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For something special and out of the ordinary, tune into Mystic Music with Eric Mystic, Monday evenings on at 10 PM central time, 11 PM eastern, 8 PM pacific . Take a vacation from ordinary reality and catch a glimpse of mystic spaces.

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What is Mystic Music?

The Mystic Music program has been broadcasting almost continuously now since March 28, 1986. Mystic music is that kind of sonorous sound experience that lifts and awakens you above normal consciousness, even if only for a few moments. If you listen sensitively, it puts you in touch with your most special memories and forgotten dreams. It is relaxing and good for your plants (and your body too; not to mention your mind, heart and soul). Remember, it is beauty that heals. Mystic music remains true to the original purpose of music: to help us contact the spiritual dimensions of life and reveal the sacred to us; and to, as I say, "keep the spirit alive."

Such music is a vast field, and my program features only that portion of it which I am most familiar with and have access to or permission to play.

              J.S. Bach is the Master of Mystic Music, and has influenced some of the other music I play. His Toccata in F Major, S. 540 helped inspire my interest in organ music, and I recently noticed that it's a perfect symbol of the 7 chakras and the hero's mystical journey (click on the link to read my essay about this).

              I might also play the music of other classical composers; chiefly the sorely-neglected music of turn-of-the 20th-century composer Louis Vierne and other masters of the late-romantic and modern French school of organ music. As an organist and composer myself, I have a special interest in organ music and think it the most valuable and overlooked part of the classical field--perhaps because it has been too closely linked with "church." Much organ music, although naturally mystical because of the grand mystique of the organ sound, is not, however, specifically religious.

I might also play a few other classics, ranging from Bach and Baroque to romantic and medieval; choral and orchestral as well as organ and harpsichord. These mystic classics are mostly but not always neglected on "mainstream" classical stations. I call it the "old" mystic music.

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Ambient music is the mainstay of my program on stillstream. Some of this is called "New Age," and indeed some of this music may become the "classical music" of the future. Sometimes it is called "visionary music." The "new" mystic ambient music I play includes spacious, contemplative, heartfelt, trance-inducing and psychedelic sounds in such sub-genres as space music, electronic, acoustic, and world fusion; a mix of entrancing, spacey drones and fluid, melodic structures.

See my list of top picks of the year and all-time favorite tracks here.

See my all-time list of New Age CDs here

These are my favorite "new" mystic music artists (not all of those listed here or below can be heard on stillstream):

Klaus Schulze
      A pioneer in the field who has influenced many others since the early 1970s, Klaus Schulze created several compositions which remain among the greatest classics of new mystic music. His sounds are haunting, hypnotic, innovative and sometimes psychedelic. Along with Tangerine Dream, Schulze is the creator of the very-influential Berlin/European electronic music school. Sometimes it is also called cosmic rock.
David Parsons
      An accomplished player of sitar and other Indian instruments, David Parsons, of New Zealand, has made many journeys to the Tibetan and Indian region to record samples of the music, the chanting of monks and other sounds found there, and combines them with his unparalleled electronic artistry. His vivid, healing, inspiring music takes you into the heart of inner spiritual spaces as no other music does. Overall, his music is the best of the new mystic music genre.
Robert Carty
      An artist now living in Utah who is currently the most prolific and creative in the field, and perhaps may soon be the equal even of David Parsons! Robert has not been very successful yet in promoting his music, but you can get ordering-info at his new web site (click on the link above). His electronic space music is very sonorous, sensuous, gentle, healing and romantic; honest and heart-felt, yet expressed in the spacious, flowing, innovative styles of today. His style varies from very bright, joyous, emotional and cosmic to deeper, shamanic, Native American-influenced sounds.
Robert Rich
      From California, Robert Rich has been a frequent live guest on Mystic Music. His music is always very sophisticated, well crafted and contemplative. He has not only been influenced by other spacemusic artists, but also by styles from around the world. His intent is to help us access the deeper, surreal, forgotten layers of our being beyond ordinary consciousness that can renew our sense of ourselves, and also to blend through music the fluid, sensuous aspects of life (evoked with sounds he calls "glurp") with the mathematical, mental aspects. Robert is also an expert dream researcher and medical technician, and has a degree in psychology from Stanford.
Michael Stearns
      One of the earliest and greatest in the field of electronic space music, his music was the first that I knew and loved in this genre. Reknowned for his "planetary" and "galactic" soundscapes, he is also a prolific composer of soundtracks for films such as "Baraka" that explore sacred sites and exotic "lost worlds." His sound often has a jewel-like radiance that envelopes the listener in haunting atmospheric tones.
Steve Roach
      Much like his younger colleague Robert Rich, Steve Roach of Arizona has become a revered cult figure in the field of electronic space music. Called a "techno-shaman" and the "landscape artist of dreamtime vistas," Steve is a master of deep space and tribal sound worlds that dissolve the borders between ancient and modern perspectives. He is also known for many collaborations with other musicians, including a number of my favorites also mentioned here.
Other great new mystic music artists include:

Electronic space/ambient music - healing/angelic emphasis
Other electronic space/ambient - often deeper and darker (see also list of favorites above)
Techno-ambient and German grooves
Neo-classical New Age
Acoustic and world-fusion styles

For recommended recordings by these and other artists, visit my Top 100-plus New Age/Space listings

There are a great many other fine composers and performers in the new age and mystic music fields, which is still very productive of new talent. For other suggestions visit Darv Krizton's site, the Visionary Sound Arts Interface.

My all-time Top 10 New Age and New Mystic Music CDs and Albums, as of Dec.2009
Title Artist Favorite Track
Picture Music Klaus Schulze "Totem"
Communion George Wallace "Within the Dream"
Himalaya David Parsons "Rishikesh"
Dorje Ling David Parsons "Dorje Ling"
Vibrant Water Thom Brennan "Vibrant Water"
Horizons Call Robert Carty "Within Love"
Natural Wonder Robert Carty "Love Life"
Body Love 2 Klaus Schulze "Moogtique"
Music for Awakening the Light Body Michael Hammer "Awakening the Light Body"
Winter Kevin Kendle "Midwinter"

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