Discover the great music of Robert Carty.

"The universe is inside of our soul"
---Robert Carty

One of the greatest and most prolific composers of electronic music in the 1990s and the New Millennium, Robert Carty has many wonderful CDs and tapes available for purchase.

This website is by Carty fan and radio host Eric Mystic (Eric A. Meece). You can also visit Robert's own site at
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Robert Carty has his own label, DEEP SKY MUSIC. You can download a digital copy from bandcamp, or order a CD from there for $10.

Just go to his web site. You can also email Robert from the website.

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Complete listing of available CDs by Robert Carty

Some of Carty's CDs are manufactured, while many others are CD-Recordable copies which he makes himself, including his own cover art and photography.

Click on each album name to see the cover, and Robert's full description, plus some reviews, of the available works listed here (this will take you directly to Robert's site). Hit the BACK button to return here to this page.

Carty is a talented artist as well as composer, and makes brilliant and inspiring graphic images for the covers of his CDs. You can also get Carty's own unique artwork painted on the surface of the disc itself, if you special order it for a few extra dollars. The quality of his art and graphics seems to be expanding as rapidly as the quality of his music. You can see some examples of his disc, case, cover art and photography here on this site where indicated, plus other reviews.

CDs are listed in reverse chronological order (as near as I can tell), with the newest ones first.

Note: Most of Carty's CDs are about 60 minutes long. More recent ones may be longer. Keep checking back as his list of wonderful works keeps growing!


Meditative but lively music, similar to earlier works. Great first track is light, sensuous and uplifting; final track is relaxing and absorbing. 3rd track is more noisy; avoid for meditation.

TRACKS: Basking in Sun Fields, The Now of Time, Planetary Trails, Wakeful Stillness

CANYON (2015)

Sensuous, sensitive landscapes. Includes an excellent, expansive final track.

TRACKS: Canyon 1, Canyon 2, Canyon 3, Canyon 4, Canyon 5.


This fascinating six-track album immerses the listener into the mystical world of the sea. With Carty's expert utilization of synthesizers, flutes, and recordings of ocean waves, dolphins and whales, we are transported to a magical aquatic world where the former frolic and play and the latter communicate by song with each other across great distances. Rich and enveloping, with extended final oceanic track.

TRACKS: Scape 1, Scape 2, Scape 3, Scape 4, Scape 5, Scape 6

CLOUDS (2014)

Looking at clouds from the ambient side. This is soft floating space music, deeply inspired by clouds.

TRACKS: Stratus, Stratocumulus, Cumulus, Cumulonimbus, Cirrus


Music inspired by the planet of mysticism, or the god of the sea, with a final track that "transforms" our awareness. This is soft dreaming atmospheric music, with vast electronics and spacious soundscapes.

TRACKS: Concrescence, Pulled Through Time, Beautiful Attractor, Archaic Memories , Deep Into the Future, Transforming Movements

SPORE (2013)

Ambient biology. Energetic sequences and soundscapes.

TRACKS: Beginning, Journey, Natural Nature, Evolving, Water Light, Life Roots


This is deep atmospheric music. Full of drones and sonic soundscapes, this work features expansive new sound designs and lush vibrations, inspired by high scenic views of vast spaces.

TRACKS: Peering Over The Edge, Deep Silhouettes, Ancient Tracks, Stone Light , Down Into Space, Views From Above, The Absence Of Time, Beautiful Depths


Six smooth soundscapes that bring Mother Earth to life.

TRACKS: Eco 1 through Eco 6


An inspired blend of electronics and organic elements masterfully blended in a deep and emotional way.

TRACKS: Skyscape, Mountain, Flora Light, Root and Stone, River Flow, Organic Seas


Dynamic Electronic/Space music, full of sonic spectrums and ambient rhythms. It takes you on journeys into new patterns and soundscapes.

TRACKS: Beautiful Cosmos, Aurora, Connections, Atom Builders, Galactic Orbits, Circadian Dreams, Touching The Light, One With All That Is


Lush deep sonic textures, embedded with vast electronic drones. I especially like tracks 2 and 4.

TRACKS: Molecular Light, The Ancient Aligning, Opening the Spiral, Immortal Fabric


Available for free download from netlabel Earth Mantra. A completely immersive experience without the merest instant of distraction throughout its entire one-hour duration. It is pure blissful space music, beatless and flowing, like the great sky river itself spanning the entire cosmos from horizon to horizon. Just enchanting-- Darrell Burgan.

TRACKS: Particle, Shimmering, Waves


This is deep space music, filled with original sounds that evoke the magic of life on Earth. The music sparkles with sonic electronics. It moves from one tapestry to the next, each track unique in it's own soundscape. Enjoy the journey.

TRACKS: Our Star's Light, Genetic Oceans, Cellular Earth, The Breathing Sky, Symbiosis, Ecosystem, Orbital Awakening, Remembering Paradise


The finale of Carty's wonderful set of three stargazing journeys, the final two tracks are especially moving. This music inspires us to look not only "out into our Beautiful Universe," but like the other CDs of the series it takes us into our own inner universe as well. It demonstrates how exploring the vast spaces of the sky through music can bring the listener into a space of emotional healing.

TRACKS: Such a Deep Sky, Albiero, Bathed in Venus, Spiral Galaxies, Approaching Andromeda, Trance of the Meteor Shower, Touching Comets, This Cosmic Life


The second of 3 musical explorations of the "space theme," it captures the magical experience of gazing into the sky. It is a spectacular, dazzling work of warmth and power, with much yearning for the starry spaces within us as well as without us. A good variety of different sounds in this one, including an alto version of a theramin sound in track 5.

TRACKS: Galactic Winds, In Jupiter's Light, Milkyway Drift, Rising Orion, Praesepe, The Steady Night, Star Breathing, Galaxy Dreams


"Inspired by magical nights out under the skies," this is a work of gemlike radiance. The first of 3 musical explorations of the "space theme," already Carty takes space music to new "heights" as well as to new "depths" of the sky.

TRACKS: Polaris, Enveloping Space, Moonrise, Saturn's Song, Attracting Light, Starburst, Deep Into Night, Splendrous Starlight


(with Sylken)

"THE ENDLESS VISTA" is a collaboration between Robert Carty and the music artist Sylken. These are deep sonic tapestries for the mind and spirit, meditations on Creation and the cosmic expanse. The music is lush and dense; swirling vibrations that leave you floating in a vast ocean of sound. This music can transport you to inner reaches of meditation and reflection as well as a relaxing hour of bliss.
TRACKS: The Endless Vista, Deep Distance, Desire of the Ages, Of Space and Time, Silent Splendours, The Shores of Forever


"SUNTALES" is a CD full of joy and deep emotional energy. It's rhythms are melodic, pulsing, and full of emotional qualities. There are a few "spacey" ambient tracks that remind the listener of the slow yet light-speed dances of light particles.There are also tracks of powerful sequences and soaring electronic melody lines. The sounds are unique and fall into their own sonic spectrums.

TRACKS: Light Dance, High Tales, Rhythm Of Pulse, Heart Light, The Open Shining Mind, Sun Dust, Star Beams Of Dreams, Lost In Suntales


(with Brannan Lane)

Swirling sound effects on each track lead into dreamy ambient melody. Very relaxing and visionary music. As usual the journey gets both deeper and lighter as it goes along. This is Carty's second collaboration with the great synthesist and composer Brannan Lane, and their partnership shows to have developed greatly on this disc. Tracks each last between 10 and 17 minutes each.
Tracks include: Into the Dream, Sonic Phase, Eternal Moments, Swirling Rise, Catching the Light


Very scenic and powerful soundscapes immerse you into the oceanic depths. This is spacemusic in every sense of the word. As usual Carty's music is more emotionally compelling than most other space music. The disc includes 64 minutes of music plus an extra long track of ocean sounds. The pieces get better and better up until then, with the title track (part one) taking you the farthest.

Tracks include: Immersion, Floating Deep, The Swirling Light, Oceanic Space Joy, Universal Drift, Infinite Waves, Splashing Life, Oceanic Space Part One, Oceanic Space Part Two (ocean sounds)


Very smooth and soothing visionary sounds, with spoken word on many tracks. The work features 4 wonderful poems written and read by Gerard Geary, and one written by Katie Higgins and Susan Glick. The CD also concludes in an unusual way: with a recording of an interview with Dr. George Kaplan on various paranormal phenemena, accompanied by a drumming soundscape. Instrumentation includes digeridoo.

Tracks include: When Eskimo Eyes Are Shining, Zephyr Wind, Goin Bye Bye, Early Autumn, Mt. Meru, The Micellium Meditation, Graymoor Castle, Advance Of The Bouncing, Blinking Light Balls, A Different Eden, Moon Still Visible At Dawn, Expanding Awareness


This great work has an ethereal yet earthy sound; enchanting and magical. This disc features synths and nature sounds plus some percussion, didgeridoo and voice blended in quietly and exquisitely.

Tracks include: Skylight, Thermal Glide, Stories of Ancient Winds, Electric Skies, Dreaming Stone, Life Presence, Piercing the Blue


Deep earthy soundscapes and otherworldly chants; hypnotic, atmospheric and organic. The processed voice tones are heavy with reverberation. The bird tones were recorded in the midst of the great Giant Sequoias of California. Track 8 Vision Process is a video track that can also be accessed by any computer running any windows software for media players. This CD is also available on DVD.

Tracks include: Tones Primed, The Canyon Chanters, As Above, So Below, Ancestral Hymn, Resonation, Enhancing An Interval, Afterglow, Vision Process

Released by the great Space For Music label

Sends listeners into a deep sonic trip. Keyboards, samplers, shakers, voices, sound textures

Tracks include: Sounding Into Life, Sonic Being, Currents, Soundworlds, Beautiful Waves, Sonic Magic
Also available from Robert


Collaboration with BRANNAN LANE; also available at

Planetary vibrations of earthy places and shifting gravitations, takes the listener into the regions of crisp air, and starlight dreams. Exotic sounds and rhythms, cracks of thunder, deep chants, high oceans, bubbling springs, solid light.

Tracks include: Polar Shift, Hot Springs, Solstice Phenomena, Magma, Heat Lightening, High Seas, The New Ice Age


Rich, relaxing, sensuous sounds. Two very refreshing and inspiring watery tracks and four with rhythm tracks. Didgeridoo, flute, spring drums, synthesizers, etc.

Tracks include: Seasong, Dreaming Earth, Beautiful Sky, Water Memories, Elementals, Cleansing

DEEP SKY (2001)

Quiet and sensitive aspirations heavenward. Includes didgeridoo drones, and alien words evoking ET contacts, as well as synthesizers.

Tracks include: Deep Sky Calling, Aurora Incantations, Revealing the Depths, Galaxy of Mind, Terrain Heart, Grows the Journey, Into the Deep Sky


A deep, floating, ambient soundscape of contemplation. The sounds are electronic, otherworldly reflections of the primal air. Buzzing drones, futuristic waves, buried heartbeats, the variety is wonderous. Guaranteed to place the listener into the deep atmospheres of the mind.

Tracks include: Near That Place, Viscosity, Coyaba, Resonant Imaging, Lodestone, Windswept Vista, Tending The Flame, Midnight Rainbows


Deep, dark, drifting, ambient and atmospheric, yet alive with moving vibrations. It has floating sounds, otherworldly voices, rainpops and thunder from the Grand Canyon, and some gentle rhythms.

Tracks include: Dark and Drifting, Parts One and Two; That Desert Feel, Parts One, Two and Three


Music for the discovering mind. It has deep space sounds, drums, otherworldly vocal chants, fast paced sequences and more. A sanctuary of the senses.

Tracks include: Follow Your Bliss, The Periphery, Faces In The Trees, Medicine Quest, Extended Stillness, Garunda Valley

GATEWAY (1999)

Two long electronic pieces connected together. It begins with deep bell drones and flute and leads the listener into deep relaxed meditation.

Tracks include: Opening, The Gateway


Flute solos with synthesizer. Simple and peaceful.

Tracks include: Searching, Feeling Peace, Slow Pulse, The Singing Wind, Autumn Cool, Eternal Rhythms, Breathing, For Peace


A very innovative mix of electronics with Tibetan and other Asian instruments. Carty's own voice is used as a bass drone, like a monk's chanting. Exotic and deeply spiritual.

Tracks include: Plateau, Waking Dream, Spiral Nebula, Lost Temple (part 2), Ether


Didgeridoo blended with shakers and electronic instruments. Upbeat and relaxing.

Tracks include: Reverence, Spinning Onward, Dreaming, She Touched Me, Remembering


A warm meditation on the vital spirit in all things, from earth to universe. Synthesizers and sampler with nature sounds.

Tracks include: Living Steps, Awakening with You, Moving Higher, Starflesh, The Living Universe


Deep-ambient, earth-space music. Synthesizer, Tibetan bells, sampler, voice tones. Mysterious, emotional, contemplative, with some unusual sound effects.

Tracks include: Spiral Vibrations, Earth Merge, Deep Contact, Touching Atoms


Two long electronic pieces. A poignant, flowing spacemusic journey evocative of life's radiance, beauty and wonder.

Tracks include: Moving, Spaces


Electronic piano sounds, nature sounds and synthesizer. Relaxing and spacious.

Tracks include: Interlude #s 1 through 8
Review of Gaia Interludes

ENERGY (1999)

Warmly energizing, spacious melodies with gentle rhythms provided by a new drum machine.

Tracks include: Up from the Depths, Rolling View, Comtemplating Horizon, Moving Towards You, Evening Vibrations, Energy, New Touch


Visionary, dreamy, lively electronic pieces with ethnic drum machine and East Indian sounds

Tracks include: The Flowing, Mountain Spell, Dancing the Climb, Magic Snow, Growing Everest, View from the Roof, Dreaming Himalaya


More electronic adventures into the manifold wonders of the deep sky. Warmly meditative, with occasional rhythm, didgeridoo and nature sounds.

Tracks include: Arching Horizon, The Peeling Sky, Emergence, Cycles, Earth and Air, Sky Pull

SOURCE (1999)

Powerful, visceral sonic explorations into the roots of consciousness. Deep ambient sounds alternate or blend smoothly with German-style rhythms. Synthesizers, drums and flutes.

Tracks include: Breath, Electric Blood, Roots of Soul, Source Discovery part 2 part 4


Click here to see disc painting
One continuous, 60-minute electronic piece, with watery sound effects. Relaxing and refreshing.



Review of The Mystic Choice
Click here to see disc painting
A CD-only sampler with a choice selection of the finest and most mystical, romantic and inspiring Carty pieces from many of his other albums (these pieces date from 1992, 1996 and 1997). Returning, Love Life, Within Love and Returning Conscious are my favorites, and among the best Carty tracks in my opinion. Lasts 64 minutes.

Tracks include: Lightpulse (from the album Life Rhythms, 1997)
Returning (from Silent Dreams, 1997)
Love Life (Natural Wonder, 1992)
Heart Waves (Spectrums, 1997)
Within Love (Horizons Call, 1996)
Returning Conscious (Natural Wonder, 1992)
Ascending Love (High Meditations, 1996)
Reaching Deep (Horizons Call, 1996)
Emanations (Nagual Heart, 1997)


Electronic pieces in a darker-ambient style. Quiet, mysterious and radiant.

Tracks include: Gravitation, Submerged, Dark Glow, Organic Elemental, Window, Sensory Link, Darkness To Light.

ESSENCE (1998)

Flowing, diaphanous, thickly-orchestrated ambient pieces.

Tracks include: Emerging, Starlight, Evening Depths, Awakening, Endlessly.


Bright, lively and inspirational synth music with strong percussion.

Tracks include: Energy Catching, Light Dream, Inflow, Life Waters, Dreaming Pulse, Arriving Light.


Truly timeless space music on synthesizers. 4 long tracks, all profound, slow, soothing and heart-felt.

Tracks include: Merging Source, Past Boundaries, Breathing the Infinite, Timeless.


Spacey synth music with lots more deft didgeridoo playing and gentle, flowing percussion sounds.

Tracks include: Earth Voice, Deep Waves, Enlightening Beauty, Earth Energy, Spirit Life, The Eternal Voice.

CLEANSING FIRE (1996 & 1997)

A collection of pieces not released until this new 1998 CD. Innovative, quiet and haunting ambient sounds.

Tracks include: Depths, Callings, Primordial Rest, Dream of the Others, Cleansing Fire.


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Synthesizers and vocals.



Bright, colorful and restful. Synthesizers and vocals.

Tracks include: Light of Gaia, Love Call, Heart Waves, Swirling Spectrum, Living in Light, Universal Glow.


Expressive, vibrant and joyous with gentle, danceable rhythms. Synthesizers, drums, and vocals on the last track.

Tracks include: Spiraling In, Lightpulse, Love Flow, Cycles of the Deep, Heart Vibrations, Emerging Life Rhythms, Millennium.

FLOWING (1997)

Watery space music with some unusual sound tones. Two 30-minute pieces make up this very unique CD. Synthesizers.

Tracks include: Upstream, Downstream.


Deep space music with some very unique sound tones. Synthesizers.

Tracks include: Twilight, Into Deepness, Growing Light, Spectrums, Deep Spirit, Gentle Revealings.


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Very restful music to dream by. Some tracks are very poignant and revelatory. Has natural as well as synthesized voice tones and synthesizers.

Tracks include: Rest, Alpha Call, Floating, Emerging Dreams, Revealings of Heart, Returning, Sunrise Serenade.

NAGUAL HEART (formerly Spanish Spaces) (1997)

Space music with a Spanish sound. Nylon string guitar sound makes up most of this CD. Mixed with synthesizers of course.

Tracks include: In Twilight's Power, Nagual Dance, Heart of Intent, Spirit Stalking, Glow of Awareness, Emanations, Deep Seeing, Crack Between Worlds.


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An exotic work with world-beat drum sounds, flutes, synthesizers, and didgeridoo.

Tracks include: Calling, The Arching Sky, Meeting the Earth, Within Love, Horizons Call, Reaching Deep, Into Spirit, Awakening Life.


Two 30-minute pieces. Restful and contemplative.

Tracks include: Deep Sky, Reaching.


Floating music with air-washes, synthesizers, and synthesized flutes.

Tracks include: Looking Up, High Currents, Star Dreams, Deep Light, Ascending Love, Thunder Plain (2 pieces on one track), In Flight, Peaceful Meditations.


Upbeat Native American influenced space music. Drums, synthesizers and flute.

Tracks include: Love of Rock, Slow Time, Evolving Love, Rising Memories, Native Breath 1, Heart of Earth, Native Breath 2, One With Her, Earth Bound.


Native American influenced space music. Has nature sounds, synthesizers and flutes.

Tracks include: Sungreeting, Sky Touching, Visions, In High Deserts, Spirits Flow, Deeply Urging, Arriving Peace, This Evening Calm, Our Being.
Reviews of Skyhearts


Very relaxing space music. Synthesizers.

Tracks include: Winged Heart, Inner Steps, Vortex, Returning Conscious, Of Water, Insight, Formations, Soul of Sky, Love Life, Sunminds.
Reviews of Natural Wonder
another review by amazings e-magazine


A CD with a lot of variety. From rock-oriented music to some floating pieces. Synthesizers and drums.

Tracks include: Secret Reserves, Paintings of Skies, Expansions, Macro, Sky Born, Cosmic Linking, Ourselves, Sunbeams, Newness, Grace.


Rock-oriented electronic space music. Has synthesizers and drums. Similar to Tangerine Dream.

Tracks include: Chrysalis, Dreams of Home, Soulscape, Well Being, Quasar, New Lands, Gaia, Miranda, Deep Earth, The Air Age, Ethereal.

Appearances on Compilations

"Deep Reflections" (2001) appears on the 3-CD collection Tracks Across the Universe, compiled by Jim Brenholts and Robert Scott Thompson.

See Eric's list of Recommended Carty recordings

Commentary by Eric Mystic, a.k.a. Eric Meece or E. Alan Meece, author of Horoscope for the New Millennium.

Robert Carty, though not well-known and usually overlooked by record companies, is simply one of the very best musicians around today.

He works primarily in the field of what is known as space music, part of the electronic and new age realms. Space music is a term first popularized by the radio program Music from the Hearts of Space, and represents cosmic or transcendent music that creates a sense of spaciousness or awe before the vast and subtle dimensions of inner and outer space. It often has healing qualities, or perhaps just provides some beneficial background music or spacious ambience that may refresh you but won't disturb you while you're doing other things.

Spacemusic uses very subtle, fluid but powerful melodies and forms which change gradually and gently into each other. When it exists at all in spacemusic, rhythm is very gentle. Some pieces of space music are like eerie and haunting sound sculptures which make a powerful impact even without having any melody or rhythm at all. The best space music, though it makes use of "minimalist" techniques that reduce the dissonance and complications of other modernist music, is very rich, sensuous and full of resonant tones that evoke the significant moments and feelings of your life, and put you in contact with your deepest mystic or meditative awareness.

Like much new age music, Carty's aims to inspire as well as to relax and heal. Carty says he hopes it will bring as much peace of heart to the listener as it does to himself while creating it. Carty's is a music you can always turn to to relax and restore your spirits. It is a solace, a balm and a tonic for your troubles, and a window to the imagination. It stimulates the senses, opens the mind and delights the heart. It is at once bright and ethereal, spacious and contemplative, yet deep and passionate.

For those of you who are familiar with some spacemusic, but don't know Carty's, comparisons might be useful. It lies somewhere amidst the darker and more spare or ethnic sounds of Roach, the smooth misty music of Serrie, the deep sensuous spiritual sonority of Parsons, and the bright esoteric spirituality of Michael Hammer.

As favorite artists who have influenced him, Robert mentions Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Jon Anderson, Mychael Danna & Tim Clement, Giles Reaves, Jonn Serrie, Vangelis, Steve Roach, and most Hearts of Space artists. Robert mentions that he likes earlier Klaus Schulze better than his later stuff, and that although Roach's "primordial" style is intellectually stimulating, his Quiet Music "touches his heart."

Where Robert Carty's music can transcend that of all these other artists is in its heartfelt qualities.

His unique sound creates a more powerful personal and emotional connection. You have the feeling in listening to his music that he is speaking directly to you. Carty's music is a vivid wakeup call to the wonders and miracles of life. Virtually every piece by Carty is an honest expression of pure love, conveyed through an amazing electronic artistry.

Carty's music puts me vividly in touch with the people and places I love. It is a lush, relaxing, delicate and beautiful sound that sometimes takes the listener into another dimension. The music "comes from above," as Carty says, and at the same time reflects our Mother Earth's sacred beauty. It also elevates us into the "deep sky," where we can cavort with the spirits that dwell there.

Recommended Carty recordings

A brief review by Eric Mystic of each of Robert Carty's recordings. They are listed in rough order of my current preference. Of course, opinions differ about which ones are the best, and my mind changes sometimes too! See also the Recommendations by Others for slightly different opinions! People often ask me for a list like this, to help them choose which of Carty's many albums to try first.

Those marked ***** are excellent and likely to rank among my favorite new age/visionary/spacemusic works of all time. Those marked **** are very good. Those marked *** are good. Note that some of Carty's newest works may eventually attain a higher position within this list than they now occupy (or maybe fall lower). Note that this list includes a few works that Robert is not now making publically available, though you may see references to them on this site or elsewhere. Some recent albums may not be on the list as I have not formed an opinion on them.

The Mystic Choice (1998) *****
This CD is a must-have not only for ambient, new age and space music fans, but for anyone who likes good music. This CD contains many of Carty's best pieces from 1997 and before, organized around the themes of love and mystic wonder. Click on the link for more info about the pieces on this "best of" sampler.
Horizon's Call (1996) *****
What experiences lie just beyond the horizon on planet Earth? When you are in the mood to explore and discover the world and its delights, this work is for you. These upbeat, mostly rhythmic or percussive pieces include some outstanding tracks which capture the essence of the romantic and the exotic (see below). Many tracks have an ethnic flavor, representing the call of far away lands; especially the title track and the fine didgeridoo piece called Meeting the Earth. This CD includes my favorite Carty track, the romantic and exotic Within Love. I arranged this piece for organ too. All the pieces on this CD are excellent, but some may take some getting used to. If you play this work a few times, you'll discover that it contains a veritable wealth of riches. The Spanish word for heart, "corazon" sounds similar to our word horizon, and this work truly opens the horizons of the heart. I give this one my highest recommendation.
Natural Wonder (1992) *****
This is one of Carty's earliest masterpieces, and perhaps still his greatest. Every track is soothing and refreshing to listen to, and expertly composed and arranged. Several tracks stand out (see below) as especially emotional and majestically sonorous. The album evokes the natural wonder, curiosity and love which we have for the world around us, which stimulates our desire to further unfold ourselves. This work is itself one of the natural wonders of the world of music.
Silent Dreams (1997) *****
The pieces on this album are all of a piece. It is my favorite CD to go to sleep by, and to dream by. If you sleep to this CD, be sure to remember or write down your dreams in the morning! You may find some new insights. This rich and profound album is soft, slow, quiet, contemplative and exquisitely tender. Its sound is a bit like Enya or Vangelis, but on a more subtle and heartfelt plane. The piece "Returning" is like waking up after having experienced a profound connection to your soul.
Starlight Volume 2 (2009)*****
The second in a series inspired by long nights of star gazing. The winds blow powerfully from the galaxy into our souls. This dazzling, light-filled music is warm and aspiring toward the heights and depths, within us as well as without. Galactic Winds is a superbly-crafted masterpiece that elevates you to a galactic perspective.
Timeless (1998) *****
This work is the essence of relaxing ambience in the spacemusic genre, reminding me of early David Parsons, Steve Roach and all the other greats. One track, Past Boundaries, reminds me of Parsons' work from Yatra, Abode of Shiva-- but with richer instrumentation. The first three tracks are gentle and flowing, while the last title track, one of my favorites, has Carty's characteristic dramatic warmth and aspiration. All are built around repeating motifs. There's scarcely a weak moment on this disc for spacemusic fans, although some of the pieces might seem too slow to others. Put it on when you just want to space out, relax and explore your inner awareness. Perhaps if you are in the right space you may even get a glimpse of timeless eternity.
Plateaus of Ether (1999) *****
The sounds on this disc are perhaps the most original and innovative yet from Carty. An elaborate array of brilliantly-processed oriental instruments evoke Eastern ethereal spirituality. The Plateau may be an oblique reference to Tibet. He's really giving David Parsons a run for his money on this one! Sampled and live instruments include koto, gamelan, Tibetan bells, Tibetan Tingsha, shakers, and Carty's own voice used as a bass drone that sounds similar to Parsons' recordings of Hindu or Buddhist monks chanting. It starts out rather slow and simple, but don't be deceived! Each succeeding track is deeper and more intense, leading toward the last two tracks. Lost Temple moves through 3 exotic sections, and is truly a "find" for the spiritual seeker or for anyone thirsty for a wondrous musical adventure. The graphic art Carty has made for this album is stunningly magical, fully translating the music into visible form.
Ethereal Deserts (2003) *****
This work is an inspired expression of sounds never heard before. As I listened to each track, I wondered, how will he be able to top this music on the next track? But he does. How can an artist blend the ethereal with the earthly and sensuous? I don't know, but Carty manages that feat on this disc, with expertly-designed sounds that are gentle and more graceful than usual. There are many excursions into the "deep" desert sky, and each track builds on the last, until with the final 2 tracks (especially "Life Presence"), we pierce through the veil that limits our feelings and perceptions and bask in blue vastness of rich ecstacy.
Darklight (1998) *****
This is his first work entirely devoted to the "dark ambient" style, although as always Carty brings peace and "light" to illuminate the darkness. Its style is restrained, quiet yet compellingly emotional. The first track has a vaguely Schulzian rhythm, appearing perhaps for the first time since his first album. Even though Klaus Schulze was Carty's primary inspiration, he has seldom emulated his dark mood until this work. But here he moves through those nether realms in his own original fashion. Organic Elemental is especially hypnotic, Sensory Link is quietly spellbinding, and the deep and mysterious finale "Darkness to Light" is one of his best longer pieces. The whole work is cohesive, and all tracks are good.
Starlight Volume 3 (2010) ****1/2
The finale of a 3-CD series devoted to spacemusic and the magic of experiencing long nights of star-gazing, the final 2 pieces are especially moving. All tracks are excellent, and the odd-numbered ones are the best in my opinion-- plus the last and greatest track This Cosmic Life. The entire CD does truly show how looking out in wonder into the life of the cosmos brings us into greater touch with the depths of our own lives. This is a very healing as well as vibrant work that embraces the listener in radiant "meteor showers" of love.
Nagual Heart (1997) ****1/2
Formerly called Spanish Spaces, this CD is another masterpiece. The Spanish guitar gives new wings to Carty's compositional abilities. These pieces are tightly constructed and often convey the moody atmosphere of Moorish Spain. Nagual is Spanish for wizard or magical companion. The final track "Emanations" is a masterpiece of elegant, lively composition. The entire album is stupendous, with both moderately fast and slow, quiet pieces.
Gateway (1999) ****1/2
This CD features two long synthesizer tracks with electronically processed flute and samples of various sounds. It seems to me that this is one of his best essays into the "long form" of CDs containing only 1 or 2 extended, continuous pieces. Composed at the "gateway" into the New Millennium at the end of 1999, we move through the "gateway" in very languid fashion, escorted by the sounds of blowing winds. It may move a bit too slowly for some listeners, but the feeling builds, and the second track (which continues without a break from the first) is full of the special, heart-felt visionary moments we expect from this great composer and artist. A very fine ambient album.
Starlight Volume 1 (2008) ****1/2
"Inspired by magical nights out under the skies," this is a work of gemlike radiance. The first of 3 musical explorations of the "space theme," already in volume 1 Carty takes space music to new "heights" as well as to new "depths" of the sky. This album features brand new sounds, yet has the soulful, romantic qualities of his early albums like Horizons Call. Now instead of what's over the horizon, he awakens our "natural wonder" at the beautiful skies within and without us. "Attracting Light" is the most attractive track.
Spectrums (1997) ****
Another great work in the slow, spacemusic genre, it also is remarkable for its innovative sounds and the rich musical colors it contains. Here you can experience a full spectrum of emotions, especially those tender, romantic moments. This album includes several tracks in which voice tones are expertly blended with Carty's resonant and innovative synthesizer sounds. Though three pieces stand out from the others, Swirling Spectrum, Heart Waves and Universal Glow, all tracks are very good.
Seascapes (2014) ****
A rich and enveloping album, even more evocative than his earlier Oceanic Space adventure. A few sounds are too familiar, but generally this album is sure to appeal to anyone who wants to relax into a refreshing and deepening sound trip. The extended finale, space #6, is my favorite.
Ecoroots (2012) ****
I enjoy this luscious and experiential work, especially the first track. It has enchanting rhythms and harmonies.
Moving Spaces (1998-99) ****
Robert's typical style of heart-felt, floating, relaxing sounds in flowing counterpoint is masterfully rendered in this work, which is reminiscent of Natural Wonder and its 1999 successor The Living in the way it evokes the spirit of life in all its beauty. The title "Moving Spaces" seems to refer to the awe-inspiring, evanescent heights of the slowly-shifting spaces of the "deep sky." This is another example of how Carty became a master of the extended piece in 1998, emulating his forebears Steve Roach, Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream in that respect. "Moving" is from Spring 1999, and "Spaces" from Spring 1998, and both works seem to spring directly from the Soul. These are two of his best extended pieces.
The Living (1999) ****
This work is one continuous, warm, floating meditation on the spirit of life, taking you from a rainforest in Washington State ever higher to the divine cosmos and the living spirit in all things. A variety of sounds greet you along the way, from gentle rhythms to familiar Cartysian vibrato sounds to intriguing blends we haven't heard before. It seems like a somewhat less-structured follow-up to Natural Wonder. A portion of the album has gently-cosmic sounds reminiscent of Don Slepian's great, spacey early works.
High Meditations (1996) ****
This was the first of his enormously bountiful crop of releases starting in 1996 and leading up to the New Millennium, and the first to feature an abundance of vibrato sounds. As the title suggests, this album aims for the heights of spiritual, meditative experience, both within the realm of the senses and beyond. The pieces are all in the slow, quiet and relaxing spacemusic genre, and sumptiously arranged as usual with some enchanting vibrato and luscious sound effects. As soon as it starts to play, you know you are listening to profound stuff, but it only gets better as it goes along, leading the listener higher and deeper to realms of sacred peace of heart. This CD is especially soothing and relaxing to the soul.
Oceanic Space (2005) ****
This work includes 64 minutes of music, plus an almost-14 minute track of ocean sounds (the title track, part 2) at the end. There is nothing remarkable about the ocean sounds, but the music is wonderful as usual. The pieces generally get even better as the disc goes along. All of them have a jewel-like radiance, emotional impact, and original craftsmanship that often distinguish Carty's work. Some "ping ping ping" sounds in some tracks are recycled from earlier albums, such as Climatic Infusion and Sonic Magic, but as the album gets deeper these are thrust aside, and by tracks 6 (Infinite Waves), 7 (Splashing Life) and 8 (the title track, part 1), we are truly immersed in a cosmic oceanic experience.
Life Rhythms (1997) ****
This is a very exciting work, and easy to listen to. Every track is a winner. Most pieces on the album are rhythmic of course, and good to dance to; yet often the rhythmic sound is very gentle, and always accompanied by gorgeous visionary sounds in brilliant compositional form. The second track "Lifepulse" is a spectacular sonic light show, with an introduction that is some of the most profound and pure space music ever made. Rhythms surround us and give us life. Here Carty has captured the spirit of life lived joyously from the heart.
Cloud Pull (1999) ****
This fine work takes you high up into the clouds, yet still keeps you in touch with the Earth. Carty brings his usual warmth and originality to this meditation on the soaring and radiant beauties of the deep sky, adding some innovative sounds from his deeper pallette to the mix, including didgeridoo on track 5. The tracks run together on this album, but also work separately. Crickets (or are they frogs?) appear about half way through and continue chirping away after the music ends.
The Endless Vista (2007) (with Sylken) ****
Dense, smooth, subtle sonic experiences; deep and profound but pleasant rather than dark. A warm meditation on the cosmic expanse of creation. Carty's inspiration is evident, and Sylken seems to add very well-crafted sound layers to Robert's ambient themes. The opening title track, though hauntingly beautiful, is not as compelling as the rest of the disc, so please don't stop there; the last five tracks are uniformly good and powerful. "Desire of the Ages" expresses longing on a truly cosmic and eonic scale, while "Of Space and Time" is the spaciest sonic adventure.
Mount Meru (2004) ****
Very smooth and soothing soundscapes, with spoken word on 6 of the 11 tracks. It is best to have the CD liner notes in hand, since the words are often spoken too softly to hear clearly. The reader is Gerard Geary, who has provided the titles for many of Carty's pieces, and he reads 4 excellent spiritual and romantic poems of his own (Zephyr Wind, Early Autumn, Mt. Meru and Graymoor Castle) and one by Katie Higgins and Susan Glick (A Different Eden). The pieces are often built around drones, with some gentle rhythms at times. Didgeridoo is heard on Zephyr Wind. Everything is well crafted and easy to listen to, with rich, sensuous melodic textures and harmonies. The work concludes in an unusual and creative way with "Expanding Awareness," in which a radio interview is heard with Dr. George Kaplan about paranormal phenomena, accompanied by a snazzy, smooth drumming soundscape played by Carty, Geary and Kevin Higgins. Although this work was released in 2004, the copyright says 2003.
Microspirals (1999) ****
Though similar to his "dark ambient" style on Darklight, I would rather call Microspirals a "deep ambient" work, because it's not all dark. Carty reveals his deep, penetrating sensitivity to the beauties of Mother Earth and the spiral nature of the universe. Like Timeless, Microspirals has four long, soothing and profound pieces. Dark and mysterious, track 1 has beautiful voice tones at the end. Tracks 2 and 3 start out with rather strange sounds that soon blend in with beautiful spacious ambience. The last track is the most "touching."
Paradise Earth (2011) ****
This album is full of sumptious, sensuous spacey music that evokes the magic of life on Earth. It describes in musical tones what paradise on Earth is like. Sometimes a bit repetitive, it has some astonishing moments and brilliant sounds. Tracks 2 through 5 seem the best ones to me so far.
Dreaming Earth Water Memories (2002) ****
The "water" pieces 1 and 4 are terrific; deep and sensuous, they have a vividness, immediacy and sensitivity that few if any composers can match; although "Water Memories" reminds me somewhat of the great David Parsons with its East Indian-like sounds. The other four have rhythm tracks, didgeridoo, voice, etc., and are no less rich sonically and musically; although I would have liked the rhythms to be more varied. In that respect it reminds me of "My Earth Touches Me." The second "half-title" "earth" track features didgeridoo in a remarkably smooth blend with the other sounds. The third track called "beautiful sky" is not a floating, quiet piece like the name suggests, but reminds me of the pieces on the exotic "Horizons Call" album. The fifth brings together everything from before, including the smooth watery sounds from the previous track. The finale is marvellously "cleansing."
Cleansing Fire (1998) ****
A wonderful album of quiet, slow, relaxing, trance-inducing, minimalistic, innovative, haunting, ambient soundscapes. It was put together out of various leftovers from his very creative 1996-1997 period, but you'd never know it because the pieces flow so nicely together.
Serotonin Ashram (2000) ****
Full of delights, this work is great from beginning to end. As he explains it, serotonin is a neurotransmitter that communicates messages from the physical senses across synapses in the brain. An ashram is a temple or sanctuary. So this work is a sanctuary of the senses. Most any Carty work is that, but this one transmits some unique new sensations and feelings through your brain to your soul. The sound is smooth, eloquent, mysterious, and even a bit erotic. Faces In The Trees is a rhythmic, rich soundscape. The last two tracks are special too; Extended Stillness is brilliantly haunting and mysterious, while the finale Garunda Valley seems to combine everything masterfully together from an album that itself is full of variety. The last 4 minutes of "the valley" are especially scenic.
Atmospheres (1991) ****
A work with a wide variety of sonic experiences, it is a good introduction to Carty in his earlier period. It contains a couple of excellent spacemusic adventures (see below). Other pieces on the album are rhythmic, with some strong and a few weaker tracks. It gives a taste of his earlier more-melodic, rock-influenced style (also heard on Soulscape, another fine album), which is not as emotionally passionate or deep-spacey as everything he's done from Natural Wonder onward, but which has some interesting, lighter and engaging sounds which you don't often hear in his later works.
Essence (1998) ****
Although the second track has a bit too much of Carty's vibrato sound for me, the first and fourth tracks ("Emerging" and "Awakening") are quite special. All the tracks have a fairly thick and intense sound, and the finale ("Endlessly") is based around a repeating, elaborate motif similar to that used in his pieces "Heart Waves" and "Love Life," as well as similar to the motif of the previous track. The sounds flow together smoothly and misty-like. This album is a bit shorter than the others (53 minutes), consisting of 5 10-plus minute tracks.
Dreamswirl (2006) ****
This second co-creation with Brannan Lane shows the brilliance of both composers. In my opinion, it is better than their first, and shows Carty at his best working in partnership. The title is quite descriptive, as Carty says. The well-crafted, swirling soundscapes take you into very visionary, relaxed and dreamy spaces. Perfect music to reflect by, you can use it to sensitize and expand your visions and dreams. Listen patiently to the entire disc and you will be rewarded.
Skyhearts (1994) ****
This is the last of his earlier group of conventionally-produced albums, and one of the most widely-distributed so far. It contains four especially good spacemusic explorations. Listen to them outside if you can, or while gazing out the window, and let your mind float with the music toward the sky to cavort with the cloud spirits. This work springs from the heartland of America where Carty was born and lived for decades, and emerges from the soil and soul of its Native American heritage. Though most of the work is very fine, it seems to wind down toward the end, where some of Carty's usual emotional warmth and energy is missing.
The Inexplicable (2000) ****
If you enjoy dark ambient music and desert soundscapes, don't miss this one. Carty's is a very original approach to this kind of sonic scenery; very alive yet haunting. This one doesn't move fast, but penetrates deeply. Like Gateway and Moving Spaces, this is another of Carty's works with two long pieces, broken up this time for easy tracking.
Source (1999) ****
Here Robert takes us on a sonic adventure into the source of our being, and into some of the sources of his own musical inspiration as well. Breath, the first track, has a Native American feel similar to Earth Ground and to "Spiraling In" from Life Rhythms, and the next two tracks have a darker Schulzian or TD sound. The finale is a 30-minute tour-de-force that moves through four wonderful sections, leading us into an experience of the Source. On this CD Carty continues with the darker sounds from Darklight, but this time with a bit more energy, power and sensuality. A good sound system may be needed to fully experience all the resonant bass tones in this work.
Himalayan Dreams (1999) ****
This CD has the sparkling, mysterious radiance of a wintry landscape. Though not as profound as David Parsons' Himalaya, its Himalayan-inspired sounds are smooth and subtle, and the composition is brilliant as usual. The new drum machine can sometimes be a bit overwhelming on players with powerful bass. My favorite track, Mountain Spell, is an enchanting and mysterious bewitched piece. Captivating TD-like rhythms similar to those from his first album Soulscape accompany the ethereal "ascent" through the album up to the "view from the roof." In the dreamy finale, the drums cease and so does almost all sense of movement, as if we are experiencing the "eternal now" that Himalayan lamas talk about. It is relaxing and inspired, much like "Past Boundaries" from Timeless, but in truth once you've heard the first seven minutes of this final piece, you've heard it all. On the other hand, you may find yourself lost in the midst of this blissful Himalayan dream and not want it to end.
Suntales (2006) ****
Surely one of Robert's brightest and sunniest albums. Elegant and rich throughout, the second and third tracks stand out for their depth, with the third one, "Rhythm of Pulse," offering solar energy that is powerfully healing. The last piece is scenic and relaxing, leaving you "Lost in Suntales." The Sun has a wonderful story to tell in your heart through Robert's work, and it might awaken the golden light of enlightenment.
Tonalities (2003) ****
Smooth sound, expertly recorded. Vocal tones are blended well with other instruments. The even-numbered tracks are the most substantial, laced with Carty's masterful expression of evocative emotion and sensibility. The odd-numbered tracks are fine and expressive too, but are more like his dark and drifting style. This one has moments in it that remind me of Natural Wonder. The last track Vision Process (and its video) is one of his most lively and engaging pieces.
Earth Ground (1995) ****
This recording comes between Skyhearts in 1994 and High Meditations in 1996, and the relationship to the two works is clear in the employment of flute sounds and Native American themes. If you like the other two works, you'll like this one. Like them, Earth Ground features slow, spacious, serene, smoothly-flowing, and relatively simple sounds that evoke the earth and sky, though unlike them the first track is rhythmic. All tracks are good. In this work he seems to be exploring the deeper levels of nature within our being, much as Steve Roach and Robert Rich did in their album Strata. The penultimate piece returns to the most archetypical Cartysian sound, as we enjoy the ecstacy of being "one with" the Earth Mother. But this piece leads without a break into the slow, down-to-earth final track, which has some spooky, cave-like effects that are unique to this album. The frequent flute sounds on this recording are quite soothing, electronically processed to create smooth echo effects. This work has very healing and grounding effects for the listener.
Deep Spirit (1997) ***1/2
The title track of Deep Spirit is by far the weakest (too much vibrato!). Overall though, it is a fine album of innovative, quiet, contemplative space music. Its highlight is the wonderful Into Deepness (see below), a real tour-de-force. Other tracks are less dramatic, but have what some listeners feel are some of Carty's most innovative sounds and composition. "Spectrums" is a brilliant foretaste of the album of that name.
Golden Desert (1995) ***1/2
I like all four long pieces on this work a lot, even though Robert thinks there are recording glitches in this CD that make it not worth offering to the public. The second track is especially subtle, and the final track is the first of his extended pieces, and one of his best. This music is slow and somewhat repetitive, with lots of Carty's warmth and haunting poignancy. It is reflective, relaxing and soothing. Track 3 has some out of tune spots, but I don't think they are serious, and I don't notice anything that should make this work not worth offering. But that's my opinion, and it isn't Robert's.
Earth Voice (1998) ***1/2
This CD features fine didgeridoo playing blended with flute and synth sounds. I like it better than at first. The opening title track emphasizes the didgeridoo sound, and though well-done it may seem harsh at times. On the rest of the CD, however, it fades more into the background, and Carty's usual brilliant synthesizer comes to the fore again. Enlightening Beauty revolves around a repeating motif similar to that of the great piece "Love Life" from Natural Wonder, and Earth Energy features hypnotic rhythms. Spirit Life makes the spirit of the Earth soar, and the CD concludes with a beautiful, quiet, rhythmic duet between didg and flute sounds.
Midnight Rainbows (2001) ***1/2
This one takes off from where The Inexplicable and Serotonin Ashram left off in Y2K, with very rich and sensuous sounds, but no rhythm this time. Deep, spacey and soothing, it takes you to another "place." The final track has a lighter, floating meditative sound much like "Deep Reflections," also recorded in 2001 for the Tracks Across the Universe sampler.
Breathing Peace (1999) ***1/2
Simple solo flute sounds are featured with minimal electronic processing. It is a pleasant, peaceful, ambient sound, similar to Coyote Oldman, with some clever melodies and repeating motifs along the way, and plenty of echo effects. This work has healing properties and is deeply soothing and relaxing, but it may not appeal to those who don't like the solo flute played in its lower registers, or who prefer more energetic music.
Climatic Infusion (2002) (with Brannan Lane) ***1/2
Brilliant ambient sonic wallpaper of an especially colorful kind. On each track, nature sounds and relaxing, swishing electronic effects introduce waves of repeating musical motifs that are like ripples in a mountain lagoon.
Energy (1999) ***1/2
Carty describes this as a spontaneous "jam" (as opposed to the contemporary work Himalayan Dreams, which was "worked on"). But it seems whatever Carty touches turns to musical gold, whether "worked on" or not. The new drum machine sound provides a steady, gentle "rock" beat which gives wings to inspirational, innovative, spiritually-energizing melodies. "Moving Towards You" seems a follow up both to "Within Love" (Horizons Call) and "Well Being" (Soulstice), though not as great as those two Carty classics. The whole disc further develops Carty's gentle "rock" style, which has been evolving since his first album Soulscape. On "Contemplating Horizon" on this disc he achieves mastery of this style.
Soulscape (1990) ***1/2
Soulscape is quite similar to his follow-up work Atmospheres, except that it contains more-obviously TD/Schulzian-style rhythms. Carty sometimes describes this earliest of his albums as "rock," but it also has some spacey, floating pieces-- one of them the title track which is quite effective. The ecstatic piece "Well Being" is definitely the highlight. Unlike his more mature works, Carty's Soulscape album is more melodic and richly-produced orchestral electronic music than ambient-- somewhat like works by O'Hearn, early Arkenstone or '80s TDream; yet I think more original and emotionally engaging than those. Its rock element is actually more gentle than in some later works by Carty such as Horizons Call or Light Dreaming.
Gaia Interludes (1999) ***1/2
This work is very ambient, in the sense that it is like sonic wallpaper and tends not to call attention to itself while you are listening to it. Most melody lines, which remind me of those in Silent Dreams, are formed by electric piano sounds that also seem a bit like a guitar, similar to the sound of Nagual Heart. Everything sounds gorgeous as usual, though this work is not as passionate in its expression as some of his others. Later tracks have an unusual, subdued, "deep-twilight" sound. For the first time he hasn't tried to label each track with titles, but fallen back to the classical practice of numbering them, which is probably more appropriate in this case anyway. The last one may be my favorite.
Cosmic Connections (2012) ***
Good first track, but some tracks are not too deep. Smooth flowing, rhythmic ambience; tracks 4 and 8 are typical and recommended if you like this style.
Deep Sky (2002) ***
This CD has some relaxing and engaging floating sounds that elevate you into the deep skies. The final track is somewhat more dynamic, but most tracks are quiet and sensuous. The middle track is the longest and probably the best. This recording is based on his live performance in Portland Oregon.
My Earth Touches Me (1999) ***
Noone blends the didgeridoo sound into a musical mix as satisfying and enjoyable as Carty does. You don't even notice the rough edges of the didg sound on this one, even as it vitalizes all the other sounds with powerful rhythmic drones. The third or middle piece is a floating oasis between the other rhythmic tracks, which are all closely related and similar in style. Despite the exotic didgeridoo sound, this is a very typical upbeat Carty album; a relaxing, vibrant, imaginative journey through the sacred realms of the Earth Mother.
Flowing (1997) ***
Although this recording contains 2 long tracks, there is a lot of variety within them. Some sections are droney or repetitive, while most are more "flowingly" structured. It starts out with some bubbly sounds that will almost-literally quench your thirst for the kind of rich and resonant liquid musical experience that it seems only Carty can provide, and there are some wonderfully transcendent moments later on. Each musical cadence flows smoothly and gracefully into the next in this relaxing work, and you never know what unusual sounds you might hear as you pass the next bend in your journey up and down this musical river of sound.
Inward Glimpse (1998) ***
Gentle and heartfelt, this single-track "experiment" starts out with quiet drama in a minor key, with mysterious, meditative gong-like bells and a reedy flute sound; then shifts into a major key with familiar vibrato sounds half-way through. Like some of his other works, he made this one for himself as background for his own travels. It is not currently available to the public through this web site, and is not highly recommended by the artist.
Sonic Magic (2002) ***
Quiet sound effects dominate this album. Reflective and evocative, even magical or alchemical as background music, this work lacks the passionate expression found in most Carty albums. But Beautiful Waves sounds good and "magical"
Light Dreaming (1998) ***
This CD seems to be a successor to Life Rhythms. It is energizing and joyfully positive; a resonant, light-pulsing experience. Play it over and over again when you want a lift. All the pieces are good, though in portions of some of them the percussion may be too loud for some listeners. Although I originally listed it as one of my Top 100 all-time favorites, it seems to be fading in its appeal to me compared to Carty's other works, since it doesn't seem quite as heart-felt.
Waterspirit (1998) ***
This work scarcely breaks new ground for Carty, but it is relaxing and enjoyable as usual. It has some high moments, and some pauses where only the watery sound effects are heard. Most of the work is quiet and slow, and some would find it boring because there's not a lot happening. But if you enjoy Flowing, you might like this one too.
Sky Reaching (1996) **1/2
Some Carty fans like this one much better than I do, including the artist himself. "Deep Sky" is very quiet, while "Reaching" has a heavy vibrato electronic sound.
The Magical Life (1997) **1/2
This is a "practice" album of metaphysical songs, with one instrumental, and is currently unavailable.

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