Published Predictions by E. Alan Meece

These are predictions I have made, verified with pictures of the publications and articles they appeared in, from oldest to newest.

My first prediction listed here is from an article that was purchased by a magazine called Astrology, Your Daily Horoscope in 1974. I was paid for the article, but I don't know if they actually published any part of it.

These two predictions are from articles I mimeographed and gave to my friends in 1974. The most notable prediction is for the Revolutions that led to the end of the Cold War.

The following predictions are from my first published articles in 1976.

Below is from my first article in Welcome to Planet Earth magazine. I published over 30 articles in that magazine from 1986 to 2000.

From my second article in Welcome to Planet Earth magazine in 1987:

This is from my 3rd article. I had also published an earlier version of this article in the AFA Bulletin in 1977. These articles concern Jupiter's return to its 7th house position in Gemini/Cancer, when the US frequently goes to war or takes action that leads to future wars or (sometimes) peace. Jupiter's return was due in 1989 and 1990, and this time it signified our invasions of Panama and the Persian Gulf.

From my 7th article in WPTE, which contains my predictions of the invasion of Panama and the revolutions of 1989. I made a similar prediction in my next article (also below) on the amazing century to century parallels.

Here are more successful predictions from Welcome to Planet Earth on the 1990-91 Gulf War, the 1990 recession, 9-11-2001, and the 1992 election.

Below I predicted that the Gulf War could break out in January 1991, which it did. Bush and Saddam both made their "aggressive moves" then, including Saddam's attacks on Israel. As I have stated in my book, after Mars turns stationary, wars or major aggressive events often follow within a few weeks. The Mars trine to Saturn not only made the war a "cakewalk" for the "new world order" coalition, but was an appropriate signal for it, since the same trine appears in the horoscope charts of both Bush and Saddam, and in the horoscopes of both the USA and Iraq.

From an early edition of my book, written in about 1987, in which I predicted the war in the Balkans in the 1990s. I had to change the wording from "could it be" to "was" on my copy at the bottom of this page, since the prediction came true before I could publish my book.

More predictions from Welcome to Planet Earth, concerning the great solar eclipse of June 1992. I predicted troubles, famine and power struggles in Africa, mentioning Kenya and Ethiopia. I was not far off, since the US decided to invade nearby Somalia in early 1993 to deal with famine and civil war. Later on, the US suffered the deadly "blackhawk down" affair.

Predilections of Rush Limbaugh's fate, from my article in WTPE of Jan.1994 about him:

Election 1996, Generation Y, more on the Balkans, the eclipse of the century, and 9-11..

                               In this article, "Wars and World Changes" in March 1998, I explain how Uranus and Neptune were in opposition in 1908, before the Bosnian Crisis that led to World War I in 1914. 6 years after Uranus and Neptune joined in conjunction in 1993, I expected another international engagement in that area in 1999. That's what happened in Kosovo.

In the middle column below, I predicted the war in the Serbia-Kosovo area, and the exact timing. The war broke out on March 24, after the Mars station on the 18th, and ended on June 3, one day before the exact Mars station in Libra on June 4. Look to the right of the check mark in the middle column below.

From my published 1997 book, Horoscope for the New Millennium. Note the prediction of the ecological disasters and governments toppled after 2008.

A table on all the predictions made in Horoscope for the New Millennium, and which ones came true, and the astrological basis for each one, from the time of the book's publication in 1997 to the present (2013), will be available in my new book.

I plan to show here a picture of a few pages from my book covering predictions for the end of the 20th century, with a chart showing which ones came true, and to what extent.

In this forum I posted many predictions about the 2012 election. They all came true.

(change 00001 to the page number of the post listed. I will link to the page number (not the post #) soon. The current links are going offline.

Back in Dec.2010, I predicted Obama would win a second term, and Romney as a good bet to win the Republican nomination among former governors. page 26, post 644

I predicted in June 2011 Obama to win comfortably; quite a bold (and accurate) prediction considering his low approval rating, and the closeness of the polls throughout the race. page 87, post 2171

Review of Arab Spring predictions, and prediction that economic recovery would allow Obama victory. page 125, post 3114

Perry's lead in the polls would not last, I predicted here in early Sept.2011. Romney nomination and Obama victory predicted. page 129, post 3222

Regarding Herman Cain, who had just surged ahead in the polls, Oct.2011. See also post #2 above this one. Herman Cain: could he win the nomination thread, page 1, post #6

Relative fortunes of Cain, Perry, Huntsman and Romney correctly predicted. page 164, post 4096

The 2012 candidates were listed here in order of their chances to win, according to my scoring system. Note my correct prediction that Newt Gingrich would be the next challenger to Romney. Soon afterward he surged into the lead in the polls. page 169, post 4210

My predictions for Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, Nov.19. page 191, post 4763

Regarding Gary Johnson. page 193, post 4813

No new 3rd party candidates besides those already known. page 208, post 5178

More on Gary Johnson; I predicted in Dec. 2011 that he might get Libertarian nomination, which he did. page 208, post 5183

I predicted on Dec. 20 that Santorum would rise to be the next challenger to Romney for the nomination. This was a bold prediction since he had been near and at the bottom in most polls, and it had seemed possible that he might be the next one to drop out. page 207, post 5172

More on Santorum after my prediction is fulfilled. page 214, post 5347

Who might drop out after Iowa? page 215, post 5362

More on Santorum's surprise surge, and predictions by others on the forum that failed. page 218, post 5429

Gingrich might win SC, I said on Jan.13, 2012 (he did). page 228, post 5680

Santorum will be strong through March, I said here (he was, but quit in April). Romney correctly predicted to win FL after Gingrich wins SC. page 233, post 5807

Gingrich's battle with GOP candidates hurts them; aggressive approach will help Obama page 230, post 5816

The fortunes of Gingrich and Santorum predicted; discussion with historian and non-astrologer. page 237, post 5903

What about Bloomberg or Christie in 2012? page 238, post 5942

A skeptic is impressed with my Santorum call. page 240, post 5978

Ratings of candidates. page 246, post 6147

On John Boehner as a presidential candidate. page 250, post 6238

Feb. 2012 economic forecasts. page 261, post 6510

Outlook for Gingrich predicted. page 269, post 6703

A future Republican candidate acceptable to all factions. page 279, post 6964

Paul Ryan's potential as a viable candidate (this post dated Feb.14; he became the Vice Presidential nominee later) page 285, post 7113

Feb 2012 forecast for USA foreign involvement; diplomatic breakthrough predicted for next Summer. page 288, post 7200

Feb.23: Santorum correctly predicted to be out as soon as late April. page 298, post 7439

Ryan a strong candidate if he runs. page 298, post 7446

A Reagan-type victory for Romney? A conservative says so; I say different. page 298, post 7452

March 14: Santorum's fortunes correctly predicted, and Obama's victory margin in the Fall correctly predicted. page 314, post 7827

April 15: Here I predicted the Republican victory in the House, and explain who is responsible for the economic policies that Romney blamed on Obama. page 323, post 8065

August: Ryan, a man to watch, gets picked. page 339, post 8456 and post 8467

With some admitted inaccuracies from the past, I predicted here 7 weeks in advance the exact electoral vote total by which Obama won. page 364, post 9087

If Obama is ahead by 5% nationally, he'll win Florida. page 443, post 11060

Holding to Obama despite Romney's lead. page 451, post 11257

How the returns will come in on election night predicted correctly. page 473, post 11801

I still predict a 332 to 206 win for Obama, I said, but Florida will be close. I beat all the polls and pundits with this prediction. page 473, post 11814

It's "left for me to crow" about my correct predictions, I said, but two posters did congratulate me after this post. page 481, post 12004

I made predictions about how the "Arab Spring" revolutions would unfold in this forum: See What Tunisia Started

Feb 13, 2011: "I think dominoes will keep falling over the next several years. But this is a big year. Look for April to be more violent." This came true in Libya. page 5, post 114

Feb.17: I said the revolution would continue despite any repression. page 6, post 144 I also predicted when Qaddafi would be overthrown, but I can't find that post yet.

Dec.8, 2012: predictions for the following year. page 11, post 274

Jan 5, 2013: we did get involved in some ways in Syria, as I predicted. Our threats impelled Syria to agree to get rid of its chemical weapons. page 12, post 279

June 20, 2013: discussion of forming grand trine, and the predicted peace breakthrough happening (see my video of 2013 predictions). page 15, post 356

June 24, 2013: JDG '66 (James Glick) (bottom of post) dredges up some predictions I made in 2002 on a Prophecy thread, including the economic crash in Fall 2008. I was also close regarding revolutions in 2010 (started in Jan.2011)and potential US intervention in 2012 (Sept.2013); just a bit early with my dates. Later of course I DID predict Kerry would do well in 2004 (while Dean was still far in the lead), and Hillary Clinton as an important leader for our Crisis seems more plausible now than in did in 2002. My prediction for the War in Iraq came true too, except that we did not pull out from the mess. page 15, post 373

July 1, 2013: prediction fulfilled in Egypt, at least potentially. page 16, post 386

July 2: interesting questions at the bottom of this post. page 16, post 391

Aug 27: possible military strike in Syria. page 18, post 434

The following table is a comprehensive list of the predictions I made in my January 1997-published book Horoscope for the New Millennium at the end of Chapter 15, "The Modern Spirit's Journey: Part 2," pages 250-255, covering the first years after my book was published, 1997-2000. I list them in the order they appear in the book, together with actual events at or near the time predicted, and the astrological basis for the prediction (mostly as mentioned in the book). A list of further predictions I made in the same book up to 2012 and beyond, and matching events (if any), will be revealed in my new book Horoscope for the New Age. This is not a scientific statistical study; readers can judge for themselves whether the predictions are specific enough to make a difference, and how closely by nature and timing the actual events matched the forecasts. Astrologers may also get some clues about what the various planetary positions might mean for future events, and which ones worked out as predicted in the past.

Actual events listed are taken from major, well known chronicles of major events such as The World Almanac, and from notes taken on the nightly national network TV news. These are not obscure events dredged up just to fit the predictions. However, these were not the only events that happened during these years; other events also happened which were not predicted. As you can see however, many of the most memorable events of these times are included here.

Date Prediction in my Jan.1997 book Actual events Astrology
Early 1997 Another Middle or Far East war (page 250, Horoscope for the New Millennium) March-May: Israel-Hamas clashes Mars Libra SR Feb.6 opp Saturn Feb.16
Early 1997 Domestic violence simmering; April 27: Texas separatist revolt same as above + Mars SD April 27.
Early 1997 Another terrorist attack in US Jan 15: abortion clinic bombed; Feb 24 lesbian club bombed same as above plus conj charts for Jupiter-Uranus/Neptune
Early 1997 Another Clinton scandal Feb.15 China accused of giving funds to him; Clinton accused of inviting contributors to White House same as above
Early 1997 Clinton may take anti-terrorist actions No Mars Libra SR, Feb.6 opp Saturn
Early 1997 Clinton should be careful of violent attacks No Mars 5 Libra SR, Feb.6 opp Saturn
April 27 1997 and soon afterward Time of great riot, revolution, "rev up the Marseillaise." Russian states may try to be independent, initiatives to help US cities May 18 Indonesia riots; Suharto later forced out. April 27 Texas revolt. May 18: Kinshasha falls to rebels in Zaire; becomes Congo. May 15: labor unrest in Paris; strike in Belgium. May 25 Sierra Leone coup June 2 socialists win in France April 27: Mars SD 17 Virgo, April 9 total solar ecl in 18 Pisces
Early & Spring 1997 Health breakthroughs; AIDS cure; health care debates, plagues, labor reforms (page 251) May 1 AIDS vaccine announced. Feb 23 Dolly the Sheep cloning controversy. Mar 2 Monkey cloned. June 20 tobacco suits settled. 6th and 12th house emphasized in important charts of the period.
April 27 1997 ff Saddam Hussein's foolish action could be excuse for US attack No, not this early Mars SD 17 Virgo
Feb or Apr 1997 Chinese may attempt to unify with Taiwan No same as above + SR 5 Libra, opp Sat. in Feb.
Late Aug/early Sept 1997 Transportation accident could dominate news. Communications controversy, terrorist attack could happen Princess Diana dies in car crash Aug 31. Funeral Sept.6. Sept.8: Haiti ferry crash kills 100s. Sept.28: Borneo fires since Sept 23 cause major crash. Mars opp Saturn late July; late Aug. Mars sq Uranus & Mercury-- SR 16 Virgo, ecl. Sept 1.
Early Oct or late Dec. 1997 Promising times for diplomacy. Progress & financial innovation in US Oct 7 campaign finance reform blocked by Republicans. Early Jan 1998: Clinton announces balanced budget. Oct.8 Jupiter SD, Mars conj Pluto Sag.Late Dec. Venus SR conj Mars-Ura. Aqu.
Oct 1997 Space travel exploits July 4: Pathfinder lands on Mars Mars conj Pluto in Sagittarius
Oct 1997 Enlightened religious movement may sponsor conference Oct 1997: Promisekeepers rally in D.C. same as above
Oct 1997 Global cooperation on major problems Dec.11: Kyoto Treaty same as above
Feb-Mar 1998 Major peace breakthrough Feb 16-22: Kofi Annan negotiates bombing cease-fire between US & Iraq. April: N. Ireland agreement Feb 5: Venus SD 19 Cap, Feb 26: ecl. conj Jupiter in 9th.
1998 Spiritual revivals ? Pluto in Sag sq Jup in Pisces
1998 More scandals; secret military misdeeds Monica Lewinsky scandal same as above
1998-99 Health care transformed, breakthroughs by century's end April 1998: new drugs: Timoxifin, Viagra, Evista. Jan 1998: medicare expanded. May 1998: Cancer cure in rats. June 11 1998: TB cure. same as above + lunar ecl in Virgo March 13, 1998, & see Spring eq. ch. 1998
1999, "as century ends" Workplace issues; anxiety about free trade and immigration WTO protests, the "Battle in Seattle" Nov.30, 1999 Mars conj Neptune, sq Saturn
1998 International agreements in ocean or space travel (page 252) Kyoto Treaty on global warming Dec.11, 1997 Venus SR Dec. 1997
1998 Presidential diplomacy very active; aggressive moves controversial. See also late 1998 below. US response to Al Qaeda attacks (bombing Sudan & Afghanistan) Aug 20 called "wagging the dog" Ecl Aug 22 1998, Mars-Saturn SR-Neptune T-sq Aug.1998
August 1998 Violence due to religious cults, repression of protests (page 253) Al Qaeda attack on US embassies in Kenya & Tanzania, Aug 7. Rwanda-Uganda war Aug.16. See above too: US responds. Ecl Aug 22 1998, Mars-Saturn SR-Neptune T-sq Aug.1998
1998 Panic over econ & ecol. Uncertainties; unusually severe weather Sept-Oct 1997, panic over Asia fires. 1998 "warmest year of the millennium"-- Jones, Br. Researcher. Hurricane Mitch, El Nino, China & Bangladesh floods; worldwatch says 1998 was record disaster year. Saturn in Taurus sq Neptune in Aq, Pluto opp conj of 1892.
1999 New Millennium fears of "end of the world" Y2K Saturn sq Neptune
Aug 1998 Disillusion with progress may cause radical change, some of corporate/oil power structure dissolves ? Pluto opp US Uranus, Neptune conj US Pluto
1990s/2000s Economy rebounds in 1990s; but unsettled due to radical upheavals in the first few years after 1998. Severe catastrophe not due until at least 2008. Spot on; boom in 90s, bubble burst in 2000 and 9-11 in 2001; housing bubble and speculation brings severe crash and recession in 2008.
Around Aug 1999 Major multi-national Balkan conflict. See below See below
Feb 1999: Nations get more aggressive; major religious, revolutionary upheavals due in April & July in Middle East or Balkans; perhaps SE Asia or Central Africa. See also April 1999 below. Also p.247: "look for Bosnia to come apart again in 1998-99" See April 1999 below. Kosovo March 24-June 3 1999 Uranus & Neptune in places like 1914. Mars SR March 18; SD Libra June 4 (predicted on website)
Late 1998 Major diplomatic efforts to deal with upheavals in E. Europe and SE Asia and maybe Middle East Oct 8 Albania rebels cease fire in Kosovo. Albright ultimatum to Serbs. Mid-Oct. Md. Mideast summit with Clinton. Oct 23 Wye agreement for Israel withdrawal from West Bank. Dec.14 Palestine removes anti-Israel language. Clinton in Gaza. Nov 16 Saddam backs down on inspections. Dec. 16 Iraq bombed. Eq chart active 7th,9th,3rd house incl. Jupiter opp Venus.
Nov 1998 Major religious/moral controversy breaks out Lewinsky scandal leads to impeachment. Falun Gong protests in China Sept.1 1999 (may have started earlier) Nov. 1998: Mars sq Jupiter SD Pisces, sq Mercury SR
April 1999 Major religious/revolutionary upheavals in Balkans & Middle East, perhaps Southeast Asia or Central Africa. Kosovo War between Muslim Albanians and Orthodox Serbs. Niger revolt April 9. Mars SR March 18. April 6 Saturn sq Neptune.
July 1999 Major religious/revolutionary upheavals in Balkans & Middle East, perhaps Southeast Asia or Central Africa. July: Iran protests. June 13 N & S Korea clash. July 24: Serbs rise up against Milosevic. Falun Gong Sept.1 East Timor independence clashes Lunar ecl July 28 Mars-Jup.-Nep T-sq. mid-July, & w/ecl.. July 18: Saturn sq Uranus
Aug 11 1999 Upheavals in Balkans, Russia (breakup of fed?), Mexico revolution, revolutionary civil war. Religious war, probably in Iran. Purges, massacres; Balkan earthquakes predicted in my 1976 article in AFA and on website. Art experiments & health innovations See website. Aug.6-16, 1999: Dagestan & Chechnya revolts; Russians attack Chechnya Oct 22 & Jan.2000. Sept 9 Apartment bomb in Moscow. Huge Serb rally Aug 19. Aug 9 Putin is new PM, Yeltsin cronies criticized. Earthquakes: Turkey Aug 17 kills 35,000. Sept 7 Greece, Sept 20 Taiwan. Sept. 30 Mexico + Japan nuc accident. July 2, 2000: PRI loses power in Mexico after 7 decades. Al Qaeda plans 9-11 attack. "Eclipse of the century" opposes Uranus and squares Mars & Saturn, Aug.11. "Terror from the Sky"-- Nostradamus.
Aug 11 1999 Transportation accident, student uprising, terror bombing or labor unrest in US. Corporate or economic restructuring. (page 254) Roller coaster accidents, late August 1999. Nov. 1999: Battle in Seattle. July 1999: Clinton proposes Medicare drug plan, anti-poverty initiative. Nov.5: Microsoft ruled a monopoly. Aug 11 1999 ecl. in Leo (youth, amusement) in 12th, Uranus in 6th (labor, health). Saturn sq Uranus in fixed money signs.
After Aug.11 Upheavals may cause financial panic Financial Panic, Sept.23 Aug 11 1999 eclipse
Feb/05/2000 Outbreak in or US clash with Iran no Feb 5 2000 eclipse conj Uranus in 17 Aquarius
Feb/05/2000 Another presidential scandal ? same as above
Feb 2000 More troubles erupt in same places as in August Kosovo clash Feb 18. Russians capture Grosny Feb.6 same as above
Year 2000 A hopeful moment for new opportunities realized Gore announces we have reached "the mountain top," the greatest economy ever seen. Stocks at record, but bust begins April 14. The "valley of transition" is passed, as we reached the "mountain top" which I and Dr. King predicted.

Following are photos of pages 250-255 from the book so you can read the original predictions if you want.


My website also includes many predictions from 1997 to 2013

Horoscope for the New Age (including videos of predictions for 2001-2013 and beyond that I made in lectures)

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