Lists of my favorite music

by Eric Meece (please update if you came from another location)

I am gradually adding links to You Tube to these favorites as I find them

  • Favorite new age, ambient, spacemusic, and electronica pieces of all-time, and picks of the year

  • List of favorite New Age albums

  • All-Time Favorite Tracks

  • Favorite 400+ Rock Music, including folk-rock, top 40, and progressive rock songs, from 1956 to 1977

  • Western Classical Music faves

  • My favorite organ music pieces

    special blogs

  • My special blog on my favorite piece, Bach's Toccata in F for organ

  • Louis Vierne, the Man and His Music

  • The Bewitched Genre

  • Tribute to Lee Mallory, who created one of my favorite 60s songs and became my friend

  • Robert Carty, great ambient music composer


    These lists are not meant to be an exhaustive catalogue of the only great music in the world; just my choice of the best, to the best of my knowledge, within these categories.
    My rankings are based both on my critical "objective" evaluation as a knowledgable musician, as well as my subjective experience, and the value, enjoyment and significance of these pieces to me personally. And of course the lists and rankings are subject to change!