ALL-TIME NEW AGE TOP 100-PLUS by Eric Mystic
(January 2010 edition)

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Here are listed my favorite "New Age" Cds, tapes and albums released since the 1970s. "New Age" includes space music, electronic, ambient, acoustic, visionary, world fusion and other new age genres. Following the Top 100 list are unreleased works and the rank they might have if they were released, followed by an alphabetical list of other runners-up. In a few cases, I may not be sufficiently familiar with a title to give it a rank, or the rank may be tentative. The most recommended of these are starred. Be aware that New Age Music is a vast field, and that this list includes only that portion of it with which I am familiar. There are other excellent works out there which I have not yet heard. Rankings are mostly flexible and approximate; the more so the further down you go on the list. I am not claiming these rankings to be "correct" necessarily, but perhaps helpful in recommending music to those who enjoy my program or whose interests are similar to mine and wish some hints as to which music to explore. I still need to add a few more-recent runners-up. Don't miss my list of favorite tracks and picks of the year. There are some You Tube and last fm links there.

There are a few You Tube and last fm links here too.
Top 100-plus Favorites
rankartisttitlefavorite track(s) (if known)
1.Klaus SchulzePicture MusicTotem
2.George WallaceCommunion Within the Dream
3.David ParsonsHimalayaRishikesh
4.Thom BrennanVibrant WaterVibrant Water
5.David ParsonsDorje LingDorje Ling
6.Robert CartyHorizons CallWithin Love
7.Robert CartyNatural Wonder Love Life/Returning Conscious
8.Klaus SchulzeBody Love 2Moogtique
9.Kevin KendleWinterMidwinter
10.Michael HammerMusic for Awakening the Light BodyAwakening the Light Body
11.Robert CartySilent DreamsReturning
12.Robert CartyTimelesstitle track
13.David ParsonsSounds of the Mothership/Tibetan PlateauSpheres/Gangotri
14.David ParsonsEarthlightBathing Light
15.David ParsonsParikramaDawa Gompa
16.Robert CartyStarlight Volume 2Galactic Winds
17.Robert CartyPlateaus of EtherLost Temple (part 2)
18.David ParsonsShamanThe Return (Uzbek)
19.Michael HammerMusic for AscensionLighting the Sacred Tree
20.Robert RichNumenaOn the Other Side of Twilight
21.Robert CartyEthereal DesertsLife Presence
22.Steve RoachDreamtime ReturnTruth in Passing
23.Klaus SchulzeMirageCrystal Lake
24.Mark IshamFilm MusicMrs. Soffel
25.David ParsonsYatraMaha Puja
26.Robert Rich/B. LustmordStalker A Point of No Return
27.Steve RoachThe Magnificent VoidThe Magnificent Void/Altus
28.Loreena McKennittThe Visit The Lady of Shalott
29.Don SlepianSea of BlissSea of Bliss
30. Kevin KendleDeep Skies 1: Light from OrionFlame Nebula
31.Kevin KendleDeep Skies 2: Lagoon of EternityAscella
32.IasosAngelic MusicAngel Play
33.John Robert KrauseHeart of the FlowerHeart of the Flower
34.Robert CartyStarlight Volume 1Attracting Light
35.Steve RoachMystic Chords and Sacred SpacesWithin the Mystic
36.David ParsonsMaitreya the Future BuddhaUnder the Bodhi Tree/Shambhala
37.Robert CartyNagual HeartEmanations
38.Robert CartyGatewayThe Gateway
39. DilateOctagon
40.NuminaEvolving VisionsAn Imposing Presence
41.Robert CartyDarklightDarkness to Light
42.Max CorbachoThe TalismanConnected Spirits
43.OjasLotussongs 2 Sunrise at 20 Miles High/Soundscape
44.Michael StearnsJewelJewel
45. Jon MarkStanding Stones of Callanish Eye of the Hawk
46.Robert Carty & SylkenThe Endless VistaDesire of the Ages
47.Dean DeBenedictisSalvaging the PastOccur
48.Michael HammerMerging with BlissHeaven of Joy
49.Aetherium (Kevin Kendle)Chakra GoldCrown
50.Robert CartyOceanic SpaceOceanic Space part 1
51.Max CorbachoResonant Memory of Earthtitle track
52.David ParsonsJyotiCity of Spirits
53.HemisphereAttachment XPoints 3,5,7,9
54.Steve RoachDay Out of TimeThe Dreamer Descends
55. Robert CartyMoving SpacesMoving
56.Robert Carty The LivingAwakening with You/The Living Universe
57.Suzanne Ciani Pianissimo IIII Believe In Love
58. Thom BrennanMountainsMonsoon
59. Robert RichSeven VeilsIbn Sina
60.Michael HammerGifts of the Archangelstitle track
61.HemisphereEarly ReflectionAliens
62. Thom Brennan MistPond Life
63. HemisphereFrom Inside the Cyclonetitle track/The Promise
64.Jonn Serrie Planetary Chronicles IThe Auran Vector
65. Alpha Wave Movement/Jim ColeBislama
66.Robert CartySpectrumsHeart Waves/Universal Glow
67.David ParsonsNgaio GamelanSarangi Saron
68. Constance DembyLight of This WorldSunborne
69.Michael GenestHarmonic 33Contact From the Pleaides
70. Vidna ObmanaTwilight of PerceptionTorch of Remembrance
71. Tangerine DreamZeitZeit/all others
72. Robert Rich Geometry Amrita/Geometry of the Skies
73. Lightwave Nachtmusik Just Another Dream
74. Kevin Braheny Lullaby for the Hearts of SpaceAfter I Said Goodnight
75.Robert RichInner LandscapesPart 1
76. Tim Story Abridged Snake's Eye
77. Tim Story In Another Country In Another Country
78. Geoffrey Chandler Starscapes Iris
79. Paul GreaverJoy Bhagwan
80. Georgia Kelly & Dusan BogdanovicA Journey HomeBilyana/Yano Mori
81.Rudy AdrianDesert RealmsRocks Under Moonlight
82.Craig PadillaBelow the MountainFirst Light
83.Dan PoundDan PoundTrance Meditationpart 2
84.Klaus SchulzeKontinuumThor
85.Steve RoachNew Life DreamingDeep Sky Time
86.Jeffrey ThompsonAlpha/Theta Meditation SeriesRenewal
87.Glenn DeardorffPrimordial Marinertitle track
89. David MichaelNew ZealandNew Zealand
90. Richard BurmerBhakti PointNightland/Closer than Love
91. Michael Hammer Music SamplerPrecious Moment
92. Brian EnoApollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks An Ending Ascent
93. various, including David Parsons (Celestial Harmonies/Fortuna)Musique Mechanique Drilbu Ling
94.Richard Burmer Mosaic Ave Pladaelio
95. Hillage/GiraudyRainbow Dome Music Forever Rainbow
96.Tom Aragon The Angel Tape Enchantment
97. Steve RoachWorlds EdgeWhere Souls Roam
98.Richard BoneThe Spectral ShipsAstrea
99. SanjivaThe JourneyKnowing Which You Are
100. Robert Rich A Troubled Resting PlaceCalling by Stormlight
101.Robert CartyMount MeruGoin' Bye Bye
102.Heavenly Music CorporationIn a Garden of EdenIn a Garden of Eden
103.Suzanne CianiPianissimo II
104. LightwaveTycho BraheUraniborg
105. Stearns,Roach,BrahenyDesert SolitaireCloud of Promise/Labyrinth
106. SanjivaInitiationInitiation into the Unlimited
107. Jeffrey Thompson Egg of Time Adneicha
108. Dan ArBras Music for the Silences to Cometitle tracks
109. Heavenly Music Corp. Anechoic
110. Don Slepian Sonic PerfumeSonic Perfume
111.Thom BrennanSilverPart 3
112.Thom BrennanSatoriSatori
113.Michael Whelanlike rain through my handspart 5
114.Steve RoachArc of PassionMoment of Grace
115. Terrace of Memories Terrace of Memories Terrace of Memories
116. Michael Stearns Sacred Site Tropical Rain Forest
117. Robert CartyCloud PullEmergence
118.Robert CartyMicrospiralsTouching Atoms
119.NuminaEye of the NautilusThe Nautilus Chamber
120.various artistsFahrenheit Project Part 6Sundial: Together, we are
121.Steve RoachDynamic Stillnesstrack 2
122.Robert CartyHigh MeditationsAscending Love
123.Robert CartyLife RhythmsLightpulse
124. Kitaro Silk Road Takla Makan Desert
125. David Michael/Randy MeadPetals in the StreamPetals in the Stream
126.Markus Reuter The Longest In Terms of BeingHold
127. Tim StoryUntitledHer Lost Fleet
128.Jonathon Elias The Prayer Cycle
129.Jim Cole & Spectral VoicesCoalescencetitle track
130. Robert Carty Cleansing FireCallings
131. Danna & Clement A Gradual AwakeningLydian Lights
132.Evan BartholomewBorderlandsDream, between idea and emotion
133.Oliver SchroerCaminoGrace
134.ClusterQuaAlbtrec Com/Formalt
135. RaphaelAngels of the DeepPurification
136. Deuter EcstacyEcstasy
137. Emerald WebAqua RegiaNine Unknown Men
138. Suspended Memories Forgotten GodsSaguaro
139. Brian Eno The Shutov AssemblyLanzarote
140.Cyrille Verdeaux Love and EcstacyEcstacy

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Unreleased and possible rank in parentheses
(15) Robert RichLive at Prometheus Space Sequences
(19)David ParsonsDhauladhar DreamingKulu Days

Honorable Mention:
Robert CartyThe Mystic Choice (not really fair to make it #1, since it's a sampler made at my own suggestion; but it would be!)Within Love
Klaus SchulzeJubilee Edition (great, but too massive to give one rank!-- plus I don't know it well enough)Hitchcox Suite
Plus other collections by Klaus Schulze

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Other recommended albums *Top runners up, especially recommended (all listed are good, and some are not well known enough for me to rank). Note that works by two or more artists together are listed under one artist only. For more info on these works, or which category they fit in, try the Lloyd Barde Productions web page, or Darv Krizton's Visionary Sound Arts Interface
*A ProduceInscape and LandscapeIsua/The Golden Needle
A Produce Land of 1000 Trances
A ProduceReflect Like a Mirror, Respond Like an Echo
A Produce Smile on the Void
*Abandoned ToysThe Witch's Garden
Absolute AmbientElemental Journey
Will Ackerman It Takes a Year
*Lis AddisonThe Song of the Treecrown chakra
Rudy AdrianIridescence
*Rudy Adrian Kinetic Flow
Rudy AdrianMoonwater
*Rudy Adrian Twilight
Aeoliah The Light of Tao
Air SculptureThunderhead
Allastia & Blonski Saturn Rising
Carlos Alomar Dream Generator
Alpha Wave MovementBeyond Silence
Alpha Wave MovementCosmology
Alpha Wave MovementA Distant Signal
*Alpha Wave Movement Drifted Into Deeper Lands
*Alpha Wave MovementTerraSky Geometry
*Alpha Wave Movement Transcendence Transcendences
Ambient Temple of Imagination Eleusinia/Sonic Acupuncture
Ancient Future Asian Fusion
Ancient Future Natural Rhythms
Ancient Future Quiet Fire
Ancient Future Visions of a Peaceful Planet
Ancient Future World Without Walls
Angels of Venice Angels of Venice
*Anubian LightsExploring the Sky
Tom Aragon Centered
*David Arkenstone Valley in the CloudsValley in the Clouds
Ed ArzelaImagery
AsheraColour Glow
Dwight AshleyAtaxia
*Dwight AshleyWatermelon Sugar
Ashra Tempel Belle AllianceCode Blue
Ashra TempelThe Best of the Private Tapes
Ashra TempelLa Berteau de Crystal
Ashra Tempel New Age of Earth
Ashra Tempel Sunring
*AsuraLife Squared
William Aura Aurasounds II
Paul Avgerinos Muse of the Round Sky
Paul AvgerinosSky of Grace
Azreal Dreaming the Mystery
*Stephen BacchusAmbient OriginsThe Form of the World
Stephen BacchusPangaea
Jeff BallReverence
Banco de Gaia Iqizeh
Banco de GaiaThe Magical Sounds
Bang on a Can/Brian EnoMusic for Airports
Evan BatholomewCaverns of Time
Daniel Berthiaume The Nature of Silence
Between IntervalAutumn Continent
Between IntervalSecret Observatory
*BiomusiqueThe 10,000 Steps
biosphere Sirc
Chris BocastThrough the Airlock
Richard BoneDistillation
*Richard BoneEtherdome
Richard BoneThe Eternal Now
Richard BoneIndium
Richard BoneSudden Departure
Richard BoneTales from the Incantina
Ron Boots Ghosts of a Mist
Ron Boots Screaming Whispers
Ron Boots Too Many Secrets
Ron Boots and FriendsLive Again
Ron Boots/SyndroneBeing There
Barbara Borden/Sheila Glover Portraits of Passion
Botannica Garden of Earthly Delights
*Meg Bowles Blue Cosmos
Meg BowlesFrom the Dark Earth
Kevin Braheny Enchanter's Isle (unreleased)
Kevin Braheny Galaxies
*Kevin BrahenyPerelandra
Kevin Braheny Secret Rooms
*Brain LaughterIn the Land of PowerNight (all of side one)
Brain Laughter II Not Far from a Distant Sun
*Thom BrennanShimmer
Thom BrennanStories from the Forest
Michael BrookCobalt Blue
Michael Brook/Peter Nooten Sleeps with the Fishes
Harold Budd Abandoned Cities
Harold Budd Lovely Thunder
Harold BuddLuxa
Harold Budd/Brian Eno The Pearl
Richard Burmer On the Third Extreme
Brian Caldwell Harmonic PlanetEnergy Ecstacy
Carbon Based LifeformsWorld of Sleepers
Wendy/Walter Carlos Sonic Seasonings
Wendy CarlosMidnight Sun
*Robert CartyAtmospheresSky Born/Ourselves
*Robert CartyDreaming Earth, Water MemoriesWater Memories
Robert CartyEarth GroundEvolving Love
Robert CartyEarth Voice
Robert CartyEnergyContemplating Horizon
*Robert CartyEssenceEmerging
Robert CartyGaia Interludes
*Robert CartyHimalayan DreamsMountain Spell
Robert CartyMidnight Rainbowstitle track
*Robert CartySerotonin AshramGarunda Valley
*Robert CartySkyhearts
Robert CartySoulscapeWell Being
*Robert CartySourceSource Discovery
Robert CartySun Tales
Robert CartyTonalities
*Robert CartyThe InexplicableThat Desert Feel Part 3
Robert Carty/Brannan LaneDreamswirl
CentrozoonThe Cult of: Bibbiboo
Centrozoon Sun Lounge Debris
Sheila ChandraA Bone Crone Drone
Sheila ChandraNada Brana
*Sheila ChandraThis Sentence Is True
*Char-ElHeaven and EarthHeaven CD
*Char-ElWorlds Without Endtitle track
Jay Chattaway Space Age
Levi ChenAlhambratitle track
Jacotte CholetSilent Light
Jacotte Cholet Sky Dancing
*Hans ChristianSurrenderRapture
Edward Christmas In the Garden
Suzanne Ciani Neverland
*Suzanne CianiThe Velocity of LoveThe Velocity of Love
*Samuel ClaiborneThe Annunciation
Vincent Clarke/Martin WareSpectrum Pursuit Vehicle
Barry Cleveland Voluntary Dreaming
*Barry Cleveland/Emerald Web Stones of Precious Water
Barry Cleveland & Mike Masley First Frost
Cleveland/Masley/Emerald WebMythos
Code Indigofor whom the bell
Jim Cole/Matthias GrassowThe Last Bright Light
Jim Cole & Spectral VoicesSky
*Max CorbachoBreath StreamTemple of Dissolution
Max CorbachoMoontribe
Max Corbacho/Bruno SanfilippoIndalo
Coyote Oldman House Made of Dawn
Coyote OldmanIn Beauty I Walk
Coyote Oldman The Shape of Time
Rusty Crutcher Chaco Canyon
Rusty Crutcher Machu Picchu Impressions
Rusty Crutcher Ocean Eclipse
Cyber Zen Sound Engine/Matt BorghiThe Intercepted TransmissionsMars Infers
*Aes DanaLeylinesHeights
Aes DanaMemory Shell
Aes DanaSeason 5
Michael Danna Sky
Danna & Clement Another Sun
Danna & Clement North of Niagara
Danna & Clement Planets, Stars & Galaxies
Danna & Clement Summerland
David Darling Cello Blue
Darshan AmbientSelected Works Vol.3
Darshan AmbientThe Zen Master's Diary
Alex DeGrassiThe Water Garden
Dead Can Dance Aeon
Dead Can Dance Into the Labyrinth
Dead Can Dance Spirit Chaser
*Jordan De La SierraGymnosphereSong of the Rose
Constance Demby Aeterna
*Constance DembyNovus Magnificat
Constance Demby Sacred Space Music
*Constance DembySet FreeInto the Center
*Constance Demby Skies Above Skies Om Mani Padme Hum
Constance DembySpirit Trance
*Roberto De Tres Architectura Celestis
Deuter Call of the Unknown
Deuter Nirvana Road
Deuter Sands of Time
Mark DeutschThe FoolKundalini Rising
*Chad DiamondInside the CrystalWindow Dream
*DiatonisAmbient Life
Alio Die IntrospectiveThoughts by the Side of the Path
Alio Die/Amelia CuhnApsaras
Divine Oracle/Michael HammerTouched by the Light
DivinoVisions of Love
dj cheb i ShabbahShri DurgaMaha Maya
John Doan Departures
Dogon notdunjusta
Suzanne Doucet New Age Transmission
Doucet & MirazResonance
Barry DouglasOrbital Eccentricity
Dream Machine Behind Orion
Duguay/Robideaux Nova
*Dweller at the Threshold Dweller at the ThresholdGeneration
Dweller at the ThresholdOuroboros
Dweller at the ThresholdSilent Watcher of Dark Matter
Earthrise Deeper than Space
William EdgeBreathing Without Air
William EdgeCrucible
William EdgeEdge of the Universe: Discovery
William EdgeJourney to the Edge: 76 Lightyears
William EdgeSecret Diary
*Paul Ellis Into the Liquid Unknown
*Paul EllisMysterious Sketches (unreleased)
Emerald Web Catspaw
Emerald Web Dragon Dreams & Wizard Tales
Emerald Web Dreamspun
Emerald Web Light of the Ivory Plains
Emerald Web Mannatee Dreams of Neptune
Emerald Web Traces of Time
Brian Eno Music for Films
Brian Eno On Land (Ambient 4)
Brian Eno/Jah Wobble Spinner
Kat Epple/Chuck GrinnelAzure Pieces of Life
Cal ErathCetus
EtoileAutumn Fantasy
Dean EvensonAscension to Tibet
Forrest Fang The Blind Messenger
Forrest Fang Folklore
*Forrest Fang Gongland
Forrest Fang The Wolf at the Ruins
Forrest Fang World Diary
Forrest Fang/Carl WeingartenInvisibility
*Fazio VibranceEnlightenment
Fayman and FrippTemple in the Clouds
Todd Fletcher (Psychetropic)The Wasteland
Fontain's MUSEMystic Kiss
*Foreign Spaces PhaetonSpheric Architecture
Formaria8 Shades of Sound
Christopher Franke Pacific Coast Highway
Robert Fripp & Brian EnoThe Equatorial Stars
*Edgar FroeseAqua Aqua
Edgar FroeseSpecific Gravity of Flaw
Duane FrybargerThe Road Less Travelled
Dave Fulton Hard Particles
The Funny Astronaut
*Future Sound of London Lifeforms Dead Skin Cells
Future Sound of LondonDead Cities
Peter Gabriel Passion
Galactic AgentsHuman Contact
Gandalf Labyrinth
GandalfMore Than Just a Seagull
Ruben GarciaLakeland
Kay Gardner Emerging
Richard GarrettWeathersongs
Michael Genest Ascension
Michael Genest Crystal Fantasy
*Lisa Gerrard The Mirror Pool
Lisa Gerrard & Pieter BourkeDuality
*Lisa Gerrard & Patrick CassidyImmortal MemoryPsallit in Aure Dei
Goldman & LarajjiCelestial Reiki
Steve Gordon & Deborah MartinAncient Power
Manuel Gottsching/Michael HoenigEarly Water
James GrayLetting Go
James GrayWhat Cost
Jeff Greinke In Another Place
Jeff GreinkeLost Terrain
Jeff Greinke Timbral Planes
*Jeff GreinkeVirga
*Jeff Greinke Wide ViewOne September
M. Griffin/A ProduceAltara
M. Griffin/D. FultonImprint
*M. Griffin/D. FultonThe Most Distant Point Known
Al Gromer Khan Divan I Khas
Al Gromer Khan Mahogany Nights
Al Gromer KhanSufi
Al Gromer Khan Tantra Drums
Al Gromer Khan/Amelia Cuhn Monsoon
Gurdieff/HartmanJourney to Inaccessible Places
Gurumander & Friends Blue Star
Steven Halpern Higher Ground
Steven Halpern Inner Peace
Steven Halpern Radiance
Steven Halpern/Paul Horn Connections
Peter Michael Hamel The Colors of Time
Peter Michael Hamel Let it Play
Peter Michael Hamel Nada
Peter Michael Hamel Organum
*Michael HammerAligning with Your Higher Self
Michael HammerBirth of the Divine SoulBig Bang
Michael Hammer Creating with Light
Michael Hammer Inner Planes
Michael Hammer Luminescence
*Michael HammerMusic For Self-Exciting
Michael HammerSacred Heart
Michael HammerSoul PlanesTravelling the Soul Plane
Jan HanfordVespers
Vicki HansenEarth Heart
Matthew J. HarrisBlind Cinema
David Hayden The Art of Breathing
Heavenly Music Corp. Consciousness III
Heavenly Music Corp. Lunar Phase
Timothy William Hellem The Great Spirit
David Helpling/Jon JenkinsTreasure
*HemisphereBeyond the Darkness
*Hemisphere Inversion
Michael HewettBeing in DreamingNagual
Chad HoefflerQuiet Glow
Chad HoefflerTwilight in the Offing
*Michael HoenigDeparture from the Northern Wastelandtitle track
Bob Holroyd A Different SpaceEarth Watch
Bob HolroydHollow Man
John Robert Horky Voyager
Paul Horn Inside the Cathedral
Paul Horn Sketches
Paul Horn Traveller
James Horner Field of Dreams
Mike HoweTime Stands Still
Jonathon HughesTrillium
HUVA NetworkDistances
HUVA NetworkEphemeris
David Hykes Harmonic Meetings
David Hykes True to the Times
HypnosphereWithin the Whorl
I AwakeThe Core
Iasos Elixer
*Iasos Essence of Spring
Iasos Interdimensional Music
Iasos Jeweled Space
IasosRealms of Light
*Igneous FlameElectra
*Igneous Flame/AchromusFlickerEvergreen
Igneous Flame/Disturbed EarthHarmonium
Tetsu InoyeAmbience PotokuHoly Dance
IshqOrchidBlue Haze
Mark Isham Vapor Drawings
Mark Isham Tibet
Mark Isham The Beast
Jalan JalanBali DuaHorizon
Jean Michel Jarre Equinoxe and Oxygene
Jay B. Jay Overseas
Jon JenkinsBeyond City Light
*Jon JenkinsFlowFlow
Karl JenkinsImagined Oceans
*Biff JohnsonMirage at the Crossroads
Biff JohnsonReading the Bones
*James JohnsonEchoes
James JohnsonEntering Twilight
James JohnsonLinger
*James JohnsonOdyssey I
James JohnsonSurrender
*James Johnson/Robert Scott ThompsonForgotten Places
Jupiter II Pacific Skies
KamalShamanic Healing
Peter Kater10 Questions for the Dalai Lama
Kevin Keller Intermezzo
Georgia Kelly Gardens of the Sun
*Kevin KendleDeep Skies 3: Light From the Pleiades
Kevin KendleFlowers
Kevin KendleTarot
Kevin Kendle/LlewellynJourney to Atlantis
Nawang Khechog Karuna
*Bob Kindler Music from the Matrix 1 Mystical
Bob Kindler Music from the Matrix II
Steve Kindler Automatic Writing
Gershon Kingsley Much Silence
Birn KistenmacherThoughts
KitaroAn Ancient Journey
KitaroGaia Onbashira
Kitaro In Person Digital
Kitaro Mandala
Kitaro Oasis
Greg KlamtFluxus Quo
Greg Klamt Fulcrum
Gary Knox A Musical Transcendence II
*Daniel KolbialkaPathless Journey
Kirk J. KraussDiving In
Van Krueger Musical Fantasies for Relaxation
Tomas LaboratoriumVisions of Space and TimeThe Wheel
Brannan LaneHypnotic Drift
Brannan LaneLost Secrets of Thera
*Brannan LanePiano Dreams and Nightscapes
*Brannan LaneSleep Cycle
*Brannan LaneTroposphere
Pascual Languirand De Harmonia Universalia
Pascual Languirand Gregorian Waves
Pascual Languirand Voice of Ishtar
David Lanz & Paul Speer Natural States
Bill Laswell Divination series
Bill Laswell Dub Chamber 3
Riley Lee/Satsuki OdamuraPicture Dreams
Riley Lee Water Music
Legion of Green Men Spatial Specific
David Liang Dialogue with the Ocean
LiberaVisions (plus "Free" and other works)
Eirik Lie 12 Bilder
Ottmar LiebertLeaning Into the Night
Lightwave Cantus Umbrarum
Lin Tibetan Book of the Dead
Liquid Mind Ambience MinimusZero Degrees Zero
Liquid Mind Slow World
Liquid MindBalance
*LoksaGreen Adaptor
Leo Longo/Rad CrastoZen Voyage (Mantras)
Nick Longo Actuality
Dwight LoopMystery's River
Loop GuruCatalogue of Desires
Lumin Hadra
LustmordThe Place Where the Stars Hang
John Lyell & Brent A. ReilandSynthetic Universe
Ray Lynch The Sky of Mind
MaitreyaFrom the MothershipInsight
*MaJaLe ImaginariumFirewalkers
*MaJaLe/James JohnsonSeed
MaJaLe/Vir Unis Imaginarium
Makyo Shringara
Makyo Vismaya
Makyo Yakshini
*Jon MarkAlhambra Arabesque
*Gerald Jay Markoe Zen Meditations
Deborah Martin Under the Moon
Deborah MartinDeep Roots, Hidden Water
*Deborah Martin & J. Arif VernerAnno Dominititle track/Spiritus
*Ken MartinBerlin Impressions vol.3
Mike Marshall/Darol Anger Chiarascuro
Michael Masley Cymbalom Solos
Mercury Max Music Flows I & II
Mercury MaxSilent Flow
Kip MazuyBeautiful SoundSanctuary
Kip MazuyElements of Ecstacy
Kip MazuyNow Is Forever
Kip Mazuy The Sweet Nectar of Silence
Ron McKeanSounds of Eternity vol.1
*Loreena McKennittAn Ancient MuseNever Ending Road
*Loreena McKennittThe Book of SecretsDante's Prayer
*Loreena McKennittThe Mask and MirrorThe 2 Trees
*Byron Metcalf, Mark Seelig, Steve RoachNada Terma
*Byron Metcalf, Mark Seelig, Steve RoacgWachuma's Wave
David Michael & Randy Mead Spirit Rising
MiconCosmic Light
Billy Miller Pipe Dreams
Billy Miller Wind and Wood
Mind Over Matter Colours of Life
Mind Over Matter Music for Paradise
Miraz & ParadisoCircular
Matthew MontfortSeven Serenades for Scalloped Fretboard Guitar
*Randall MooreConfessions
Dan Morehouse Patterns of Growth
Lisa Moskow Songs for Sarod
Natural Frequencies (Andreas Leifeld)Tranquility in Motion
Maneki NekoAuracle
Kenneth Newby Ecology of Souls
(Mixed by) NovaAlbedo (ultimae records)
*NuminaThe Haunting Silence
NuminaSanctuary of Dreams
*NuminaShift to the Ghost
*NuminaSound Symbols
*NuminaSymbiotic Spaces
*NuminaTransparent PlanetFurther Entwined
*Numina/Caul Inside the Hollow RealmA Brief Reprieve
Numina/Steven PhillipsFrom Within the Abyss
NverxionA Look Within
O Yuki Conjugate Equator
*O Yuki Conjugate Peyote
O Yuki Conjugate Undercurrents in Dark Water
Vidna ObmanaCrossing the Trail
Vidna ObmanaLegacy
Vidna ObmanaMemories Compiled 2
*Vidna ObmanaThe River of Appearance A Scenic Fall
Vidna ObmanaTremor
Vidna Obmana/Jeff PearceTrue Stories
Patrick O'HearnBeautiful World
Patrick O'HearnMetaphor
Patrick O'HearnSo Flows the Current
Ojas The Seven Levels of Man
Jim OliverHealing Music Series
Oliveros,Dempster,Panaiotis Deep Listening
Om Earth Awakening
OophoiCelestial Geometries
*OophoiSpirals of TimeHur
Honyo von Oosteron New Ambience 2000Riverman's Tale
Honyo von OosteronWhy This Earth
Open CanvasTravel by Sound: Ethno-electronic Excursions
Ozric TentaclesClatterbox
*Dino Pacifici Hollowed Ground
*Craig PadillaGenesisToward the Within
Craig PadillaThe Light in the Shadow
Carig Padilla/Skip MurphyPhantasma
*Craig Padilla/Zero OhmsPath of Least Resistance
*Craig Padilla, Zero Ohms, Skip MurphyBeyond the Portal
Peter Pancke Music for Unborn Children
ParadisoMiddle Path
ParadisoShaman's Trance
*David ParsonsAtma Yatra (unreleased)Thom
*David ParsonsAtmanaut (unreleased)
David ParsonsSurya
*David ParsonsVajraMasked Dancer
*David ParsonsInner Placestrack 3
Jeff PearceDaylight Slowly
Jeff Pearce The Hidden Rift
*Jeff Pearce To The Shores of Heaven
Luis PerezTales of Astral Travelers
Anthony Phillips Slow Waves, Soft Stars
Jim PietkivitchSpiral Journey
*Greg PlummerVast
Sanford Ponder Tigers are Brave
Popul Vuh In the Gardens of Pharoah
Dan PoundDrift
*Dan PoundEsotericaPart 5
*Dan PoundNight Watch
*Dan PoundRock into SandHolding the Dream
PsychetropicChina Radio Sunshine
Frank QuasarChiron
Radio Chongking
Raphael Music to Dissappear In
RayAscend to Love
RayEthereal Journey
*Giles ReavesSacred Space
*Giles ReavesSea of Glasstitle track
Giles Reaves/Aashid HimonsDeep End
Red ShiftEther
Steve Reich Music for 18 Musicians
*RemotionBetween Ficton and Reality
Resonant DriftThe Call
*Markus ReuterOlder Than God
Markus Reuter/Ian BOddyPure
*Jorge ReyesNierikaEl Rostro de los Abuelos
Jorje Reyes/Susu SaizBajo El Sol Jaguar
*Robert RichBestiarytitle track
*Robert RichCalling Down the Sky
*Robert RichEcho of small ThingsGlint in Her Eye
Robert RichElectric Ladder
*Robert Rich Gaudi Minaret/Mosaic
*Robert Rich Humidity
*Robert RichOpen Window
Robert Rich Propagation
*Robert Rich Rainforest Sanctuary
Robert RichShamballa
*Robert RichTemple of the InvisibleAntalieh
Robert Rich/Ian BoddyLithosphere
*Robert Rich/Ian BoddyOutpost
*Robert Rich/Ian BodyReactReact
*Robert Rich/Alio DieFissuresThe Divine Radiance of Invertebrates
*Robert Rich/FaryusZerkaloPart 6
Robert Rich/Lisa Moskow Yearning
*Robert Rich/Markus ReuterEleven Questionsa track starting with R!
*Robert Rich/Steve RoachSomaSilk Ridge
Robert Rich/Steve Roach StrataGrotto of Time Lost
*Steve RoachAfterlight
*Steve RoachAtmospheric Conditions
*Steve Roach Day Out of TimeThe Dreamer Descends
*Steve RoachDestination Beyond
Steve Roach The Dream Circle
Steve RoachImmersion 3
*Steve RoachLife Sequence
Steve RoachLight Fantastic
Steve RoachThe Lost Pieces series
Steve RoachMidnight MoonMidnight Loom
*Steve RoachNow/Traveler1st tracks
Steve Roach On This Planet
*Steve Roach Origins Origins
Steve RoachProof Positive
Steve Roach Pure Flow
*Steve RoachQuiet Music 2 Something in Tears
Steve RoachSlow Heat
Steve RoachStreams and Currents
*Steve Roach Structures from Silence Quiet Friend
*Steve RoachTexture Maps
Steve RoachTruth and Beauty
*Roach,Braheny,Burmer Western Spaces
*Roach,Kent,NewbyHalcyon DaysCalyx Revelation
Steve Roach/Roger King Dust to Dust
Steve Roach/Vidna ObmanaCavern Of Sirens
Steve Roach/Vidna ObmanaSpirit Dome/Live Archive
*Steve Roach/VidnaObmanaWell of Souls
*Steve Roach/Jorje ReyesVine, Bark and Spore
Steve Roach/Vir Unis Blood Machine
*Steve Roach/Erik WolloStream of Thought
Don Robertson Anthem
Don Robertson Celestial Ascent
Don Robertson Starmusic
*Thomas RonkinSymmetric
Thomas RonkinWithin; Distance
Clarelynn RoseElegant Tern
zClarelynn RoseMeadow Run
Clarelynn RoseThe Redwood Sidthe
Gabriel Roth & Mirrors Luna
Gabriel Roth & MirrorsTrance
Schawkie Roth You Are the Ocean
Mark Rownd Desert Waves
Mark Rownd Painting Twilight
Rubayx & Hernandez High Plateaux
Radha SaharJoan of Arc
Ryuichi SakamotoBTTB
Bruno Sanfilippoad libitum
Bruno Sanfilippo & Matthias GrassowAmbessence Piano and Drones
*Bruno SanfilippoAuralspace
*Bruno SanfilippoInTROInTROsacro
*Bruno SanfilippoPiano Textures
Bruno SanfilippoPiano Textures 2Part IV
Bruno SanfilippoSuite Patagonia
*Bruno SanfilippoVisualiaIV
*SanjivaRadianceLeft Behind
SanjivaWho Is In?
*Stephanie SanteInner BeautyGentle Speaks the Heart
Somei SatohMantra
*Satori Invisible RhythmTemple of Sleep
Merl Saunders Blues from the Rainforest
Paul Sauvanet Eleusis
Paul Sauvanet Nomad
Paul Sauvanet The Song of Time
Paul Sauvanet Tristesse
*Adam SchabtachElephant Islandtitle track
Darin SchafferDarin Schaffer
Elmar Schulte/Steve RoachSolitaire: Ritual Ground
*Klaus Schulze Black Dance Some Velvet Phasing
Klaus Schulze Dosburg Online
Klaus Schulze The Dresden Performance
Klaus Schulze Dune
*Klaus SchulzeHistoric EditionThe Future
Klaus Schulze Irrlicht
Klaus Schulze Moondawn
*Klaus SchulzeTimewindBayreuth Return
Klaus Schulze X
Secret Garden Dawn of a New Century
Sensitive ChaosEmerging Transparency
Dirk Serres/Vidna Obmana Subterranean Collective
*Jonn Serrie And the Stars Go with You
*Jonn SerrieCentury Seasons
Jonn Serrie Flightpath
Jonn Serrie Midsummer Century
*Jonn Serrie Planetary Chronicles Vol.2Continuum
Jonn Serrie Spirit Keepers
*Jonn Serrie Tingri Annie by the Sea
Jonn Serrie/Gary Stroutsos Hidden World
Nada Shakti/Bruce Becvar Jiva Mukti
ShapeshifterDNA Activation Series
Shapeshifter Shambala, A Journey Home
Rik SharajMystica
Ric SharajSitara Tantrica7 Photon Stars
Richard ShulmanLight Music
Richard ShulmanLight From Assisi
Shulman & Welsh Ascension Harmonics Love
Uma SilbeySoul of the Beloved
Sinco Synthesia
Sky Roses in the Sky
Don SlepianElectronic Music From the Rainbow Isle
Don Slepian Retrospectives
Software Electronic Universe Part 1
Software Space Design
Solar FieldsMovements
*Solar QuestOrgismsSave the Whale
SoulfoodYoga Rhythms
Soulfood & Billy McLaughlinGuitar Meditations II
SoundicianThe Beauty is Knowing
SoundicianSeven Sisters
Richard Souther Heirborne
Spacecraft Cybersphere
*SpacecraftEarthtime Tapestry
Laurie Spiegel Expanding Universe
Spheeris/Voudouris PassagePrism
D.J. Spooky Songs of a Dead Dreamer
U. Srinivas/Michael Brook Dream
Starzeit (unreleased)
*Michael Stearns Ancient Leaves
*Michael Stearns & others BarakaFinale
Michael StearnsChronos
*Michael Stearns Collected Ambient & Textural Works
Michael StearnsContinuum Montage
Michael Stearns EncounterProcession
Michael Stearns The Lost World
Michael StearnsThe Middle of Time
*Michael Stearns Planetary Unfolding
Michael Stearns PlungeWoosh
Michael StearnsSpirits of the Voyage
Michael StearnsThe Storm
Michael StearnsWithin the Nine Dimensions
Michael Stearns/Ron Sunsinger Singing Stones
Frank Steiner Jr.I Ching Symphony
*StellamaraThe Seven ValleysBaraka
StellamaraStar of the Sea
Stokes Abstraction
Saul StokesZo Pilots
Diana Stork Harpdancing
Tim Story Beguiled
*Tim StoryBuzzle
Tim Story The Perfect Flaw
*Tim Story Shadowplay
Tim Story and Dwight AshleyDrop
Surface 10Borrowed Time 2000
Andy Summers Mysterious Barricades
Suspended Memories Earth Island
Sylvian & Czukay Plight and Premonition
*SyndromedaThrough a Black Hole
Synthetic BlockSilver Sky
Synthetic BlockSonic Approach
TalesEchoes From the Last Fairyland
*TalesInterstellar MemoriesUnknown Planet
*TalesPictures of AsiaThe Ganges
TalesStonehenge for Eternity
TalesMarco Polo
*TalesThe Seskian Wars
Taliesen Orchestra/EnyaMaiden of Mysteries
Tajalli Luminous Rainforest
*The Tangent ProjectSurface
Tangerine Dream Alpha Centauri
Tangerine Dream Exit
*Tangerine Dream Force Majeure
*Tangerine Dream Green DesertGreen Desert
Tangerine Dream Hyperborea
Tangerine DreamLogos
Tangerine Dream Melrose
*Tangerine Dream PhaedraMovements of a Visionary
*Tangerine Dream Ricochet
Tangerine Dream Rubycon
*Tangerine Dream StratosfearInvisible Limits
Tangerine Dream Tangram
Tangerine Dream 220-volt Live
TelomereAstral Currents
Temps PerduEarth Story Eclipse
*Temps PerduThe Day the Earth Melted
TenzinSongs to the Silent Moon
Terra AmbientThe Darker Spacetrack 4
Terra AmbientWanderlustMonolith
Terra FirmaSounds From the Ground
Ian TesceeContinua
*Jeffrey ThompsonAlpha Relaxation
*Jeffrey ThompsonAmbient Sleep
Jeffrey Thompson Child of a Dream
Jeffrey ThompsonDolphin Dream
Jeffrey Thompson The Isle of Skye
Robert Scott ThompsonAt the Still Point of the turning World
Robert Scott ThompsonBlue Day
Robert Scott ThompsonPoesis Athesis
*Robert Scott ThompsonSidereal
*Phil ThorntonAlien EncounterVisions from the Homeworld
Thought Guild(context)
3D Vibes
Mark Tindle Ritual Structures
David TollefsonNew Eyes on the Universe
Tom(Aragon)&Irina(Mikhilova)Living the Dream
Trance Mission Headlight
Trance Love Airways (Toby Gray/Alan Sitar Brown)Ascension: Journeys into Meditation and Dance
Trial of the BowRite of Passage
Troika Shaman
TulkuSeason of Souls
Tuu All Our Ancestors
Tuu One Thousand Years
Tuu + Nick Parkin Terma
Nik Tyndall Lagoon
*Vir UnisAeonian GlowFlying Dream/Glide
*Vir Unis The Drift Inside
Vir Unis/James JohnsonPerimeter
Vir Unis/James JohnsonPerimeter II
Jai Uttal Beggars and Saints
Jai Uttal Footprints
Charles Uzzell-Edwards Octopus 2
*Stephen Van HandelChiarascuro
Mike Van PortfleetBeyond the Horizon Line
Vangelis Opera Sauvage
Vangelis & Jon AndersonThemes
*Various, incl.Robert Rich (Echoes) A Door in the Air Granada
*various (Mirage) The Ambient Eclipse
various (Waveform) Ancient Alien
various (Native State Records)Beneath the Surface
various(Sequoia Groove)Buddha Lounge
various (Celestial Harmonies) Buddha Transcending Space and TimeMaitreya the Future Buddha by David Parsons
various (Hearts O'Space) Celtic Planet Vol.4
various (Ultima Thule) Chasing the Dawn
*various, including Rich & Roach Dali the Endless Enigma Birth of Liquid Desires
*various (interchill)Dissolving Clouds
various (The Foundry) Eclectronica
*variousEscape from the Cage vol.3 Nerell-Into the Underworld
various (Ultimae)Fahrenheit Project parts 1 through 5
various (Projekt) From Across this Gray Land # 2
various From Here to Tranquility vol.2
various Infinite Horizons
various (Celestial Harmonies) Keys of Life
*variousMiditation 2Ceiba
*various (hypnos)The Other WorldT.Ronkin-- The Gates of Sleep
*various (ultimae) Oxycanta
various (Projekt) The Promises of Silence
various, including Iasos Selected New Music Vol.2, Visionaries
various (Waveform) Slumberland
various (Hypnos)Sounds of a Universe Overheard
various (Lektronic Soundscapes)Soundscape Gallery Vols. I & II
various (My Master on Venustitle track
various (Spheric Music) Syntonic Waves vol.8
*various (Brenholtz/Accourant)Tracks Across the UniverseParsons -- Ago
*various, including Timeshard Transmissions from the Planet DogSecret Song of the Sea
variousTwilight Earth
various (AdAstra)Voyager
various (hypnos) Weightless, Effortless
VasIn The Garden of Souls
Cyrill Verdeaux Messenger of the Son
*Verity Digital PlanetTales from a Digital Planet
J. Arif VernerFrom a Distant Horizon
J. Arif VernerThrough the Timeless
Vespertina (Spalenka & Barnes)The Visions of Vespertina
Viridian SunPerihelion
Michael Voeter Ancient Voices
Vox Diadema
George Wallace High Frontiers
Michael WatersFamous in Mongolia
Kit Watkins Circle
Wave WorldSpecies
WeaveCho Ku Rei
WeaveSei He Ki
*Benjy Wertheimer & Michael MandrellNotes from Celtistantrack 1
*Michael WhalenNightscenesPart 3: Faces
William Wichman Beyond the Golden Realms
William Wichman (a.k.a. Billiam's; Tajalli) Maganda Beautiful
Erik WolloEmotional Landscapes
Erik Wollo Solstice
Worlds Collide everything's changing in the global village
XianeCanta de Alma
Bernard Xolotl Journey to an Oracle
Bernard Xolotl/Daniel Kolbialka Last WaveToward the Eastern Front
YofiyahKabbalah Kirtan
ZhuInner Sanctuary
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