), so governments should be prepared. By the spring of 2016, the U.S. will deal with this recurring crisis by taking major health and ecology measures in concert with other nations. The spiritual enthusiasm among the people will also move them to help others in 2016 through private agencies. This crisis will be an opportunity to reorganize many of our institutions in a way that respects and serves people better. Perhaps we will understand by then that poverty will diminish only when we live in harmony with nature-and value everyone's contributions.


Whoever is elected U.S. president in 2016 will continue to face religious strife around the world. The U.S. in the late 2010s may offer itself again as an instrument of diplomacy and peace-keeping, but perhaps not very effectively. Small, muddled sea battles and scandals may result. Juridical Jupiter's T-square to Uranus-Pluto in 2017 also means that the religious revolution will affect the law, perhaps through court decisions. An eclipse on February 26 indicates unrest by religious rebels or the poor in many countries. The U.S. would regret any intervention in these conflicts, because it would bring many casualties. Americans will want to stay out and concentrate on their growing health and legal problems at home instead.

Many of the measures demanded by the people during the crisis of 2010 may be put into effect in 2017. These could include agricultural and ecological reforms and human rights for refugee groups. What is most significant about 2017 is Saturn's return to Libra in the progressed Chart of Modern Humanity. Whether all at once or over many years, this could mean real justice will come for those who have been denied it. Jupiter transiting Libra and Saturn passing through Jupiter's sign of Sagittarius confirms 2017 as the year when constitutional changes proposed in many lands come to fruition.

The solar eclipse of August 2017 shows a good month for international bridge building and breakthroughs in space travel. On the other hand, Israel or America could make a bombing strike or carry out a rescue attempt. Even more likely is some kind of strike or tax revolt by poor people, as Mars in Virgo once again opposes Neptune in September. No matter how many "enlightened measures" are taken, it will not be enough to quell the periodic eruptions of discontent among a people struggling to live in what may be a depleted and endangered world. We today should take pause and contemplate what our stubborn adherence to the corporate, "free market," materialistic lifestyle will mean for people in the future, who will have to live with the results. As Mercury re-enters Leo in 2017 in our progressed Horoscope of Modern Humanity, perhaps a new generation (led by some venerable baby boomer idealists) will rediscover that "making a good living" is not the same as creating a meaningful life-a lesson we all should have learned by now.


The year 2018 contains more interesting cosmic events. Neptune is prominent, and reaches the critical 1966 "stillness of spirit" degree of 17 Pisces. In addition, Uranus enters Taurus in 2018-19, bringing a new phase that will be powerfully felt in the U.S. Leaders and activists will promote a new vision in the spring and summer of 2018, inspiring the people to board the train to a more prosperous, spiritual and Earth-friendly tomorrow, and work together to evade further global deterioration.

Once Uranus enters Taurus in 2018-19, spiritual reformation and concern for the Earth will be combined more often, accelerating the rebirth of nature religions. The anxious and outspoken temper of the times will ease to some extent. Better economic times should take some of the steam out of the endemic revolts. Prosperity will be helped by the new "green post-industrial revolution" being powered by all the planet-friendly technologies invented over the last two decades or so: new ways of farming, for example. Encouraged by the success of the new green and high-tech industries, people will begin to tire of riots in the streets and fanatic cult enthusiasms, preferring now to get down to business. In the summer of 2018, Mars turns stationary in Aquarius, in virtually the same degree where it also turns stationary four years later in the Horoscope of Modern Humanity! People will again be feeling the pulse of progress. There might even be a danger that concern for the Earth might be sacrificed to materialism again. This will be a recurring challenge in the Twenty-First Century.

Though the popular temper may be quieter after 2018, moral crusaders will still be trying to rouse the people for the looming conflicts ahead. A powerful lunar eclipse on January 21, 2019 may show more popular upheavals against the government and religious disputes between the U.S. and other nations (but not war). Many governments may be tempted to crack down on such upheavals with oppression in this period, as rulers and pundits persuade people to be more "realistic." The current "green post- industrial boom" will be at its peak in January 2019, and in this heady climate some careless entrepreneurs may lose their shirts to dishonest speculators. Investors should be very careful in this period; financial scandals are likely.

In March 2019, Uranus enters Taurus to stay. This could represent a moment when key decisions are made to encourage new lifestyles that are easier on the planet. Psychedelics are sure to be still in vogue, especially natural ones (since Uranus is entering earthy Taurus). Many Americans will be eager to help promote health and land reform all over the world, and to further the ideals of peace, ecology and brother/sisterhood. "Developing" countries in Africa, though, will be fighting each other over scarce natural resources such as oil. Neptune's arrival at the critical "pile-up" degree, plus Saturn's return to the 1993 conjunction degree in Capricorn, are sure signs that this year of 2019 will see the return (and possible resolution) of many key issues of our time-how all the Earth's peoples can live together in peace and preserve the planet and its resources. As Uranus passes 0 Taurus, it will also be completing exactly two cycles since the earlier "pile-up" in 1851. The two great movements of "matter-in-motion" and "stillness of spirit" will combine together in 2019, as we face the karmic results of our battle with nature and the racist, materialist delusions from our past. As the twenty-year era from 2000 to 2020 closes, we will see our true ideals and the path ahead more clearly.


Although things will be generally quiet and stable in 2019, Mars opposing Saturn and Pluto in mid-June 2019 shows escalating ethnic conflicts over natural resources. Disturbances of this kind brewing among America's neighbors in 2019 could help to trigger the greater conflict to come in America itself in the mid-2020s. Perhaps literally "brewing": alcohol and/or drugs may be the center of contention (Neptune in Pisces). With Uranus in early Taurus, the Balkans could be unstable again, too.

In the fall of 2019, there may be more popular uprisings among the humble classes, and they may be inspired by religion. This period may see yet another great spiritual awakening, as churches become more active, and people find new ways to "get high" naturally, "get back to nature," and "rebuild the land." It may seem like 1770 all over again. Where will the new Tahiti be?

The economy may already be out of whack again by 2020. Saturn in Capricorn is always a danger signal, and a conjunction with perilous Pluto there is doubly dangerous. While things won't be nearly so bad as 2010, the fact that the next Jupiter-Saturn conjunction happens so close to the U.S. natal Pluto indicates it may trigger further economic restructuring. The spring chart for 2020 confirms this, with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all conjoined in the Second House of finance. This is certain to cause the brewing conflicts throughout the world to bubble over. U.S. finances will now be so tightly bound up with those of its chief trading partners (perhaps especially in other American nations), that troubles here won't be resolved without dealing with troubles there.

Some kind of confrontation seems very likely in January 2020. Disputes will center over land, taxes, resources and liquids, and will be accompanied (as usual in these times) by religious pontifications. Diplomacy will probably postpone any conflict until June 28, but after that the danger of major war is acute. On September 9, Mars turns stationary-retrograde in Aries in square to Saturn-Pluto. If we haven't yet learned the ways of peace, this will certainly be the time for a war, and the chapter will end much the way it began.

This conflict in September 2020 will have its roots in the brewing conflicts over natural resources that erupted in January or July 2019. Since Saturn will be at 25 Capricorn (Mars degree in the chart of Modern Humanity), this confrontation may be the ultimate challenge to our desire to master and plunder the Earth and to dominate people. Saturn will have returned to the place it last occupied in January 1991, so this will also be a climactic challenge to the New World Order established thirty years before, as the U.N. tries to discipline "another Hitler" or "another Saddam." In fact, Iraq may be the culprit again, and Central Asia or India may also be a primary theater of contention. Not long after Mars turns stationary-direct in Aries (same as before Pearl Harbor) on November 14, we could see another "day of infamy."

It is likely that the U.S. will play only a supportive role in this conflict at first. American action may be limited to strikes against its "disobedient" neighbors in the fall of 2020. But whatever happens will be the opening salvo in a struggle in which the continued existence of the United States will hang in the balance. The great crisis will have opened for which the events and the "moral crusaders" of the last thirty years have been preparing us.

Endnotes for Chapter 17
1. Mars was in Sagittarius and making the same aspects during the cult murder-suicides in Jonestown, Guyana, in November 1978.

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